We posted news yesterday about some duping methods that were working on the Asian server (but apparently not the US/EU servers). Today a Blizzard CM in Taiwan has posted an update that should be titled, “This is why you can’t have nice things.”

    Here’s the google translation, and thanks to Secondii for the tip:

    First of all, we are deeply grateful to you for your patience waiting for the development team during this maintenance time in order to restore the service as a whole.

    On June 10, our development team has found some error on the stored items in the database, these errors represent a very small part of the items can not be normal trading or selling. This error caused all less than 0.01% of the items have been copied, the majority of players and is not affected by this problem, but the database before removing these duplicated items, is unable to maintain stable. Therefore, we carried out the maintenance of the server, and perform the necessary operations to fix this problem. The development team is currently working to make the server able to resume service as soon as possible.

    All original items and their reproductions will be removed from the database, follow-up, we will tell the exact time of maintenance completed, but currently estimated Server recovery services some time in the afternoon of June 11, 6 pm (Taiwan time).

    We have also noted that part of the players during a short period of the game after the break and suffered back problems. This issue follow-up will be further instructions.

    Best I can tell from that post, the realms are down while they’re doing some huge database rollback, during which all duped items, originals and copies, are going to be deleted. Heavy does the hammer fall.

    This is causing a huge downtime for the entire Asian realm, thanks to a very few people who found a way to cheat and did so for personal gain. Hopefully their friends, who don’t get to play because of their cheating can kill them in their sleep, or something perhaps less deadly but hopefully more painful.

    Sadly, long server downtimes aren’t anything new on the Asian realm. I was talking to a friend in China today, after he sent me the link to the blue post, and he joked, “Asia server has got the Achievement, “maintenance every day”?” The other common joke on the Asian server goes, “Is this Diablo III?” which refers back to the D2 days of Asia 1-4, at least two of which seemed to be offline constantly. Word from him is that the Asia Diablo 3 servers max out at 640,000 concurrent users, at which point it’s the Asian version of Error 37 for everyone else. Of that 640k, around 430k are usually Korean players.

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