Lots of gaming sites are posting round ups of the best and worst of this year’s April Fool’s offerings. Blizzard’s numerous pranks figure prominently in all of them, but plenty of other gaming companies put out some funny stuff of their own. Here are some useful links, with the Blizzard stuff and our own Bliz-themed joke on top.

    • Blizzcon 2010 has already sold out. Our own hastily-conceived joke, the concept of which was perhaps… too believable?
    • Deckard Cain GPS voice pack.
    • D3 xtreme gamer blanket and body pillow.
    • Blizzcon match-making service, new Bliz mobile games, and WoW armory and epeen jokes.
    • Battle.net neural interface.
    • The Independent offers extensive coverage of lots of great pranks, including some from Asia and Europe I hadn’t seen mentioned elsewhere.
    • GamePro wraps up the good and bad jokes, with props for movie jokes including 8-bit Bayonetta, Tapir Wars 3, and Civ 5’s extreme diplomacy mode.
    • Games.on.net’s April Fool’s coverage came in two parts, neither of which especially stood out.
    • It’s mentioned in some of the other round-ups, but ThinkGeek’s Icade: iPad Arcade Cabinet is far and away the coolest use I’ve seen for Apple’s newest shiny. (So naturally, it’s fictional.) Though their Tauntaun sleeping bag from last year still reigns supreme.

    And if you’ve not seen it yet, do check out the awesome Halo Bollywood movie trailer. Nice to see them pressing on, even after the Peter Jackson project fell apart.


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