Ask the Diablo 3 Devs Part Three? No ETA.

A fan asked when we might see part three of the Diablo 3 Developer Q&A, which was promised to focus on itemization. Blue reply:

It has been nearly 2 months since we got part 2 of this “Ask the developers” blog. It claimed “to be continued in part 3”. Has there been indication as to when part 3 is coming out?

We don’t have an exact date to offer you at this time, but we know that itemization is an extremely important topic to many players and we’re still planning to complete our third round of “Ask the Devs” focused on itemization.

They probably don’t want to do the Itemization Q&A until we’re withing hailing distance of the Itemization patch, since they wouldn’t want to get our hopes up too far in advance, and since they wouldn’t have final answers to things yet anyway. In the meantime you may flashback to other recent info bursts:

  • Ask the Devs #1, February 20th.
  • Travis Day’s itemization blog, March 5th.
  • Ask the Devs #2, March 20th.
  • Travis spoke extensively about items during a live stream chat, May 20th.
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    26 thoughts on “Ask the Diablo 3 Devs Part Three? No ETA.

    1. “we know that itemization is an extremely important topic to many players”


      No, it should be an extremely important topic to you guys who F*CKING DEVELOPED THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE

      • Yep. itemization is the core of this game, without good equ player skills and builds are worthless…

    2. It’s been nearly 2 months since the last disastrous and universally criticized \ask the devs\ event. Blizzard is 2 for 2 in failing to provide anything useful in any ‘ask the dev’ events, but having recovered for 2 months from their last one they feel confident that this time things might be different. Morale is slightly boosted this time around due to an unofficial streaming interview, which a few devs took part it and provided useful and interesting comments. Blizzard still failing to realize that the good reception from the stream QA had nothing to do with their \ask a dev\ format are now going out to remind fans just why we all get so annoyed with blizzard.

    3. QUOTE

      "we know that itemization is an extremely important topic to many players"
      No, it should be an extremely important topic to you guys who F*CKING DEVELOPED THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE


      You make a good point.

    4. its not a ask the devs, its a ” we are going to answer questions you already know answers to and avoid any topic/questions that may be of interest to you the players”

    5. All I can say is maybe. That’s what I expect most of the answers to be. Ambiguous as all hell.

    6. Do people care about what they have to say at this point?

      For me it is just pathetic that the core design feature of the genre is still being discussed as if we were still on previews era. For an ARPG of this caliber, and carrying Diablo`s name, an itemzation subject should have been talk and discussed when the game was on alpha stage… not now after this thing has been out in the wild.

      They might as well shut up and skip part 3, its just embarrassing them even further.

    7. They’re officially in discussions about when to have the discussion. Discussionception.

    8. the solution gasp, listen to the people and answer the hard/interesting questions

      • I don’t think they are capable of producing anything better than this. And even less capable to understand our concerns. David Brevik said it all. And we all know what they thought of him.

    9. I’ve read it all and am I the only one who feel concerned about the fact that the Dev doesn’t even talk once about the possibility of having some kind of \Iron Born\ mode in the future of D3???????

      • I think they got stuck at discussing it would be confusing for the players out there to a have another check mark box in the UI…

    10. Sounds a bit like they’re planning to drag out the whole itemization issue for the expansion. Either that or maybe they’re just cool with spreading the solution over the next couple of patches (with the same goal, effectively): v1.0.9 – fixed axe-type items, v1.0.10 – fixed belt-type items, v1.0.11 fixed crossbow-type items, … 😉

      • I don’t really think so. What is the point of playing if you know that there are finally going to be good item drops in the next patch.

      • they won’t do anything with itemization until the console version comes out

        probably release them at the same time

    11. Get ready for this; this is going to sound trippy…

      People aren’t mad that Blizzard doesn’t want to say ‘when’ or doesn’t know when it’ll be. People are made because it was mentioned, because Blizzard answered the question with an ‘I don’t know.’

      Let’s say they don’t know when part 3 will come out. This fact, them not knowing when it’ll come out holds true from the infinity that is the beginning of time until now. No one was made that this was true for all that time. No one cared that Blizzard didn’t know when part 3 was coming out for all this time, but that all changed when they mentioned that they don’t know, metaphorically revealing their hand and not-so-metaphorically showing off their incompetence.

      If they said nothing we all wouldn’t have been reminded that we’re still waiting on them to patch in the fun.

      Wow, reading that back, that sounded too harsh, I take it back.

    12. Diablo 2+LoD = arround 7-8 years playtime.

      The incredible,flashy,fancy new Diablo3 = arround 2-3 months of playtime.

      Thats pathetic.The game is F**** GARBAGE!

      • What? That’s not true. Over a year later there are still over a million unique players playing the game. And the game is getting better all the time. I know it’s cool to hate on the game and all, but it’s NOT THAT BAD. Some parts are, that’s true, like the story which is so bad it’s almost funny, but, overall, the game is very good and it has gotten significantly better since release. Devs genuinly seem willing to work on it, even if they can’t admit it was bad because of PR reasons.

    13. Once again they’re going to discuss things as if it’s some big unknown and a mystery. They aren’t building a rocket ship here … they aren’t even working on a new genre of game.

      I feel like it’s just constant fluff with them, making it seem like these concepts are so difficult for them to grasp… and then they try to convince the players it’s difficult too. They just give off the sense they don’t know what to do or that they just can’t make a damn decision.

      I hope they are somehow bluffing, and the expansion actually contains something worthwhile.

    14. This ask the devs crap is one of the most pointless things I’ve ever seen. My own personal anger at them has kind of burnt out lately as I enter the “acceptance” phase but I can’t help but still feel for the people that get pumped about another round of “ask the devs”. Poor souls.

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