With the game now in fullish swing I’ve been amazed at the amount of DiabloWikiHardcore games going on. Here is a sample stat from last night: Public softcore players in games-14400. Public Harcore players in games-198. That’s not a typo, the highest I’ve seen is 244, the lowest 98.

    I’ve had a few technical hiccups (dead motherboard, server issues etc) that have prevented me from really diving into HC but I’m still going through HC just a hell of a lot slower (damn 15fps). At the moment I’m sticking to solo and I’m thinking many others are as well.

    Looking at the auction house can give you a feel for where most hardcore players are. The highest DPS weapon I was able to find was a staggering 15 (this may have changed since the time of writing). That is just about the same as we saw in the beta! This then places the majority of Hardcore players in Act 1 or at least those who use the AH. I will say Act 1 seems more difficult than in the Beta, but I may just be rusty.

    198 brave souls out there risking life and limb with strangers. What’s preventing you from jumping into the fray? More importantly what in your softcore experience would shy you from even attempting Hardcore? Those of you succeeding how far are you and what were your close calls?

    It’s still early in the game cycle but I’m seeing a great challenge in Hardcore, a challenge I hope you accept, if not now soon!

    If you have played and died then our newly-opened Hardcore Graveyard forum is where you make out your death certificate.

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