A guy at PAX East hooked up his laptop to one of the demo computers running Breach, an upcoming FPS from Atomic Games, and tried to copy off the game. He made fairly minimal progress before being caught and arrested, but this sort of thing makes gaming companies insane, as hard as they work to avoid having their titles leaked early.

    At PAX East 2010, a man reportedly attempted to steal the code for Breach, the new multiplayer shooter from Atomic Games. A man had been seen hanging around the Breach booth on the show floor with a laptop. He was confronted by Atomic quality assurance members before running away and being caught.

    David Tractenberg, a PR representative speaking on Atomic’s behalf, told Joystiq that the man had copied around 14MB of the 2GB game to his laptop before being caught.

    …Blizzard Entertainment does not allow laptops on the show floor at its own BlizzCon fan convention as it allows the public to play early versions of its upcoming games like StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3. Don’t be surprised if you can’t bring your laptop into PAX 2010 or PAX East 2011.

    That’s not actually true about BlizzCon, as you can see in the show FAQ. (Scroll down.)

    Can I bring my computer/laptop to BlizzCon?
    General attendees will not be able to bring desktop computers, laptops, and electronic storage devices into the BlizzCon exhibit halls. Please leave these devices in your car, at home, or at your hotel. Members of the media who have a press badge will be able to bring a laptop onto the show floor.

    If anyone wondered why Blizzard had rules like this in place, now you know. I can confirm that they do check; I had security officers eyeball my press pass every time I went through the bag check last year, when heading down to the show floor with my laptop to live-blog or type notes on the Diablo 3 panels.

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