Personally I thought Diablo 3 looked fantastic when it was shown at the WWI and the colour palette being used was certainly not an issue in my eyes. That being said, this week has seen the art debate rage on in the Diablo community, some happy with the path Blizzard are taking and some really quite worried about it. The D3 controversy gallery has been rather busy here at diii.net with the examples of palettes that may or not work depending on your view on the issue.

    The mainstream press have also been on the case again with Kotaku posting an article entitled Diablo III Art, Inspired By Titan Quest which looks at the two games and shows some of the similarities.

    MTV have also been following this ‘art story’ and posted a lengthy piece which includes quotes from Blizzard’s Keith Lee on the subject. Here’s a snip from that.

    “What we also tried to do is create very clean textures so that you can really focus. It’s a stylized feel and in that sense, it’s very sort of a Blizzard philosophy. It’s just really pushing the envelope in terms of the visuals so that everyone is excited about how everything looks. We think that ‘Diablo III’ is going to be better in so many different ways. We’re just building and improving upon the the first and second ‘Diablo’ games.”

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