“Appear Offline” Option Coming Soon to Battle.net

In the spirit of common sense Blizzard are to finally introduce an ‘Appear Offline’ mode.

In the coming months, we’re planning an update to Battle.net that will give you more control over your online presence when playing Blizzard games. Soon, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III players will be able to select “Appear Offline” as one of their Battle.net social-status options (along with Available, Busy, and Away) for those times when they want to wander Azeroth by their lonesome, dominate the galaxy in radio silence, or slay demons in solitude. When you choose this option as your status, all of your Real ID friends, BattleTag friends, and character-level friends will see you as “Offline” in their friends list whenever you’re logged into a game.

The “Appear Offline” status option will be added to World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III separately in future updates for each game. For Diablo III, we expect to add the feature in a patch after 1.0.5. For World of Warcraft and StarCraft II, we expect to add the option sometime after the release of each game’s upcoming expansion.

Thanks for your continued feedback, and we’ll share more information on the availability of this new feature in the months ahead.

Unfortunately, it’s rather a half measure as if you set yourself to ‘Offline’ you will appear so to all friends, you can not select which ones see you as such (if you were trying to hide from certain folk, not that any of you lovely people would do such a thing).

Thanks to Muriel for the heads up.

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    15 thoughts on ““Appear Offline” Option Coming Soon to Battle.net

    1. To be fair though, I don’t think any game has allowed you to appear Online to some and Offline to others, but I could be wrong (if I am, someone please correct me.)

      The good news is that we should have it pretty soon. I’m curious to see what happens if someone tries to PM someone who Appears Offline: will it prevent the message from being sent? Or will it go through, basically telling that person that the recipient is in-fact online?

      • Whoops, forgot to add:

        Or, if while you Appear Offline, will you havs to PM someone before they can PM you (as in, they can’t initate a conversation, but they can reply)? I actually hope something like this ISN’T the case, because then two people who are both set to Appear Offline can’t message each other at all.

    2. What does Appear offline actually do?Is it like playing the game single player without an internet connection so that you can tell if its lag your experiencing from your internet connection or is is the lag from your crappy video card(mine:()?

      • It’s just an addition to the friends list. So if you want to hide from your friends you can select “Appear offline” and your friends will see you as offline on their friends lists. 😉

    3. Well, since BL2 and now TL2 are out, I’ll be appearing offline to everyone for the foreseeable future. Added the feature myself!

      • I should have done that. I could imagine some of you lot chocking on your coffees and then the realisation that it was just a cruel headline :p

    4. “On November 15, Blizzard, a gaming company based in California, sent all players of the popular game Diablo 3 players one million dollars in actual gold. Player response was overwhelmingly negative. ‘Where the hell am I going to put all these bars? And they’re so damn heavy!’ exclaimed one exasperated gamer.”

    5. What about an “appear online” option that makes people think you’re playing when you’re really offline? ….


    6. Blizzard is making an illusion that makes people think they are playing offline single player but they aren’t. You still need an internet connection to play the game.

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