The guys over at German D3 fansite Diablo3.ingame.de have posted an image they got from one of their forum users, showing another supposed Diablo 3 release date: June 28, 2012, this time.  Here’s Google’s English translation of the post.

    I’m giving this one no credence. It would be a beautiful April 1st news item, with a photoshopped image, a fake Battle.net URL (that’s now conveniently gone dead), and all the mystery and excitement of, “Maybe Bliz let something slip!!?” But on September 14th? Not so much.

    You can see lots of other screenshots of *fake* release dates in our image gallery, or on the DiabloWikirelease date wiki article. Thanks to Popez for the tip. Amusingly, this date is almost exactly the one I have staked out, in our Guess the Release Date forum thread.

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