Are Ancient Weapons Changing Everything?

Now that DiabloWikiAncient Items are live in Patch 2.1.2, I’ve been talking to players to gauge their impact. Most people don’t test on the PTR and lots of players don’t really follow the news about coming soon features, but it seemed like pretty much everyone had at least heard about Ancient Weapons before the patch went live. Lots of people hadn’t absorbed the strategic implications though, which is why we keep getting forum posts and questions in chat about ancient jewelry.

Ancient crafted bows.

Ancient crafted bows.

For the better informed fans (like you guys), it was no surprise that Ancient rings and amulets were pretty much irrelevant, that Ancient armor had good potential, but that Ancient Weapons were the place to focus your attention.

Of course you’ve got to find one, and that’s the hard part. I haven’t found one yet (7 ancients so far, all armor or jewerly, none worth using), but thankfully you don’t have to “find” an ancient weapon… you can craft or gamble. Gambling a legendary weapons is hard enough and it’s 10x harder to gamble an Ancient one, which is why Crafting is the loophole. It was for me at least, and the first thing I did when I got online after Patch 2.1.2 went live was head to not-Griswold for some item-makin’.

My luck was good, since it took just 8 tries to get an Ancient version of both the crafted bows. You can see them in the screen to the right. (I didn’t try with the xbow or hand xbow, since they’re kind of suck unless you’re doing Hallowed set, and xbow/shield isn’t exactly my ideal DH gear option.) They’re not idea and I certainly hope to find better, but both were enormous DPS upgrades over the 2600 DPS Calamity I’d been using, and gaining 43% DPS with the Unbound Bolt was plenty enough to offset the loss of the Marked for Death proc from Calamity. The damage rolls on both bows are good but not great, and neither can be an ideal weapon since the crafting recipe gives each 3 inherent affixes (damage, IAS, and +Elite damage / Crit Damage) so it’s very hard to get mainstat and +damage% and a socket. I didn’t, since the Unbound Bolt rolled with Vitality. I was able to Enchant that into Dex though, and with a socket from a Gift of Ramaladni, it was a nice new weapon. My unbuffed DPS went from 880K up to 1200K DPS, and that much improvement was very obvious in the gameplay.

Not mine, but want.

Not mine, but want.

So how are you guys doing on your Ancient Weapons? Pre-patch we kept urging the strategy I just detailed; save up materials so you could craft a legendary weapon right away, and it worked for me, even though I didn’t have that many souls to spend. The problem for a lot of players is that their builds *require* a specific legendary weapon.

Just this morning two guys in the clan were on with their WDs, both were using Starmetal Kukuris, and though they were doing fine on T6 with their current gear, they couldn’t help but salivate over the idea of adding 300k DPS with a new weapon. They couldn’t craft any of the one-handed weapons to get it though, since they required the Starmetal proc for their builds.

That’s the hard part about Ancient Weapons; amazing if you find one, great if you craft one, but for every build with a lot of weapon options, there’s another build that requires one specific legendary weapon. Is that fair? Okay? Should there be some change to upgrade existing items into Ancient versions, as fans often requested pre-patch? Or is the whole point of a Diablo game the struggle to seek out a great new item, thus enabling amazing things to happen when you hit the jackpot?


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  1. I've only managed to get about 2700+ dps on an Ancient UB…I'm chronically short on white and blue mats. Any tips for farming them?

      • Not to be too obvious, but pick up all the white and blue items you find? They salvage into multiple materials each, so it's generally not too hard to keep up with your requirements. The new green goblins drop quite a few yellow/blue materials, though not so often white.

        • And like lol said below, 1 or 2 blue items usually drop from normal chests, and white items usually drop from armor/weapon racks. I never seem to have trouble with white materials since changes some patches ago made them drop in stacks from goblins and golden chests and guardians, but I do pick up most blue items I see to keep enough of those mats in stock.

  2. Blues drop from normal chests and Whites from weapon stashes.
    Battlefields of Eternity are okay for that.

    To be blunt there is really no fast way to get them in a way that is sufficient. Nobody at Blizzard apparently crafts anything.

    Since I get no Gifts drops, for me there is additionally no option to craft a weapon. I would lose the 20% correct Ele Dmg and the one Rama that was gifted to me.

    I got pretty close yesterday. A nearly perfect replica of my weapon … not Ancient and in the same drop an Ancient Windforce with only horrible stats.


    • Update :

      I google’d and fount a better spot :

      Select Campaign : Act 5, Quest 6, last entry. In that area are 5-10 weapon spots and 5-10 normal chests. 0 Enemies. Also click the corpses and loose stones.

      You can get half your inventory full with blue/whites in one minute and sometimes even Legs!

  3. After patch went live, I went to Kadala for weapon, got 3 legendaries, two were ancient. So I got my DPS boost really quick.

  4. For my Firebird Wizard, I figured waiting for Ancient versions of a Sun Keeper, Wand of Woh, or Furnace could potentially never happen (I haven't even had a regular drop of WoW or Furnace…ever)

    Based on the posts here (thank you!) from PTR I decided to craft a Devastator (previously using a fairly high damage Sun Keeper). I had 72 soul stones. I crafted an Ancient one within the first 10 rolls, but it was horrible and had a socket, so in order to use Ramaladni, I would have had to re-roll the socket. I decided to keep going and eventually got another ancient with fairly high base damage, but with NO mainstat and a socket so I had to re-roll the socket for mainstat and then I used Ramaladni.

    It's not the best, but I had (2) Ramaladnis (I got two in one day…yes…very lucky) and I can keep the other one for the more elite weapons. It wasn't the huge increase I could have gotten, but it was significant enough where T6 is a lot easier now. I went from 850K DPS to around 1000K DPS unbuffed. If I would have rolled mainstat I could have re-rolled for +% damage. It did roll with 20% fire increase, though.

    Hopefully with the better drops for Furnace and WoW I will eventually get one…and maybe Ancient…someday. 🙂

  5. I've yet to find/craft/gamble an ancient weapon but hopefully my Monk and Barb will get a good Generals staff and Heart of the Slaughter respectively soon desu. I want to see a 4k dps 2hd weapon though ^v^.

  6. I am not sure what to do with new ancient weapon. Just got a kridershot which seems like a very important piece with the new mauraders. I am able to always fire secondary to maximize turrets and opens up a slot for me to use marked for death. I really dont want to give that up for a negligible gain and change of build.
    Waiting for my ancient kridershot or calamity I guess.

  7. I tried crafting the leg 1-h xbow for my demon hunter…must have made a dozen or so but none were ancient. I did end up getting a 3000ish dps ancient Raven's Wing from Kadala which was a decent boost (was using a 2700 dps Natalya's xbow)…I could have made it better if I burned one of my Ramalandi's Gifts on it (2 in my stash plus another 2 on a seasoned char) but figured it wasn't worth it for such a generic legendary. At least I do have one more pet to add to my collection.

    On a side note, I've been finding ancients at much higher than 10% rate…at least 1/6 or 1/7 of all my legs have been ancient. My very first drop in this patch was an ancient Marauder's boots that was a decent upgrade. Hope my luck holds out when I first encounter a Kridershot for real. =^-^=

  8. It could just be me (probably is) but since I'm fairly new to some of the lingo, when I read things like, "…and the first thing I did when I got online after Patch 2.1.2 went live was head to not-Griswold for some item-makin’."

    I seriously struggle with trying to translate things like "not-Griswold". What is "not-Griswold"? Did I miss something?

  9. I did not want ancient legendaries to be released until the gap between the good and the garbage was narrowed. Too many useless legendaries out there. Also, I’m not sure why lengendaries without unique modifiers even exist. I don’t like how I feel gimped if I am not using a furnace. I’m sad the devs have said they plan to keep that weapon where it is at power wise. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if there were more weapons that had cool unique legendary powers that drove me to try new builds/play styles without feeling weak.

    • I guess the reason they chose to release ancient items now is to keep the advanced players interested, as those players probably wouldn't be very affected by buffs to bad legendaries (unless those bad items were buffed into BiS territory).

      I kind of agree with you, though, and I certainly don't see why it's taking the devs so long to revisit some of the old legendaries. It's almost like they have a limited amount of items in store and don't want to revamp too many of them at once, lest they run out too early. Maybe their artists are busy or something.

      • I would think adding even "silly" affixes to legs would be doable in a quick timeframe(even for blizz). Since there would be no balance issues. Moar clucking bows etc?

  10. Found an ancient SoH and an ancient Scourge so far. Not using either as of yet.

  11. Haven't played a ton (2 rifts @ T5/T6) and haven't found any ancient items yet, but I am loving the new M6. Way more engaging, powerful and fun than its previous incarnation.

  12. As a start they could increase the ramalandi gift drop rate. I am still at one.

  13. Got this arcane barb on the first try:

    It's good for MS build, but not so great for CA build (missing resource cost reduction, IAS isn't that good).

    Yesterday I went to one of those character comparison website, and I found out this:

    This and the fact that I crafted ~30 barbs after getting this one made me feel picky…

    When I'm out of hatred on higher GRs, all I want is RCR on weapon. I can't throw unofficial rankings on the RG…

    My conclusions: no matter how good IAS and Damage rolls are (even actually using the IAS, with multishot), imo, RCR will be just better in the end of the day.

  14. I have had terrible luck since the patch went live. I'm just not finding anything. I have games where I find 5 or 6 legendary items but, none are worth using. BUT, i haven't lost faith. I played the PTR extensively and I know my upgrade is out there somewhere.

    I also prefer to leave it up to chance. Even though I'm the guy on the bottom now, and maybe will be for a while to come. That's OK with me. I'd rather have a great jackpot day!

    (last night I found two Inna's Daibos' in one run! I was thinking to myself this is it! None such luck. hahaha

  15. I have a Wizard with Firebirds, Aughilds, and Serpent Sparker. I pretty much just drop Apocalypse and Hydra and run around to activate Zei's. Good fun.

    My first legendary drop of the new patch was an ancient Fulminator. (A bad lightning sword which is an insta-salvage for all classes and builds.) I'm rather disappointed to report that this stupid, mis-matched sword has dropped my average T6 rift clear times from 8-9 minutes down to 6-7. I know the new rifts are more dense and also easier to clear faster, but everything dies like it's T1. I miss having two hydras and equipment that makes sense.

  16. Took me 200 hours to find a Rimeheart, how long until I find an Ancient one. . .

  17. I am really not liking this patch at end of season. Got my build setup and cruising t6 as m6 w/ kridershot. Now ancients come along and these annoying stat sticks having me debating about changing builds to chase the paper dps bumps. When an ancient Pluckeye makes you debate about changing everything there is something broken.
    Build changes should be affix ability items, not big stat bumps that look good on the LCS but have marginal at best output when you lose the special whatever you trade out.
    If this patch had dropped between seasons or on s2 it would be fine — you play what you find till you find better. Having this patch now has been more frustration that fun

    • I had the same thing happen to me. I just need the pants and helm for my Harvester set and while gambling I got ancient versions of the pants and helm I have on. Now I'm not sure if I should bother completing the set since I probably won't get lucky and find ancient versions. So I am gonna end up taking a step back stat-wise to get the set bonus.

      Just a week playing the new patch and I'm debating whether any non-ancient upgrades are even worth the time, and I play very casually. I play T2 T3, so I'm obviously not that big-time here, and now ancient items are having me second guessing my play style.

      Ancient or Bust…

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