Fancy a little something for the weekend? Of course you do. We have three videos today featuring the DiabloWikiWizard‘s DiabloWikiArcane Torrent runed up to its eyeballs. Only three of the five DiabloWikirunestones are demoed as Alabaster and Obsidian Runes produce no visual differences.  These are all spoilers.

    This first one is very pretty. It’s a Crimson Rune which makes Arcane Torrent into Disruption which disrupts targets causing them to take extra damage.

    The others are after the jump.

    A Golden rune will change the skill into Power Stone. The now lush raspberry coloured torrents have a 5% change to leave behind a Power Stone which will grant your Wizard Arcane Power when picked up.

    The final rune we see demoed is Indigo changing the skill into Cascade so that targets killed will have an 80% chance of firing a missile at a nearby enemy.

    Previous sets of videos featuring runed skills were:

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