A fan asked when we might see part three of the Diablo 3 Developer Q&A, which was promised to focus on itemization. Blue reply:

    It has been nearly 2 months since we got part 2 of this “Ask the developers” blog. It claimed “to be continued in part 3”. Has there been indication as to when part 3 is coming out?

    We don’t have an exact date to offer you at this time, but we know that itemization is an extremely important topic to many players and we’re still planning to complete our third round of “Ask the Devs” focused on itemization.

    They probably don’t want to do the Itemization Q&A until we’re withing hailing distance of the Itemization patch, since they wouldn’t want to get our hopes up too far in advance, and since they wouldn’t have final answers to things yet anyway. In the meantime you may flashback to other recent info bursts:

  • Ask the Devs #1, February 20th.
  • Travis Day’s itemization blog, March 5th.
  • Ask the Devs #2, March 20th.
  • Travis spoke extensively about items during a live stream chat, May 20th.
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