You guys may be sick of this subject by now (I’m getting there) but Blizzard’s unofficial community female monk nontest has entered the final round, with the 5 most popular choices out of the initial 38 submissions in the running for a final champion. Who will win… nothing. Well, adulation, and who knows, maybe Bashiok will pony up a DiabloWikiDiablo pin or something for a prize, but nothing’s been promised.

    The vote is here, and below you can see thumbs for the five options from our gallery, 1-5 = left to right, since blind clicking image links is teh suxor. (And clicking tiny thumbnails rules. It rules!) You’ve got another week before the voting deadline, if you desire to partake in this online pseudo-democracy.


    Slightly OT, but the selection process for Blizzard’s final five is a bit suspect; there were only 29 votes with 38 options, and who knows how many of those voters clicked through all 38 image links? Only 5 images received more than one vote, so any artist who had a Battle.net forum account and 1 friend could put themselves into the finals.

    If you’re wondering, our top 9 semi-finals concept art thread is here, and the top three in that came in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in our main page four-way vote against the official FeMonk concept art. The 2nd and 3rd place options in that poll are amongst the final five in Blizzard’s vote, and 4 of their 5 finalists made our 9-way semi-finals, so there seems to be pretty good agreement across the board on which were the “best” pieces of community femonk artwork. (All of which can be seen in our fan art gallery.)

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