Is Arcane Enchanted Bugged?

Is Arcane Enchanted Bugged?

Is DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted bugged? Or broken? Or in need of change? How does the damage from the rotating Arcane Sentries work? How should it work? My experience is that the damage is the same no matter which part of the rotating needle is touching your character. Of course the tip is moving much faster than the center, relatively speaking, so the exposure tends to be quicker if you’re further out. That’s kind of the whole point of the Elite ability, after all. To add some variety and denial of area and force players to reposition, etc.

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
That said, I think that if you moved along with the needle as it rotated, you’d take the same damage over time at the tip as you would standing right in the center, so you were the axis of rotation. Is that how it works? Is that how it should work? Maybe the middle should do more damage, like it’s a more intense Arcanization?

A guy on the Bnet forums thinks that, and furthermore, he thinks that’s how Arcane Sentries used to be, and that they’ve changed recently. One of those “stealth nerfs/buffs” Blizzard is constantly sneaking in, perhaps?

I’m 100% confident that arcane sentries are bugged. The entire length of the sentry is dealing damage like it’s the core. That is to say that stepping through the beam is like stepping onto the core of the sentry.


Well, yeah. That’s how they work. In addition, there are three ticks of damage as they pass by you. At the core, these tick fields are so close together, that they seem continuous. But if you stand right at the end of the arc, you will see three individual ticks of damage, and they hurt just as much at the end of the beam as they do at the core.

Nevermind that running into an arcane enchanted pack means that no less than 10 sentries are instantly on the map, rotating, offering melee classes nowhere to go if they want to keep fighting. Multiply problem by 1000 when in a corridor.

I distinctly remember these dealing much less damage for hitting the beam over hitting the core.
Tsarnis: I am going to go ahead and lock this thread now. Arcane Sentry beams are currently behaving as expected, and this thread is straying a bit too far down the road of off-topic and unhelpful.

The Blue didn’t answer the question, just replied to the generally whiny and insulting tone that every that thread had taken. So how about it? Does anyone feel that Arcane do more damage with the same amount of exposure at the middle than at the tip? And question #2… should they?

If anything, you could argue that the center should do *less* damage than the tip. Make positioning more interesting that way, in an “Eye of the Hurricane” sort of way, and since at the tip you’re in the burn for so little time, maybe it should be more damaging to make it still dangerous out there?

Bring back Arcane Dragons! (Beta screenshot.)
Bring back the Arcane dragons! (Beta screenshot.)
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15 thoughts on “Is Arcane Enchanted Bugged?

  1. Don't know. My monk melee guys all have a Countess Julia. But, Diablo 3 can be quite brutal to melee characters.

  2. The only thing I've really noticed being an issue is when you get knocked back right on top of a "center" of a beam. That tends to be insta-death unless there's an escape skill up and active.

  3. Well to me, the tip is narrower than the ball, so seems to hurt less than the beam and the ball itself. But I agree with Marty, the problem with melee chars like mine is that they have nowhere to go, wizards can simply withstand it with all their passive buffs shield and armour but class racial aside, definitely the arcane damage needs to be toned down.

  4. Dear D3 Community,

    Things in the game are going to try and kill you. Quickly. Harshly.

    Grow up.


  5. Dear Randsicle,

    Things in the game have unavoidable, undodgable, unstoppable, too frequently spammed gimmicky mechanics that kill you too quickly, too harshly.

    Learn manners.


  6. I'd like to see a few quality of life changes to arcane.
    1. Prevent the center of the sentry from spawning directly on top of the character, or give it a few second delay before damage occurs (with some sort of highly visible indicator.) Many builds require standing still for a moment to attack, and it is never fun to suddenly have one or more arcane sentries spawn directly underfoot causing unavoidable instant damage.

    2. Limit the max number of arcane sentries that can spawn in an area. There are limits on how many each enemy can spawn, but when you run into a large group with the ability, the entire area can become covered in sentries making combat nearly impossible. Especially in narrow areas.

    3. Make walls block arcane damage. If waller's can block most player abilities, it is only fair that they block some enemy attacks as well. Carefully moving around arcane sentries only to get trapped by a wall and zapped is not fun.

    In exchange maybe buff the sentries' damage, or give the enemy with the ability a bit of arcane resistance.

  7. Do you think blizzard will tell you their game is bugged? after so many ninja buff and nerf?

  8. I think they should look into fire chains which whops the ass of my WD in 2 hits (75% Armor and ~82% All Res) with 400k life on T3. No other elite effects drains me as quick. Even on lower difficulties I barely see my life globe flip getting hit but fire chains is brutal. Just get vortex'd right in the middle of any pack that has fire chains and it's instant death for me. The other one is the electrical bolts one if you are very close because you get hit by multiple bolts quickly, but that is not much of an issue except for melee.

    I wish FC would be like other affixes where it starts slowly hitting you and grows if you stay there and don't move.

  9. I agree completely. They just make it stupid. Frozen and jailer shouldn't deal damage AND lock you into place for free damage from other sources. Our abilities have diminishing returns, but the enemies do not. Our abilities are stopped by waller, but the enemy's are not. I am about challenging, but the elite abilities in this game are just monotonous and silly, and the CC's are gimmicky with no resistance or prevention involved. You can't dodge it, you can't stop it. You just have to live through it, and that's not "fun."

  10. As a DH who doesn't like movement, sometimes I just wait to use smoke screen when the beam passes me and I can keep on attacking my target. However the beam seems to hit me before it even gets to me and I die. Not sure if its a result of poor connection, but its common for me.

  11. Umm, there is a flash of light before an arcane sentry grows and starts doing damage. It is actually a mod that is avoidable (unlike frozen/thunderstorm/jailer)

    However, your "walls block arcane" idea is genious. Frozen should be blocked too, frozen pulse, lightning enchanted, orbiters, waller, etc. This would be a cool change, and really make you want to get out of the walled area when you do get one of them in there with you.

  12. This guy used to play hardcore and now he isn't playing hardcore anymore. That's why they're acting differently, and he doesn't realize it.

    The beam part hurts less than the 'flare' at the center, in hardcore. In softcore, the beam part hurts a lot more.

    A lot of elite affixes are a joke when compared to how much damage they do in softcore.

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