Asian Diablo 3 Realm: Massive Rollback to Remove Dupes

We posted news yesterday about some duping methods that were working on the Asian server (but apparently not the US/EU servers). Today a Blizzard CM in Taiwan has posted an update that should be titled, “This is why you can’t have nice things.”

Here’s the google translation, and thanks to Secondii for the tip:

First of all, we are deeply grateful to you for your patience waiting for the development team during this maintenance time in order to restore the service as a whole.

On June 10, our development team has found some error on the stored items in the database, these errors represent a very small part of the items can not be normal trading or selling. This error caused all less than 0.01% of the items have been copied, the majority of players and is not affected by this problem, but the database before removing these duplicated items, is unable to maintain stable. Therefore, we carried out the maintenance of the server, and perform the necessary operations to fix this problem. The development team is currently working to make the server able to resume service as soon as possible.

All original items and their reproductions will be removed from the database, follow-up, we will tell the exact time of maintenance completed, but currently estimated Server recovery services some time in the afternoon of June 11, 6 pm (Taiwan time).

We have also noted that part of the players during a short period of the game after the break and suffered back problems. This issue follow-up will be further instructions.

Best I can tell from that post, the realms are down while they’re doing some huge database rollback, during which all duped items, originals and copies, are going to be deleted. Heavy does the hammer fall.

This is causing a huge downtime for the entire Asian realm, thanks to a very few people who found a way to cheat and did so for personal gain. Hopefully their friends, who don’t get to play because of their cheating can kill them in their sleep, or something perhaps less deadly but hopefully more painful.

Sadly, long server downtimes aren’t anything new on the Asian realm. I was talking to a friend in China today, after he sent me the link to the blue post, and he joked, “Asia server has got the Achievement, “maintenance every day”?” The other common joke on the Asian server goes, “Is this Diablo III?” which refers back to the D2 days of Asia 1-4, at least two of which seemed to be offline constantly. Word from him is that the Asia Diablo 3 servers max out at 640,000 concurrent users, at which point it’s the Asian version of Error 37 for everyone else. Of that 640k, around 430k are usually Korean players.

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    44 thoughts on “Asian Diablo 3 Realm: Massive Rollback to Remove Dupes

    1. “This is why you can’t have nice things.” they said

      “This is the proof that online-only DRM is not the solution” – there you go, i fixed it for them.

      • You have no evidence to say that the problems of hacking and duping wouldnt be exponentially worse if D3 was offline. The only evidence we do have is D2 and we know how that went.

        • I think you misunderstand. Yes, cheating would be worse if people could use the same characters for both offline and online like D2. But for people (like me) who played only offline, cheating and hacking were never an issue at all. Internet down? No problem. Cheating and hacking rampant? No problem. All this suddenly became major problems for people who had no interest in online mode.

          • i cant even imagine this game as is being single player. with how little loots drop for me i would spend the next 8 years trying to equip 1 character

            • Yes – I think they’d need to have two sets of drop tables. One for online where they assume you are getting 75% + of your gear from the AH. Another for offline where you are getting 100% from drops/vendors/blacksmith.

        • The “cheating” might be worse in D2, but most of it is confined to the single player games (where the players mod the game as it suits them) and the open Bnet, isn’t it?

    2. “Hopefully their friends, who don’t get to play because of their cheating can kill them in their sleep, or something perhaps less deadly but hopefully more painful.”

      Don’t worry; apparently, some of them suffered back problems. Glorious. And may I say, Google Translate is working 100% perfectly.

    3. WoW. I’m curious to see how this will be rationalized as anything other than a disaster.

    4. Right choice and a sign, that Blizz will not stand outside the line and only show the things that happen.

      But, i think, some ppl will found other wholes, to dupe 🙁

    5. I love that they’re deleting the original items too. It’s quite possibly simply a technical necessity rather than a deliberate punishment, but I’m happy about it regardless of why it happened.

    6. Dear Blizzard,

      You cannot release secure games. You just cannot – perhaps noone could given the diversity of customers/machines and the amount of resources you decided to spend on security.

      For this reason, you cannot enable the RMAH. Ever. All of the problems you are seeing now will be 10-100 times worse when real money is involved.

      This is like driving down a street at 20 MPH, noticing the brakes aren’t really working, and then deciding to take the highway on-ramp anyway.

      • i agree. i would love to hear that they dropped the RMAH but we all know that it will never happen

    7. PS: The fact that people work so hard to hack & destroy games, hack our computer & steal our money, etc. makes me sad with the human race. Thousands of years, and we are still basically at “if you can hit someone over the head with a rock and steal his stuff, it is OK to do it”

      • @sir_mantas

        As sad as it maybe this is still the case with people.
        If it was not for the law most people would take everything from someone and leave them for dead, its just human nature with most people who do not respect others rights and property. Good people who know the difference between whats right and wrong will always do whats right regardless of its legal or not and not just take what they can at the expense and missery of others.

        The only thing that keeps a stable society is the law which prevents people
        stealing from others for there own gains.

        The thing about Asia is that the goverment is all run by the mafia, “which also control the gold and item farming market which is worth hundreads of millions a year, perhaps even more” so these people can do what they please without any legal impact on them.

        The RMAH is a dream come true for all these scum bag hackers, Blizzard needs to take legal action and throw the full weight of the law at them.

        This will soon stop as soon as a hacker gets jail time for stealing others virtual property which is worth real money.

      • it makes me sad people have to do this, coz they have no other perspective!

        it makes me sad, when i hear idiotic statements like “The fact that people work so hard to hack & destroy games, hack our computer & steal our money, etc. makes me sad with the human race”! You did mind there are people dying on starvation while u game whole day? this should make you said! i lol hard on your statement…

    8. Really you would like to seem them dead/in pain over a drm scheme that was purported to stop this very behavior?

      • Could you maybe edit this so that it makes some sense?

        Please? <– hah! see what I did there

    9. So if anybody with some translation abilities can comment: are they doing an actual server rollback (which would obviously affect the legit drops and player progress too) or are they going to identify and delete individual items?

      • +1 — it sounds like the duping bug is causing server instability, and to fix the problem, they are holding downtime and rolling everyone back because of that 0.1% of the server’s items.

        Even if they don’t roll back honest players’ progress, though, this sounds incredibly embarrassing for them technically, if a tiny fraction of their users are causing server stability issues.

        • Yes, you’d think with over a decade to work on this they would have figured out:

          1) A way to make the game secure from cheats & hacks (or at least tougher to crack than a month after release)

          2) Server/admin tools to fix dupes, boot off scammers, etc without taking *everything* down. Hmm, two people shoplifted stuff from a store. Let’s close the entire mall for two days.

          • *sigh* I wasn’t trying to use this as an opportunity to complain, I was asking a question. Save the complaints for after you get an answer, because you may not have a reason to whine.

            Does anybody know?

    10. Approve approve APPROVE

      +10 for taking concrete, meaningful action on combating dupe. It’s a shame those dupers didn’t get banned but at least the effect will be remedied.

    11. Good job Blizzard, I’ve played through many popular MMOs and never one of those are nowhere as efficient as Blizzard in handling bugs, dupes and glitches.

      World class game handles by a world class company = stfu whiners

      • Can you name some non blizzard games that have had the extent of game breaking bugs, and complete non playability that d3 has within the first month?

        Blizzard sure has a knack of doing it

    12. WoW is online only and there are still ways to dupe items. D3 online only was forced becouse of RMAH not becouse of DRM.

      • Last I heard they weren’t going to have an RMAH in Korea, since it wasn’t legal with their anti-gambling laws. Remember all those delays on the game rating in Jan and Feb? Maybe that’s changed, or people think it will, but most of the Asian realm is from Korea now, and a lack of RMAH doesn’t seem to be slowing anyone down. People cheat because they can. People cheat in solitaire. It’s human nature.

        Probably every vice was once a virtue — i.e., a quality making for the survival of the individual, the family, or the group. Man’s sins may be relics of his rise rather than the stigmata of his fall.
        –Will Durant

    13. “Hey, let’s take down the servers and punish _all the players_, because some scumbags are cheating.”

      There is simply no better example than this, of why Bliz should offer an offline version of this game. I would pay 10x the game cost, for an offline version. –Until then, I pay nothing.

    14. Pc gaming can no longer be taken off line. The duping and illegal copies would kill the game 15 days before launch.

      It is only because consoles exist that some games can be translated to PC.

      YEP it is this bad.

      As for the RMAH: it isn’t even introduced in Asia … Because the Korean gaming board wanted to protect their national hobby: gold selling.

      Yep, since 3 years gold selling is now legal in Korea … And then you wonder why they didn’t want an in game RMAH there…

      Btw … It is NO coincidence this method is being exposed … 2 days before the western launch of the RMAH. So they can longer sell gold on their shady websites a few days longer for the western markets.

      I just want Blizzard to monitor the cash out and ban every account that transfers suspicious amounts. Since the cash out procedure takes several days AND needs to be confirmed with a secret cell phone code, it will be easy to confiscate all gold from these bandits.

      The above is why the Gold maffia is trying everything to postpone the in game RMAH.

      Sad, but true: you are defending the maffia as such by attacking Blizzard.

      Great job haters.

      • Pc Gaming can no longer be taken offline? Says who? Just take a look at all the range of single players/multiplayers game without the need of always on connection and then come back and say that to us with a straight face again.

        Please do not get into the group think and be dupe into thinking that “always online” DRM (although they will deny it) is the only type of DRM.

      • O an another thing, please do correct the misinformation. Of course Blizz have plan to roll out RMAH in asia. In case you do not understand, asia consist of more than Korea. What Blizz needs to do, if that become law, is to lock out the korea players from the RMAH in some manner. And it is really disingenuous for you to suggest that it was to protect gold farmers .. which incidentally is present in all countries. If they really want to do that, then they would not have BANNED the use of bots as well.

        And get off your fan boy high horse, in case you fall off and knock your head off. really .. there is not call to tell others with legitimate complaints that they are protecting the mafia. 😛 You on other hand … if we apply the same logic, is simply trying to silent the legitimate complaints to help the soulless entity milk all the money they can out of the license and its loyal fan base.

    15. Already ppl are parroting in other places that this was a rollback to remove dupes. All this conversation, based off a shitty google translation. Can someone who speaks the native language translate and actually confirm that’s the case? I don’t want to hear that they “rolled back dupes” for the next year without even knowing if it’s true.

    16. Now, if typing extra long messages of text in the chat box caused database errors, we’d be getting somewhere (*cough* loot duels *cough*). Poor Asians just can’t catch a break.

    17. I have seen on the Europe auction house a couple of rares EXACTLY the same ( and I am talking about 5 random stats rares ) same name too. Seems to me like there is duping in Europe too or I am missing something.

    18. You can’t just ban people with duped items. Each item has a specific code or value assigned to it. Duping just copies the item. Basically, creating a database error. Since the whole game is run server side everyone access the database. Seeing Multiple items with the exact matching ID number will cause an error. I’m assuming they had an error log system that tracked this. Although to many of these start to screw up the loot table and there goes the sever stability.

      Back to why you just can’t ban people with duped items, 1. It may have happened on accident, and 2. The item could have been traded or sold 100s of times, (Assuming they have a transaction log for specific ID’s), it would take months to stiff through the rubble.

      At this point it’s proven they should scrap the RMAH and focus solely and game expansion, redesign, and balancing.

      To be more clear, you can have 2 of the same items dropped at different time at different places and they will have different unique drop ID’s.

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