Assorted Diablo III Infographics

I’ve had these three infographics sitting on my desktop for a week (or more) and haven’t really found a post that they fit neatly into as illustration. So I’m just dumping all three into this post and hopefully they’ll go side by side like skyscrapers; like the flaming III logo behind the demon skull of our game of choice.

They detail Diablo III’s massive launch sales, the utility of Magic Find, and a general purpose funny Diablo III flow chart. Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Assorted Diablo III Infographics

  1. I think you insult the magic find post by putting it with the other 2 posts since its the only useful one while the other 2 are for lolz.

    • Except that the MF chart is useless, as I discussed in the forum thread about it, because the methodology is flawed.

      This claims to be the results from a specific level of MF, but actually they used a clvl 60 character and therefore it includes a variable amount of Nephalem Valour across all runs.

      It’s therefore impossible to separate the results from pure MF from gear from those of NV, especially as the duration of the NV and different stack numbers are going to be wildly different between runs (eg 3x bosses pack within 5 minutes, or 0 boss packs in the first 5 minutes).

  2. Hmmmm, the gain of MF is a lot lower than what I thought it would be, and it’s entirely possible I’ve just been a bit naive. Trading off MF for an affix that makes you better and faster at effectively killing stuff, would also mean faster drops.

    The chart convinced me. I’ll stay satisfied with whatever minor boost NV will occasionally give me.

    EDIT: My fault, I thought that the 69% was something near the maximum possible on gear, I’ll just calculate something…

    EDIT 2: Ok, so found out the maximum MF without your follower and other boosts:
    Amulet slot: 45%. All other slots except weapon: 11 * 20% = 220%. Helmet gem slot: 31%
    So that’s 296% MF on gear alone.

    So the 13% (actually 12.5%) more gold earned with 69% MF (if it’s a constant climb) would look more like 53.6% more gold at 296%.

    So one third extra earned. I don’t know. Could you kill stuff one third faster with a better affix?

    • Are you sure there are no diminishing returns on MF in Diablo 3?

      Also, the important question is how much gold would you get if you replace MF by GF?

      • Probably, I’ve just calculated it as if a constant climb.

        Yeah, it would be interesting to compare 10 runs with max MF’s sell value with 10 runs of max GF.

  3. The MF thing is a great read, but I don’t like how they bundled the average run times together. I have a MF gear set with about 119% (before NV), but my character is incredibly gimped when using it. Admittedly I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect MF gear set though. My point is that by focusing just on “good” gear, you must be killing twice as fast and dying less often than by using the MF.

    • Put good gear on – get monster to 2% health – switch to MF gear , kill monster / open chests.

      • I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of popping three additional mobs open for candy, while you were undressing…

    • Well basically, I buy gear with MAX mf besides the other requirements i have.
      So if im gonna lose a bonus for mf, it better be max mf.

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