diablo 3 April foolsIt’s 1 April which means it’s time for some fun and japes. As of writing Blizzard in the US/EU has failed to post any Diablo 3 related April Fools which is disappointing but the Korean site announced Diablo 3 class specific meals.

    There’s been a lot of April Fools’ Day gaming joked and a full list of everything found so far is up on PC Invasion. It’s worth a look as there are some pretty funny ones. Watch out for the Black Desert “Butt pose” which is a direct pop at Blizzard’s recent Overwatch pose removal decision, The Witcher 3 DLC, the Razer toaster, Hearthstone MMO and many more.


    A little later than we expected but Blizzard has now posted their Diablo 3 April Fools on the NA site which is a list of new Diablo related products such as Hammer Pjammers, Portal to the Cow Level pillows, Henri’s Perquisition Cat Harness, Angry Chicken Knitted Doll,  and The Cookbook of Tyrael: Expert Meals for the Novice Eater

    Some of these would probably sell! Check all that out here.

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