Is DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted bugged? Or broken? Or in need of change? How does the damage from the rotating Arcane Sentries work? How should it work? My experience is that the damage is the same no matter which part of the rotating needle is touching your character. Of course the tip is moving much faster than the center, relatively speaking, so the exposure tends to be quicker if you’re further out. That’s kind of the whole point of the Elite ability, after all. To add some variety and denial of area and force players to reposition, etc.

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    That said, I think that if you moved along with the needle as it rotated, you’d take the same damage over time at the tip as you would standing right in the center, so you were the axis of rotation. Is that how it works? Is that how it should work? Maybe the middle should do more damage, like it’s a more intense Arcanization?

    A guy on the Bnet forums thinks that, and furthermore, he thinks that’s how Arcane Sentries used to be, and that they’ve changed recently. One of those “stealth nerfs/buffs” Blizzard is constantly sneaking in, perhaps?

    I’m 100% confident that arcane sentries are bugged. The entire length of the sentry is dealing damage like it’s the core. That is to say that stepping through the beam is like stepping onto the core of the sentry.


    Well, yeah. That’s how they work. In addition, there are three ticks of damage as they pass by you. At the core, these tick fields are so close together, that they seem continuous. But if you stand right at the end of the arc, you will see three individual ticks of damage, and they hurt just as much at the end of the beam as they do at the core.

    Nevermind that running into an arcane enchanted pack means that no less than 10 sentries are instantly on the map, rotating, offering melee classes nowhere to go if they want to keep fighting. Multiply problem by 1000 when in a corridor.

    I distinctly remember these dealing much less damage for hitting the beam over hitting the core.
    Tsarnis: I am going to go ahead and lock this thread now. Arcane Sentry beams are currently behaving as expected, and this thread is straying a bit too far down the road of off-topic and unhelpful.

    The Blue didn’t answer the question, just replied to the generally whiny and insulting tone that every B.net that thread had taken. So how about it? Does anyone feel that Arcane do more damage with the same amount of exposure at the middle than at the tip? And question #2… should they?

    If anything, you could argue that the center should do *less* damage than the tip. Make positioning more interesting that way, in an “Eye of the Hurricane” sort of way, and since at the tip you’re in the burn for so little time, maybe it should be more damaging to make it still dangerous out there?

    Bring back Arcane Dragons! (Beta screenshot.)

    Bring back the Arcane dragons! (Beta screenshot.)

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