“Ask the Devs” Diablo 3 Q&A Series Coming Soon

In a move to answer the most burning questions from the community Blizzard are to hold monthly Diablo 3 Q&A sessions on the official forums.

Each month they will start a thread in their forums identifying a particular topic. The thread will then open and questions can be submitted. Others will vote up the questions they want answered. Once the thread hits 500 questions it will be locked. The questions with the most votes will be passed on to the development team to answer and those answers will be published around a week later.

The first round of questions will open on Tuesday January 29th 10:00am PST and the topic is DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.7 and you will be able to submit your questions to this thread when that time comes.

Although the CM team do an admirable job fielding questions it should prove even more informative if the developers themselves can answer questions directly (well directly via the PR team, but still).

So get your thinking caps on and come up with questions that are likely to garner the most votes from your fellow community members.


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  1. I just hope they don’t fill this Q+A up with the junk like “what’s your favorite dye color?” and “who is your favorite follower?”.

    • Well, if the most important questions are not going to be answered (like itemization) then this means that I can´t ask why isn´t Leah/Sheablo any hotter? This Q&A sux 😛

    • There’s a high risk of them avoiding the big questions. Will be quite easy as the questions should only concern 1.0.7, and imo this patch doesn’t address that many important issues.

  2. how are they going to count 500 questions ?

    it’s going to be one question followed by several posts of “that’s a stupid question”,
    then a question along the lines of “Path of Exile does it this way, have you considered doing that way?”, followed by many, many posts of
    “POE SUX”;
    “POE is AWESOME and they did it with a team 1/4 the size of the D3 team”;
    “then go play POE if you like it so much !”

    then an entire page of “When is the expansion being released?” followed by numerous arguments

    I don’t see this working out well at all

    • If people can vote on questions the dumb ones won’t get votes and therefore won’t be asked to the devs

      • yeah, but the point is they’re letting all questions be posted and then closing the thread once 500 questions have been posted

        I pity the CM who has to sit there and count “1 question, 2 questions, garbage post, crap post, spam, 3 questions, 4 questions, junk, argument, spam, 5 questions”

    • They’d be wise to monitor it throughout the day and nuke all the OT posts as they appear.

      Within the 500 questions many will be repeated as people probably won’t read all the previous questions or if they do see a similar one will think their wording will be better. There can’t be 500 questions to ask on 1.0.7 anyway, can there?

      It’s a good method though. Leave it to the community to determine the most pressing questions. Hopefully it’ll encourage the community to think their questions through so we get better than “I no youv hurd this befor but fix the itemz!”

      • I’m not sure it really is a good method, at least from a fan perspective. Sure, it weeds out the idiotic outliers, like the guy who blows the last question at BlizzCon with “Is the necromancer coming back?” But with popularity-based questions what happens is the broadest topics rise to the top. This is great from the PR standpoint – it gives the appearance of a completely open dialogue while in reality ensuring the questions are very broad and open. But I’ve found that Q&A’s are only interesting when very specific, unique questions can be asked and answered. Even if it’s not a topic that’s near and dear to your heart, that’s when you can really get a sense of the underlying factors. Otherwise it’s just another boring puff piece.

  3. Eh …!?
    They’ve got an army of pr people swinging the ban hammer non-stop against complaints on their forums and can’t identify which issues their costumers would like to see addressed?

  4. I think this is a great idea, the thing im worried about is that if something that gets a crapload of upvotes is something I don’t even like, or alot of other people don’t like aswell. But I guess its not like they have much room to screw up with so many ideas from the community that people agree with atleast some of the good ones have to get the most upvotes.

  5. How about fix the AH so that I can sort by skill bonus that appears on the item (mara’s, soj) but not on AH menu (multishot, tempest rush are prime examples). Btw, can the crit damage on the witching hour be sorted?

  6. Why are there no full set bonuses???

  7. Vot ies Leah doink so far out of kitch-un?..

  8. Why are there around 160 completely unused legendaries in the game, and what do you want to do to make us try to get them?

    • This is a good question, but sadly it has to be related to patch 1.07. If the questions were related to the game in it’s entirety, the thread would have to allow 2000 questions I think.

  9. Quick, someone ask why the game is still in beta!

  10. “Why do you guys suck so bad!?”

  11. PoE that is all. Got devs IN GAME answering questions over there

  12. This just puts everything into perspective of how out of touch blizzard is.

    For one thing this type of response to the community should have been implemented months ago, but better now than never. 500 questions is way too much. That will pretty much limit answers to non substantive responses making most of the useful questions that demand well thought out responses getting the same treatment as stupid shit like \if you were a monk IRL and could use any of the new spirit spenders that have had damage increases WHICH one would you use!!!11 ?\ I understand there is no way they are going to answer all 500 questions, but probably pool a fraction from the overall questions. The problem still remains, imo, based on how they choose what questions to send to devs.

    Another huge fail behind this is the limitation to patch 1.07. That is an incredibly ambiguous way to limit questions. Does this mean any question goes for all of the game up to 1.07 or are questions deemed off topic if they are not directly connected to changes in 1.07? If the latter is the Questions that need answering like… whether blizzard recognizes itemization to be a problem or not? and if so are they actively working on it?

    Another factor in the bad design behind this is the fact that the amount of Likes a question gets in the end is irrelevant even IF all the rules are complied with. This is just more blizzard exercising more control over something that should be entirely community driven.

    I hope, somehow against all odds, a question goes to the devs about itemization asking straight up if blizzard sees it as needing a huge overhaul or if they are fine with it.

  13. Where was this three years ago? It’s about time they’re actually going to begin to communicate.

    I have my concerns though: “A highly-rated post does not mean it will be answered, but we’ll do our best to answer as many questions as possible.”


    “Please don’t post or vote for questions you know we won’t answer. We’re not going to use these Q&As to announce new features, expansions, or release dates. By the same token, we’re also not going to answer questions that touch on subjects outside of the game and its design. ”

    In other words they can still pick and choose which questions to answer and there’s no promise that they’ll answer more than a dozen questions.

  14. I expect most answers will be along the lines of:

    “We will definitely look in to this in a future patch”
    “We have do have plans for bla bla bla”
    “Mean while here is a patch that fix some spelling mistake in our EULA, realms will be down for 8 hours tmrw”

  15. I like to lurk D3 official forums and, apart from:

    – Black Damage Nerf
    – Monk buff that is a nerf that isn’t a nerf if you use scorn and don’t snapshot.

    There ain’t lots of questions about 1.07 floating around. The should answer stuff that people asks every now and then forever always:

    “-People are duping, right? Cause there 1:gazillion odd of same rares with same names” (People seem to be duping via rollbacks, apparently. A confirmation would be nice, since people saying “it’s RNG” is almost scary. It can be RNG. In that case, scary.)

    “- Is multiboxing ok?” (Rumor has that the multi-boxing guys won a lawsuit against blizzard, which was banning multiboxing. Since it isn’t automated, it doesn’t violate the ToS. If they ban people for having multiple accounts, it would be forcing a loophole lawsuit-kicks-in)

    “- Do you plan to nerf barbs?” (They said no, iirc)

    “- How many people are still playing?”

    ” – ‘Y u no’ PoE?”

    Honestly, I think people are way beyond “Q&A”… They seem to want confessions, public humiliation, etc. (And fixes to itemization, class balance, monster density, drop rates, end game, pvp arena, etc.)

    Blizz got they feedback and people got their answers – on google, whitout official confirmation, but they got.

    And, by the way, people seem to treat D3 as game in open beta stage and PoE as a complete and full game.

    Someone named Snowjob already replied to Lylirra:

    “@Lylirra: Why do the players have to ask again? You already know what the big questions are and you’re artificially limiting it to just patch 1.07. Why not just put out a huge lists of answers on what you’re doing about itemization, ladders, etc.?”

  16. I highly doubt this Q&A session will generate any positive forward motion for the game. They know the most pressing issues by now. If they arn’t hard at work fixing the lackluster items and promoting build diversity then the game will just continue to decay plain and simple. I think the fact that they are still headless in a sense will also hold back development progress.

    So I’m not really sure if this Q&A is being done because they are stalling for more time or just to placate the people bashing them for bad PR and poor developer response to existing feedback. Either way this doesn’t tickle my taco at all.

  17. Oh crap almost forgot… I can’t get PoE to install and this makes me really REALLY sad. Anyone know a work around to get past being stuck in “Checking Resources” on install? I knew I shouldn’t have waited till the open beta started haha. fooook

    • Hello fellow Exile. If the installer is giving you problems, try rebooting your system in safe mode and run the installer again. That should help.

  18. Why does patch 1.07 have such irrelevant, insignificant changes, and when are the real issues with the game going to be addressed?

    • I agree. Should be followed by ‘When will you stop arsing about and get some real work done?’

    • You really should ask this one. 1.0.5 came in like what, october? And this is all that has happened since that? If so, they will never be able to fix those 90% of all skill runes not ever being used or itemization etc

  19. They should just stfu and get back to the drawing board.

    “Where would you live in sanctuary?”
    “Which Diablo item would you like to have in real life?”

    Seriously, where are we, in kindergarten? Way to piss on the Diablo franchise grave.

    • Sadly, these types of questions will be the only ones to be answered. The one I asked above will get ignored, not that I’d waste my time logging into the Blizzard forums to pose the question.

  20. So you’re telling me that no one working on the Diablo 3 team has internet access? They don’t access forums, talk to friends or read news about the game they’ve been working on for 7 years? Either at home or at work? Really, they have to be spoon fed by the CMs on what people want for this game? R U KIDN?

    This is either a 100% PR idea to show that the game hasn’t been abandoned by Blizz after double chin flew into space OR an honest idea from whoever is taking the lead while chin-master leaves the room.

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