Are Hellfire Amulets Worth Crafting?

On his "very first try."

On his “very first try.”

We posted a tutorial about the new DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet when it was first enabled on the PTR, and included a bunch of early examples… which didn’t look real promising. The HA rolls all affixes randomly from the entire pool of available affixes available to amulets at level 70, and there are a *lot* of them, as knows anyone who has spent time, gold, and all too many Flawless Imperial gems trying to enchant just the right thing on their own legendary amulet.

Enchanting a Hellfire Amulet is no picnic, but fixing one affix is a lot easier than trying to roll 2 or 3 or 4 good ones in the first place. That’s no picnic with a non-Hellfire amulet either, but 1) most of the legendary amulets have some good inherent affixes, and 2) they do not require hours of key farming and Uber fighting to create.

That said, the potential for a great amulet roll, plus a free 5th passive skill, keeps some fans trying again and again on the Hellfire Amulet, and the occasional sighting of a great one lights the fires of ambition from the glowing embers of vindictive jealously. Today’s example shows a very much Hellfire Amulet worth crafting:

My very first attempt at it, I NEEDED to share it with the DH community.
Grimiku: Wow, that’s just about the complete opposite of my Hellfire Amulet. Congrats on crafting such a nice ammie, MnkeYJuIce, and I can see why you wanted to share. 🙂

Going to craft any more of them for your Demon Hunter?

Honestly, did he have to stress that it was his first try? That’s just salt in the wound. It’s not a perfect amulet; Cull the Weak isn’t exactly top 3 in Demon Hunter passive popularity, but getting it free from a .1% quality Hellfire Amulet would probably make it worth the trouble to build something into your build to add regular chilling or slowing effects.

(Update: Commenters point out that while Cull the Weak isn’t much used by lvl 70 DHs on the whole, it is very popular with the DiabloWikiM6/Sentry build that’s the current cookie cutter fave for highest Grifting DHs.)

In the clan chat lately there’s always someone L4P for Ubers or key runs, even while complaining how terrible was the last Hellfire Amulet they crafted. It’s a disease with no cure… unless finding a good/great one is the cure? Anyone actually using a Hellfire amulet that makes them happy? You can see a huge assortment of them on characters in our Diablonut armory. I grabbed screens of half a dozen of the nicer ones from the first couple of pages of returns, but you can surely find better with hundreds there to snoop through.

Update: Bonus video of a player rolling 57 Hellfire Amulets for a Witch Doctor.


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  1. I already have the 4 machines – just waiting until I can do T4 on my own (in HC), so that I have better drop chances on the materials.

  2. I made one before the boosted Demon Organ drop rate, it came out mediocre. Currently trying for a couple more for my main crusader.

    One extra thing to mention about Hellfire Amulet/Ring is that they are very easy to enchant. If you can get a good passive and 3 decent Primary, the last one can be rerolled dirt cheap with a cost of ONLY materials. No gold or gem cost.

    • I got a group together for HC infernal machine tonight and ran several. Forged 4 amulets that were all terrible. Crusader passives I rolled were Fanaticism, Insurmountable, Holy Cause and Hold your Ground. Only 1 had CC, none had CHD.

      Anecdotal experience, T4 drop rates are still unreliable. We did a few and it felt like it was still below 50%. T5 is a pretty sweet spot for HC, being a point that's still easy but good drop rate that feels roughly 80%.

      • Thanks for the breakdown, I wasn't sure what torment I should pick for ubers. But I'll follow your lead and go with the 5.

  3. Cull of the weak is a Top 3 DH passive right now. Probably the best passive with the 3 spender M6 meta that is going on right now.

    I have yet to craft one. I am a lazy player, and if there was a passive that said "jailer and arcane beams don't hurt you ever" I would run that. So I just keep my Countess on.

  4. As a melee player it is waste of time.

  5. “Cull the Weak isn’t exactly top 3 in Demon Hunter passive popularity, but getting it free from a .1% quality Hellfire Amulet would probably make it worth the trouble to build something into your build to add regular chilling or slowing effects.”

    The more I read this website, the more I know the redactors here know nothing. Cull the Weak is used all Demon Hunters above GR35, because the 20% damage bonus is multiplicative, not additive. Your sample of how many DHs use it means nothing, considering that not every Demon Hunter has all 6 pieces of Marauder. Plus, most players are noobs and don’t know how to build their characters, just like the redactors in this website.

    • Wow. Perhaps a more amiable and apt response next time? I fail to see how placing yourself higher than everyone benefits anything at all?

    • So the post says not a top 3 skill, with a link that shows it's #8ish for all the lvl 70 DHs in that character population. And your objection is that the cookie cutter DH sentry build does use it? Okay, but you could probably find a lot of not very used skills that are very popular for specific builds.

      As only a small % of players ever have or ever will farm the 100+ hours to gear up to M6, the fact remains that Cull the Weak isn't generally a widely-used DH skill. Though some builds obviously like it very much.
      That ranks only the top 100 chars in their DH, and Cull the Weak is #3 or #4 there, though well behind Ballistics and Awareness.

      • M6 is easier than ever. My SEASON DH has RoRG and 5/6 Marauder, plus 4/4 (wearing 3/4) Nat's. It's a pretty damn sweet combo. In fact, (dons tinfoil hat), I'm convinced they bumped up all leg rates, especially set rates for the season. Finding gear is one of the big impediments to leaderboard rankings, so it wouldn't surprise me if Blizz tried to "smooth out" that little RNG headache. M6 is easy now. Enchanting jewelry is harder, b/c you can't buy any gems w/ the millions and millions of gold you have pouring out your ears.

        And Cull the Weak is awesome, if you're rolling Cold damage all over. And yes, it synergizes w/ the Leg gem very, very well.

      • You reference a website that ranks players based on the gear they log out with (many of the top ranked players log out with items they don’t use for the boost in elemental dps so they get higher ranked) instead of looking at the rankings of what people do actually use in the game. I won’t say 100% of the top 500 Demon Hunters (in grifts) use CtW, but it’s safe to say that at least 95% of them do. The guy made his point in a very aggressive & off-putting fashion (much like you make your points, “Mr. I play hardcore so I’m better than all you smucks”), but he’s right: Cull the Weak is easily a top-5 Demon Hunter passive and should be included in any competitive DH build.

  6. My first hellfire amulet in seasons:
    728 dex
    9% crit chance
    scrub stat
    146 physical resistance
    awareness <— while the stats are good, this makes the amulet IMO

    The scrub stat is now 95% crit damage
    Rank 27 Bane of the Powerful in the socket

    This was before the buff to organs…

  7. I've made close to 20, and can say maybe 2 or 3 were okay.

    The okay one I am running now (18% cold, 723 dex, 75% CD) unfortunately rolls with Sharpshooter, which I do not consider a good skill. The tradeoff from my old ammy was CC% so I just am rolling with this for the socket now.

  8. At least on my first try I got somewhat lucky. Socket, Passive I want, Crit Damage of 98% and Int. But no Crit chance. But still good roll.

  9. The amulet is amazing for top notch Demon Hunters.

    I mean think about what kind of players farm for Hellfire Amulets anyway ?

    Probably a lot of the players that also have enough time to grind for m6.

    I rolled 6 so far. 3 were okay … without the newly added socket 1 would have been perfect. 100 critdmg 10 critchance

  10. I have made 5 of these now and they have all rolled absolute garbage and I mean not even remotely usable. I know RNG is a bitch but come on. Key farming is still the most annoying part of this process.

  11. I’ve just crafted 30 of them. Just think about this. All of them are complete garbage. ALL!!
    So yeah… Good luck…

  12. Have made 23 for crusader. Got 1 good roll (cc+cd +soc) , but with a completely shit passive… SALVAGE.
    I won’t bother anymore. Keyfarming is WAY TOO TEDIOUS

  13. For those saying x spec or x class can't use it in viable builds there is always the next patch or the fun specs that can use it. I could see it in a Sunwuko monk spec doing okay.

  14. This website was always run by noobs. I love them saying Cull the Weak isn’t a top-notch or good passive. It’s no wonder took over as all-things Diablo.. you guys haven’t been good since the early DII days. Them days is gone. Flux and Elly lost it a long, long time ago.

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