Goblin. Goblin. Goblin!

    Goblin. Goblin. Goblin!

    Fans regularly post forum threads asking about Bandit Shrines, which have been extremely rare since Patch 2.3 went live, and especially since a hotfix decreased their frequency just before Season Four began. (On the PTR they were not much rarer than other types of Shrines, and I saw probably a dozen during the patch testing.) A Blue says that they still exist, and are intentionally uncommon.

    Can someone confirm they are not only fossils at this point?
    Tyvalir: Bandit Shrines are very real! Their spawn rate was bugged on the PTR, which caused them to appear way more often than intended. Since they are an unlisted feature in Patch 2.3.0, the fix to them was also not mentioned anywhere in the patch notes.

    Their current appearance rate makes them more of a sudden and unexpected delight, which was always the intent behind them. Hope that helps! 🙂

    Another delight would be to have their actual appearance altered so us speed demons that spam click everything in sight don’t accidentally trigger one without warning the group.
    Tyvalir: That makes sense – I’ve had my share of accidental clicks on these shrines before realizing what they are (since they’re visually identical to others). Will pass this on!

    The second point is debatable. Yes, definitely Bandit Shrines are super valuable and it’s better to clear the area a bit and get a firing plan ready before you pop out a dozen goblins. That said, I can see arguments on both sides of the proposal:

  • For: Bandit Shrines should look different because they are different and special.
  • Against: Noticing Bandit Shrines before you click is a skill, and the game should reward attention and diligence.
  • What do you guys think? And more to the initial point, have you seen Bandit Shrine(s) in adequate numbers? Do you think they should be more or less common? Let’s survey… Are Bandit Shrines Too Rare?

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    Click through for a video, if you want to see the Shrine in action.

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