On his "very first try."

    On his “very first try.”

    We posted a tutorial about the new DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet when it was first enabled on the PTR, and included a bunch of early examples… which didn’t look real promising. The HA rolls all affixes randomly from the entire pool of available affixes available to amulets at level 70, and there are a *lot* of them, as knows anyone who has spent time, gold, and all too many Flawless Imperial gems trying to enchant just the right thing on their own legendary amulet.

    Enchanting a Hellfire Amulet is no picnic, but fixing one affix is a lot easier than trying to roll 2 or 3 or 4 good ones in the first place. That’s no picnic with a non-Hellfire amulet either, but 1) most of the legendary amulets have some good inherent affixes, and 2) they do not require hours of key farming and Uber fighting to create.

    That said, the potential for a great amulet roll, plus a free 5th passive skill, keeps some fans trying again and again on the Hellfire Amulet, and the occasional sighting of a great one lights the fires of ambition from the glowing embers of vindictive jealously. Today’s example shows a very much Hellfire Amulet worth crafting:

    My very first attempt at it, I NEEDED to share it with the DH community.
    Grimiku: Wow, that’s just about the complete opposite of my Hellfire Amulet. Congrats on crafting such a nice ammie, MnkeYJuIce, and I can see why you wanted to share. 🙂

    Going to craft any more of them for your Demon Hunter?

    Honestly, did he have to stress that it was his first try? That’s just salt in the wound. It’s not a perfect amulet; Cull the Weak isn’t exactly top 3 in Demon Hunter passive popularity, but getting it free from a .1% quality Hellfire Amulet would probably make it worth the trouble to build something into your build to add regular chilling or slowing effects.

    (Update: Commenters point out that while Cull the Weak isn’t much used by lvl 70 DHs on the whole, it is very popular with the DiabloWikiM6/Sentry build that’s the current cookie cutter fave for highest Grifting DHs.)

    In the clan chat lately there’s always someone L4P for Ubers or key runs, even while complaining how terrible was the last Hellfire Amulet they crafted. It’s a disease with no cure… unless finding a good/great one is the cure? Anyone actually using a Hellfire amulet that makes them happy? You can see a huge assortment of them on characters in our Diablonut armory. I grabbed screens of half a dozen of the nicer ones from the first couple of pages of returns, but you can surely find better with hundreds there to snoop through.

    Update: Bonus video of a player rolling 57 Hellfire Amulets for a Witch Doctor.

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