Are you Hardcore? Apparently not.

With the game now in fullish swing I’ve been amazed at the amount of DiabloWikiHardcore games going on. Here is a sample stat from last night: Public softcore players in games-14400. Public Harcore players in games-198. That’s not a typo, the highest I’ve seen is 244, the lowest 98.

I’ve had a few technical hiccups (dead motherboard, server issues etc) that have prevented me from really diving into HC but I’m still going through HC just a hell of a lot slower (damn 15fps). At the moment I’m sticking to solo and I’m thinking many others are as well.

Looking at the auction house can give you a feel for where most hardcore players are. The highest DPS weapon I was able to find was a staggering 15 (this may have changed since the time of writing). That is just about the same as we saw in the beta! This then places the majority of Hardcore players in Act 1 or at least those who use the AH. I will say Act 1 seems more difficult than in the Beta, but I may just be rusty.

198 brave souls out there risking life and limb with strangers. What’s preventing you from jumping into the fray? More importantly what in your softcore experience would shy you from even attempting Hardcore? Those of you succeeding how far are you and what were your close calls?

It’s still early in the game cycle but I’m seeing a great challenge in Hardcore, a challenge I hope you accept, if not now soon!

If you have played and died then our newly-opened Hardcore Graveyard forum is where you make out your death certificate.

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80 thoughts on “Are you Hardcore? Apparently not.

  1. I have been playing HC solo as you have suggested.  I have however procured several weapons in the 25+ DPS range from the aution house.  I am currently in Act 2 with a lvl 18 Barb.  I probably will not go public games until I have gone through normal solo.

    • Word of warning… I’m playing a wizard in softcore and breezed through everything up till the Act 2 boss.  I’m currently through 2/3 of Act 3 normal and the Act 2 boss still accounts for all my deaths and potion uses.

      • Thanks for the warning.  I will add my own.  Beware the timed dungeon event.  Too many summoners.  Just about bought the farm.

      • Oh wow……
        Thank you so much…
        I’m playing a Hardcore Wizard, and I’m almost on Belial lol!!!    😯

        • Semi-spoiler
          Hint for fighting Belial


          just a hint to you two hardcore players.
          When you fight Belial he will start sending out poison bombs and thats what got me. Run around as much as you can when that happens. 

  2. I plan to play HC in D3 as I did in D2 – for an extra challenge when I’m tired of SC. Starting out, the allure of finding new areas and reaching new difficulties is too great for HC.

    This doesn’t mean I play sloppy – haven’t died yet and I regard a death as a failure – but at this point my gaming hours are too precious to spend rehashing early content. 

    • Same here, HC will come later! When SC doesn’t feel challenging anymore I will change to HC, less risk for a /ragequit that way 😉

    • Think a bunch of players will also start HC after just finishing the game once on normal.

    • If you’re waiting for the “challenge” of SC to pass until you begin HC, that time isn’t ever going to come. Even with the best gear in the game (which will likely take years to acquire), Inferno will never be “trivial” (Jay Wilson).

      I personally stay the F away from HC and always will. For me it isn’t more of a rush, it just takes the fun out of knowing my 100+ hours could be lost in the blink of an eye. I was 1-shotted twice on my WD in NORMAL, I am not taking that chance in NM/Hell/Inf in any way, shape or form! Props to you guys who do, but it isn’t for me!

      • How’d you get one-shotted, what by? I’m playing WD, only into act 2 (just killed that fairy woman) and died once when I got trapped in a bunch of monsters on a stairway, one champion pack and loads of normals. Took them about 10 seconds to kill me. I don’t think I was even on full health when I got trapped.

        • Not playing HC, but Elly got essentially one shotted in our first play through. Boss pack of Beasts and 3 of them charged her simultaneously and she messed up her Vault hotkey. Instant dead.

          I nearly had that happen same game in early Act 2, not bothering to avoid one of those little green wasp BB trails. I just stood and watched a stream of 4 of them hit my wizard and that took off a good 2/3 of hps in a blink.

          • Act 3 has kamikazes that kept 1-shooting me, and it has some nasty monsters that will kill you dead if you don’t know how to evade them…
            Dudes, Diablo 3 is HARD.
            And I’m stuck at the very beginning of Act IV (also wtf stupid plot twist) with my level 31 monk cause I can’t seem to find the right skills for what I’m fighting, but I will get it…

          • There are some packs in Act II Hell that kept sending my ass on a nice 10+ dying spree. Damn these fly-thingies with Waller, Vortex and Arcane.

  3. Well you have to hit level 10 before you can make an HC game, and if you are anything like me, you maintain a normal work schedule and play when you can. I was only JUST able to make my HC character this morning before I left for work. (I hit level 10 before going to bed). Give it another day or two. You’ll see 😉

    • Ya I powered through my sofcore char, and had enough time to make my fist before I went to work yesterday

  4. I’m not sure that I’m ready for Hardcore, especially on online servers. I did stick to softcore throughout my Diablo 2 years, ad well as playing mostly on my computer.
    The few lag spike deaths that I encountered during my few tries playing online kept me from considering that style of play (as well as keeping me from online play, period)
    I’ll stay with the carebear casual play crowd, But am happy that people wanting to play hardcore get the option to do so, you all have my respect.

    • I will say death does suck but when you tire a bit of SC give it a try again you just might love it

    • I really don’t think there will be a lot of people risking playing HC with the current server mechanics to prevent chickens. The amount of HC players in D2 was high only because they could quit the game any time they want to prevent their death. Also its a terrible idea trying to play HC right now with so many server issues right now, that’s another reason for the small amount of HC players in D3.

  5. I played HC exclusively in D2 for many years, but this game is WAY different.  I won’t be playing HC until I understand everything and am comfortable with the gameplay.  As is stands right now, this game poses for more risks than D2 did with regards to hardcore.  Just last night, I warped to the entrance of a dungeon and was magically surrounded by 5 enemies.  These types of new, unpredictable risks, need to be figured out before I put too much time into a HC char.

    • I will agree D3 has a host of new ways to kill you by suprise, i’m still sticking to my guns of beating it Hardcore and not venturing into softcore but I totally understand where your coming from

    • I have the same HC background, but won’t play HC in D3 until at least one softcore playthrough for this reason. Even the mods rare monsters have, like Jailer and Waller, make getting trapped a more common occurrence. Another time I got surrounded by a pack of Teleport monsters against a wall – I don’t remember such coordination from the silly Teleport randoms in D2. Getting trapped is death as a wizard, so I want to learn these tricks before hitting HC.

    • I am playing exclusively HC for the very reasons you state.  The uncertianty is a thrill that makes my HC heart pump.  I have already had several close calls that I would not have had if someone had warned me or I had played through on SC.  That said, I am having more fun than I have had since my first D2 HC Character.

      • I went to HC as soon as I could. There’s nothing better than learning a new game like this in a permadeath mode. Awesome fun & thrill, which you can do only once.

        I did spend my last few years of D2 in HC though 😀

  6. Yeah … Go try HC Wizard! I’m getting “1 hits” all the time.Now i understand what Jay means when he say that the game is not really for HC.

  7. I’ll try to put this as politely as possible:
    (1) The challenge of hardcore is not to die.
    (2) A vast majority of the people in an online game are idiots.
    It is like oil and water, it doesn’t mix.  I have no intention of making or playing a public game until inferno, hardcore Diablo lies dead at my feet.  I have friends that play HC but leveling a HC group together is pretty much impossible.  Once one person dies, does the rest of the group wait?  No, it is clear to me that HC is a personal challenge.
    If I want a fix of online, social gaming I’ll play something else other than hardcore D3.  (My current addiction is Tera.)  I guess if I played SC D3 I might jump in a public game.  But I wouldn’t look at the public game numbers as any indication of popularity.

    • Me and a friend of mine plan to level a couple hardcore characters together. If one of us dies, the living character becomes a “solo alt” and we will re-roll both.

  8. I’ve died a handful of times on my softcore character even when I thought I was being careful. While I do intend to try HC soon, I didn’t want my first encounter with the game to be doing the game through to level 10 (essentially redoing the beta content for the jillionth time), then quitting, making a new character, doing the beta content yet AGAIN with the HC character, only then actually experiencing new content – new content that, if I’m not careful, will leave me back doing the beta content… again. I’ve had enough of the beta content for the time being, so any risk that leaves me vulnerable to doing it more times than I have to to start out with isn’t one I’m super eager for.

  9. My guess is its a combination of reluctance due to unstable server quality at the moment and the people crying for HC right away were a vocal minority. myself, i’m not brave/stupid/skilled enough to attempt it right now. i’ll probably start one after a normal playthrough. To those who are in HC right now, you are a better man than I. but, hey, at least the option is there for those who want it.

    • Obviously we don’t have the full server figures, but I’m not surprised the number of HC games is very low. Especially of public games.

      Vote from just a couple of weeks ago showed 8% of people were going to do HC right from the start. And that’s 8% of people reading this site, who are obviously big fans of the game and knowledgeable and serious about it.  If only 8% of us are going to do HC from the start, it’s probably more like .08% of regular fans. Or .008%. Add in the fact that D3 is a lot easier playing solo, at least early on, and that’s a recipe for very few public HC games.

      • Just to add, I haven’t done any HC yet, but I did years of only HC on D2, and hope to get back to that in D3 at some point. After my first day orgy of play, I’ve had minimal time for it, and I really need to get through all of normal with at least one char, in order to gather info for my site and wiki admin responsibilities.

        Sometime after that though, I hope to get into some HC, though I doubt I’ll be doing public games. I did those extensively in D2, but there was a good reason then; since you got so much bonus exp. There’s no reason to play with others in D3 unless you’re staying in a tight party and really cooperating; otherwise you’re just pumping up the monster hps for no gain.

  10. I’m a hardcore player at heart (played Hardcore for years in Diablo 2) and the only thing that keeps me from playing HC is that I don’t have the game yet…  😳

    Everybody will eventually finish softcore. Takes little effort compared with hardcore, isn’t as intense as putting your champion and progress on the line. The shock value coupled with the intensity of every room – you have EVERYTHING to lose if you make a mistake – it’s what Diablo is all about.

    Softcore is for PvP, testing stuff and magic finding runs.

    Now, this might be a personal guess but, people are avoiding to play hardcore in the first week due to server issues and latency.

  11. I don’t play because I don’t have the game yet. I hope it will arrive this week. But, even if I had the game I would not play because of server issues. It’s still too dangerous to play HC for that reason. I don’t want to die becouse of some fucking server error.

  12. I played hardcore yesterday, as I stayed home from work, and played only solo hardcore.  At work today.  I think I’m at lvl 14 Hardcore or so (not far as I found I rushed passed the skeleton king at lvl 7 then went WHAOOO and put on the breaks when I got into new content and got scared to death.  I was lvl 8 and presented with a Savage Beast that had jailer attunement…OMG…talk about an eye opener).  I also did jump on softcore a few times to play with a friend.  But I experienced a lot of 1st’s on my hardcore. Such as walking into, somewhat aware of what to expect from the story, the spider queen, but having no idea what skills she had.  Scared the beejeezes out of me but I downed her and moved on.  That’s why I loved it.

    In all honesty, I don’t know anyone who plays hardcore personally.  All my friends only play softcare.  I haven’t met someone to play hardcore with.  This of course requires a certain level of trust and that’s hard to give to a stranger. The ONLY way I’d do this is if they were on my friend list. Am I going slow, Ya.  I’m enjoying the story, clearing out everything, etc.  But I’m having a blast.

    After I dropped the queen, my friends came back on (or shall we say the login server came up and they were ABLE to log back on) and asked me to join.  So I dipped my hardcore and switched to softcare, and made it to the start of Act 2.  So, at least I have an idea who I’m fighting at the end of Act 1 and how he is. 

    Oh, as for the auction house…I’m finding that I am hording everything atm that I can.  I’ll be honest, I could care less about the AH atm.

    • Side note, I also found that I am playing differently hardcore vs softcare.  On softcore I put money into the blacksmith 1st and haven’t upped my storage area.  On hardcore, as soon as I was able to get enough cash, I upped my storage MUCH quicker.  I want to make sure I have items to pass on. 

  13. The hardcore community has always been smaller.
    People are still learning the basics, they probably don’t want to play hardcore just yet.

  14. I plan on playing Hardcore eventually, but not on day 1.  There are too many server issues, lag, etc, and I know nothing about the difficulty of the game.  I’d rather play through on softcore first and wait for the servers to iron themselves out first.

    • Me too. I’m in EU and had better latency in beta on US servers than now on local. 

  15. I started playing only hc, as soon as I reached level 10.
    Actually got level 19 WD in act2 and a Barbarian in the end of act1.
    No deaths suffered yet (Europe server).
    And very, very fun, epic combats without potions spamm, tp abuse or alt+f4. Very challenging.

    Im playing alone too everytime, at least until I reach nightmare (if I could).
    Very fun.

    • This is exactly as I play it and with the same classes! 😀
      WD cleared act1 and entered act2. I did a few quests there and then I started my second hc char who is also a barbarian. I plan to do each act with both chars so if (and I hope they won’t) any of them dies I can continue from almost the same quests.

  16. You ever play a single player game, get like, ten hours into it, and then the power fails and your saves tanked on failure? That feeling? That’s why I don’t play hardcore.

  17. Just reached A4 Normal, level 30 wizard. The lag/problems of the past couple of days really slowed me down.

  18. Given

      1) the amount of server traffic right now
      2) the increased difficulty compared to beta
      3) the limited skill choices at low level
      4) the surprisingly engaging story

    I don’t think I’m ready to play HC yet. I don’t want to interrupt the flow of the story, and I don’t want to replay the first section of the game if I die (which I already did twenty times in beta). So I think I’ll do that full softcore playthrough first to get a feel for the threat level and what I need to prepare for. 

  19. SC will always be more popular, but I think the statistics will even out. Part because a ton of players are just in the “teens” and have barely been able to play HC yet, part because people may wish to ensure finishing the game at least once and see how it ends before going HC.

  20. I myself didn’t really get into HC in D2, i felt the exp hit/try and grab ur body was challenge enough at the time…Now D3’s softcore \Death Penalty\ is just too lame for me so i’ve jumped into HC and i’m really enjoying it atm, i’ve got a lvl 16 barb had a very close call, got that below 6% health achievement it got the blood pumping that’s for sure!

  21. I’ve been playing HC the first chance I had.  Now in act 3, sitting at level 28 on my Barb, and a level 11ish Demon Hunter, no deaths so far.
    I have to say, the near deaths I’ve had (and there have been quite a few!) have never felt cheap, its always been my fault, and its fun learning from it.  Exactly what I wanted from D3.

  22. Hardcore is the only way to play Diablo. Now lvl 51 and there is no public games up at all..

  23. Simple. I will play each class softcore character first and then maybe I will play the same character on hardcore. This way, I make good use of 10 char limit.

  24. Who has beaten HC yet? I just beat it, as a lvl 34 DH. Took 20h 3m to do it on my stats screen. I can’t seem to take a printscreen tho, can I use a program to do it?  How many people have beaten the game on HC so far? There are 0 public games at this level. 

  25. 15 dh here, still in act 1. slacking as i don’t really want to progress too far without my friends who have yet to receive their games.

  26. I think a lot of people only played HC in D2 once the game was no longer challenging.  IE, if you have a someone 85+ rushing you through all of Norm so you can do baal runs for low-risk-high-reward xp, then doing it again in nightmare, then kitting out with botted/duped gear so that you progress through hell with 4000 hp.

    The D2 HC community was a lot smaller when the game was still difficult, back when you had a 3-digit life pool in hell, when you struggled to get your fire and lightning resists to 50+, when you honestly didn’t know whether you were ready to take on Diablo. Now that people have realized that D3 isn’t the pushover that post-2005 D2 is, most of them are content to run SC until later when other people have blazed the trail.  

    Those that are playing HC are playing in private games, either solo or in a static team. I’m HC, and it’s amazing.  About to step into the Act 2 end boss fight, just need to pick up a few more vit pieces…

  27. I have yet to dive into D3 unfortunately — the hard drive on the only computer able to play the game crashed three days before release and its gonna be a week or 2 before I can get another.  The 40GB I’m using to get by has only 8 GB after Win 7/64, SP1, anti-virus, etc.  Until that time, I’m reading up all the hardcore accounts and picking up advice wherever possible.

    As for the lag and server problems, take heart.  If one can manage the game under such conditions, it such be easier going when everything is finally stable.

    Good luck to you all and I’m looking forward HC gaming when I’m able.

  28. I question the reporting of the players in the join screen – 14400? Really?  Only 14400?

    I always see a similar number… there is no way 14.5k is the accurate number.  Multiply that by 100, and then maybe we are getting close to accurate. 

  29. That explains a lot.

    Me and a friend played HC from start together, but after a while no one rarely joined our game. After getting to NM act1, my friend died unfortunately. I was at quest 5 and tried to play for a couple of hours, but there was 0 people in any of the act1 NM quests, and like 3 in (early) act4 normal. Ended up starting over with a new character with my friend and we are at the very end of act2 now, so shouldnt get too long to get back there (and hopefully more games now).

    And as a sidenote, holy fuck how hard is NM?? Normal was a breeze but every champion etc in act1 NM is ten times harder than the hardest moment on normal. Im starting to think it will be many months (if ever) that people clear inferno on HC. 

    EDIT: someone posted their time, so thought I would add that it took 12h apparently (I checked when entering NM because I was curious). Never were we in any danger either (on normal), hardest spots there was skeleton king and act1 boss, but after that we started getting some decent equipment and skills and and it was a walk. Monk + barb combo, worked surprisingly well. Our new combo, wizard + witch doctor, seems to be keeping us on our toes a little bit more though.

    EDIT: I think part of the problem is also that people are paranoid about public games with HC and only play private. I personally dont really get it, you can access a persons play style in 30sec (and adjust or, if you really feel the need to, quit), but anyway.

  30. i have a 35 wd in act 1 nm, i have died upwards of 10 times.. like i have said before, i play super risky and i know that i will die a lot.. i may never even play hardcore, except maybe with one person to try to get the achievement..

  31. I originally planned to start HC as soon as I could hit 10 with a SC. Unfortunately, 3 of my limited play hours were spent simply trying to log into the game. The remaining hour I did play, my Wizard died 3x before level 10 due to a nova going off 3 seconds after hitting the key, suddenly being surrounded by a whack of summoned skeles, and screen flickers while a pack of elites teleported onto me.
    The smoothness of the open beta week gave me hope. The rough reality of retail launch says I should wait until the login, latency and driver issues are at least manageable.

  32. I did stay in softcore a little longer then i thought i would.
    I can now say that i got a 16 hardcore WD and just beat the Butcher.  Hardcore for life!

  33. Act 1 nm hardcore monk lvl 34ish.
    Pretty much all the close calls were in act 1, before i stacked a decent amount of vitality and got myself a good shield.
    The rest was easy enough.

    I guess you can die easily if you go for too much “primary” stat on gear, hence not many people figuring out how to hc properly. 

  34. Finally finished Norm HC, level 31 wizard in the end. Was my first  run through so all bosses were a surprise etc. Can’t wait to dive into Nightmare!

  35. Heh i was wondering why player counts went from 4500 to 200.  Forgot that that changed when i went from SC playthrough, to HC.  Count is 19742 to 221 on The Americas as we speak (2pm west coast PT). A 100x difference!
    Personally i’m slowly chugging along, doing full clears and savouring the story solo for my first Normal playthrough.  Not reading comments here to avoid spoilers (story, what might kill me, how far hc players are).  Currently 15 Witch Doctor at quest 8.Find the Courtyard.  Have yet to die on him, nor on my 2 sc monk playthroughs (made one on Europe when The Americas was down, in anticipation of future asynchronous downtimes).

    Speaking of which, how fucking annoying is it that your entire account doesn’t get flagged for HC? Having to do it all again on each region sucks. Tho it’s not all that surprising, considering even key bindings need to be set for each region.

    Speaking of which, why the fuck won’t the game fully remember my keybindings? I don’t know how many times i’ve had to set them to my preferences, it’s insane.

  36. I’m still interested in hardcore. As of this afternoon I’m still having trouble with the servers though. Even when it feels steady I still catch my character being warped backwards, sometimes repeatedly for several seconds, and its scary when you’re suddenly unable to land an attack on enemies when your one life is on the line.
    I’ve put it from my mind for now, just playing softcore for the enjoyment of the game itself.

  37. The thought of a walling, fire-chaining and vortexing mob in HC is kind of really scary 🙂 the amount of time I’d have to use to finish events etc in hc is daunting.

  38. I’ve died maybe 7 or 8 times so far in softcore, and in all honestly, all but one of those were due to a huge lag spike and then “waking up dead”. (one death was my fault. I sort of underestimated Belial, heh.)
    So, until the servers are stable, no way in hell am I bothering with hardcore.
    But I do want to try it, yes. There’s a quote in d3 by a certain character that being mortal makes every moment precious. Hearing that made me want to play HC!

  39. You just pray in nightmare you don’t encounter a frozen jailer charge beast pack in act1 uphill the kazra camp. I haven’t heard of anyone surviving that the first time. The act bosses are still pretty easy on nightmare but there are some totaly broken modifier combinations later on that are insta-gibe.

  40. Have to give mad props to all the hardcore players out there.  Playing soft core right now however, I did very well all the way to the 2nd act boss who tore me up and now in Act 3 groups of Champions and Elites team up sometimes and just wipe me out in second.  Last death there were two champion packs and a Elite all in the same area and right when I made an entrance through a doorway.  Immediate death.  If I was playing Hardcore I would have probably lost my mouse through my computer screen at that moment.  I dont know how you hardcore players do it but I will need a ton of more experience before I attempt the hardcore realm.  There are some ridiculous tough parts in this game and I have been taking my time and clearing entire areas and not rushing anything.  Awesome game however, and cant wait to get to inferno where I have to imagine i probably wont get much further than the nearest checkpoint. 

  41. HC is definitely not for everyone. Also, as many have said, public games are rare to find for any HC player worth his salt.  However, that said, D3 HC seems definitely more of a group game than it was in D2. My buddy and I have only played HC so far (got to 10 just at SK, then played all the new content as HC).  We got to 30 (made it to act IV) the morning of launch, but then both died at the same time due to a lag spike.  This was heartbreaking, and I would expect HC to increase after server issues get ironed out. We’re now both 25 again, same classes, and playing MUCH safer.   But to all those reading this who want a reason to play HC, I have only this to say: the thrill of tackling completely fresh new content as HC is unbeatable in gaming terms for me.  When my buddy and I got to Act IV as HC, it was unreal.  So many \OH SHI–\ moments!  That’s what makes the game fun. If you ain’t playing for keeps, you aren’t really playing. 

  42. IN THIS HERE POST BE SPOILERS (gameplay tips only, no lore/story spoilers) SO YE BE WARNED:

    Some warnings from my SC experience for HC players (I personally will never play HC as I get too invested in my characters, but I appreciate that some people do not have that issue):

    1. As mentioned above, the second act boss is very difficult. I advise playing him on SC first to get an idea of how to avoid his attacks, because otherwise you *will* die.

    2. The later half of Act 3 has a number of particularly nasty creatures – ‘lurkers’ (for lack of a better term) who will kill you if you do not move within one or two seconds of them attacking, teleporting bruisers who come in packs and like to ‘appear’ behind you, and mortar-firing creatures.

    3. In Act 4, the first boss will tend to oneshot you unless you have a companion to tank for you (I HIGHLY recommend templar for this fight; without him, I could not beat it. With him, the boss didn’t even hit me.), and of course the final boss is deadly as all hell.

    Especially when combined with the wrong boss affixes nearby (waller comes to mind), these can and will kill even the most cautious player unless they’re significantly overgeared.

  43. I’m one of those playing hardcore Public. I’m at the end of act 2. I haven’t lost any character so far, but I’ve seen half a dozen people die.

  44. I have a level 20 barbarian in HC so far named Balbasack. Up to finding Kulle’s blood in act 2. Started in SC with a WD named Tard and beat normal to test latency, server stability and bosses. Turns out I’m lagging quite often and my latency goes from 200ms – 1300ms and back. Now the server has gone off for maintenance again. Had a few close calls in HC mainly from lag.

    Funny that my character names are accepted.

    Also I’ve found that for a barbarian, go for shield/vitality/armor then weapon dps in HC.

  45. I have two HC atm: Barbarian Lvl 9 and Witch Doctor Level 10. Witch Doctor is a Hardcore-Hardcore Char which means i have slotted him to Magic and Gold find. So he is weaker than average 🙂  Almost got killed a few minutes ago in the Fields by a nasty Bull Boss but got away 🙂 . Havent played with others but just because I havent thought of it. Sure I will open my games to the public soon. Why not? I plan to always have at least one HC char going. Keep up the Banner guys ! Thx Xanth

  46. Just reached lvl 10 on my monk, so I’ll be jumping into hardcore next time I log in ;).

    My major reason for making the switch (never done hardcore before) is time.  I want to take things as slow as they can go.  I want to invest in my characters as much as I can.  I’ve waited so long for this game; I can’t let myself just breeze right through it.  A hardcore character will force me to be more cautious, take things slow, remember EVERY close fight, and ultimately immerse me in the game more as I grow attached to the characters I so want to keep alive. 

  47. My WD is lvl 17. I went in last night to fight Act 1 boss, not knowing what to expect at all, but having 1200+ hit points helped ALOT. I’m stacking as much vitality as possible.

    • My friend is a lvl 28 barb and he stacked HP\Armor. He has over 5k HP and almost never drops below 90% hp. He kills stuff so slow though. This is in SC but in HC I would expect more to build this way.

  48. After doing the majority of Act 3 and all of Act 2 on SC I see HC as being very fun on normal and pretty terrifying in NM. I’ll be up for the challenge eventually. It’s going to be DH or Barb for that adventure 🙂

  49. mad props to people in nm on HC. I’m a 44 wiz and I’m basically stacking vit (7k hp) and using a pretty defensive build (blur, the shield buff passive with arcane shield, and I forget the name of the other that adds max arcane) and still dying a lot. The bosses are all a joke but it’s the rare/champ packs that WILL kill you relentlessly). I also like multiplayer cause it’s more of a challenge and more fun. 

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