A fan complained about the Invulnerable Minions DiabloWikiboss modifier and amidst the positive airing of views and constructive criticism we’ve come to expect from Battle.net forum conversation (actual quote from a typical reply, “Its called stradegy retard learn how to play”), he got a fairly vague reply from a CM.

    Remove Invulnerable Minions

    Get this crap out of the game. Every other affix is reasonable. This is not. It’s poorly designed and makes killing many champions impossible.

    Do the right thing and get rid of it. It’s garbage.
    Lylirra:Speaking in general about monster affixes:

    The intention is for there to be differences in the difficulties of the monster packs. Some are hard, some are easy — and some may seem impossible. When you are first beginning Inferno, you can pick off the easy ones without much challenge, but you may have to skip some of the harder ones. That’s okay. As you become more powerful, you can survive better, deal more damage, and take on some of the affix packs you previously chose to avoid. And after gearing up even further, eventually you can take them all on. It won’t be a cakewalk, but you won’t run in abject terror the next time you see that Invulnerable Minions combo pack sauntering your way (okay…you might run a little). Certain monster affixes will also punish certain skill builds more than others, as many of our affixes do.

    We’ve been watching feedback closely about all the affix types and we’ve seen a lot of responses to concerns such as “I have no problem with them” or “use skill X instead and you’ll be fine” or “I used to have trouble but then I got some X gear and now I’m fine”. This is what we intend to happen over time.

    Speaking of Invulnerable Minions specifically:

    All that said, we definitely are paying attention to your feedback (as mentioned earlier), and we’ll make adjustments to monster affixes as we see necessary. We will always intend that some affixes are harder than others, and we’ll mostly be making adjustments to ensure some affixes aren’t radically out of line.

    If you’ve yet to encounter this lovely Elite affix, it’s like the Shielded affix, except it never goes away. The boss is mortal and normal, but all of his minions are permanently shielded and can not be injured or killed by any sort of player attack. They only die when the boss dies, so the challenge is to take out the boss while somehow avoiding his posse. You can try to split them up (easier in multiplayer), you can cover the world with AoE, you can try to tank the lot (difficult without life leech coming from the minions), or you can simply run and try to park them somewhere. Fun fun fun!

    So is this a valid, fair modifier for bosses to sport? To help you decide, I’ve grabbed a few videos showing off Inferno boss battles. This first one shows the usual thing, with lots of running, kiting, running, kiting, nearly dying, etc. It features a Wizard vs. a Skeleton with Vortex, Waller, Electrified, and Invulnerable Minions.

    Update: If you’d like a forum discussion about this where no one’s telling anyone else to use “stradegy,” click that link. There’s a poll that’s showing heavy disapproval of Invul Minions, though the FOX News-worthy biased wording of the vote options might have something to do with that.

    Click through for a few other videos starring Invulnerable minions and use the comments to say if you think these are a legit type of monster, or are OP and no fun.

    Plagued, Waller, Frozen, Invulnerable Minions Scavengers vs. a Monk.

    Video of fans getting mega-wiped by an Arcane Enchanted Jailer Invulnerable pack, edited in with some footage of the Diablo III devs talking about what makes for a good monster behavior.

    The only one from outside of Act One, this features a Wizard vs. a Waller, Frozen, Knockback, Invulnerable Minions pack on the ramparts of Bastion’s Keep.

    The best videos is this long one which shows about 20 Inferno boss fights from Act One. It stars a solo wizard uses Blizzard and Hydras as his primary attacks, combined with a lot of running/kiting/Teleporting and a huge amount of life regen from equipment. The invul pack come at 13:47, and if you look on the YT page the details list every single pack, their mods, and the time of the battle. The longest battle is indeed the one against the Invulnerable scavengers.

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