Another Diablo Virgin Reacts to the Beta

We’ve seen several beta articles by gaming writers who had never played any past Diablo games… and here’s another one. This guy is not only new to Diablo, he’s practically an isometric ARPG virgin, with only some light experimentation with Darkspore in his resume. So what does he think of the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 beta? He appears to like it on the whole, but has a lot of specific complaints.

He doesn’t care about the lore and thinks the story and dialogue is corny, he’s not much of a fan of the interface, and he was bored by the simple melee smashing play style of the Barbarian. On the other hand he’s a big fan of the Witch Doctor and Wizard, and he likes a lot of the small touches. Here’s a quote; the whole piece is short and to the point, so check it out if you’ve got a minute.

The interface, I’m told, has been simplified. Although I don’t have past series entries to compare it to, there are few complaints from me on this front. Dumping equipment in the field in favour of new equipment can be a frustrating affair, but getting to grips with what I’m carrying and which skills I can equip – not to mention how they all work – is simple enough. And of course, the central gameplay conceit – click on everything until you win – is a breeze to pick up. But even in the scant few hours of gameplay offered up by the beta, it’s clear that Diablo’s clicks offer up a bit more than those of the comparable games I’m experienced with.

The sense of your avatar’s progress is constant, as they go from listlessly hacking away at enemies to bringing the pain from all angles, hacking into zombies with enormous new weapons, within an hour or so. The overworld is a nice change from the static division of levels I’ve encountered in other games, and the way environments change – buildings crumble, boxes explode, chandeliers drop on enemies – is a nice touch. The co-op is really nicely integrated as well, but as is often the case with games like this you’ll need to be fairly evenly matched with your teammates for it to be worthwhile.

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  1. “was bored by the simple melee smashing play style of the Barbarian”

    I haven’t played the beta, but I felt the same for the barb/pali in D2
    the early stages were just too boring for me to continue 
    but I had no problem building a javelin amazon; enjoyed it all the way from level 1 on, 
    but yeah, I guess my play style is the same as the reviewer’s: necrommoner and sorc are my favorites

    • I quickly got bored with the barb in D2 as well, but to me the class seems much more exciting in the early levels of D3.

    • That was kind of how I reacted to the d3 barb as well. Only char in the beta that felt like grinding, as I was playing just to get him to clvl 11 so I could test out frenzy.  But there’s a lot more to the char, strategically, even in the early going. The easy beta conspires against him, since he’s got these cool debuffs and varied attacks, and then you never have any cause to use them. I think he’ll be a lot more fun than d2 barb by clvl 15 or so.

      • The major difference between the D3 barb and the D2 barb/paladin is the fact you have the ability to hit multiple enemies (cleave skill) early on.  One of the major early game issues with D2 was that you were forced to hack away 1 enemy at a time if you planned on using the WW build (95% of the barbs in D2).  This time around with D3, you feel somewhat on par with the killing speed of the early game casters.  I’ve played the D3 beta, I know from experience.  It’s a lot of fun!

  2. Gives me a facial twitch that people that have never played a Diablo game in their life are getting beta access.  Get to the back of the bus where you belong!

  3. i love melee characters. It is where the genre “hack and slash” came from, for me anyways. I can never play a caster, suck at it, unless it has some EOA that doesnt require much control, like frozen orb.

  4. I just freaking love the title of this post. Made me smile so much! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. I dunno. On one hand, I have nothing wrong with a complete newbie reviewing a game like this, their opinion is valid, on the other hand, what kind of game critic are you if you’ve never played one of the most important games to be released in the last decade? I mean, when your job is to review and compare games of all types, how do you not get around to playing this one? It boggles my mind really, but then again, like I said, a fresh perspective is always nice and… valid. It’s just…urghh…

    • I have the same immediate reaction of wondering how someone writing about video games has never played d2. Then again, it was released a damn long time ago and it’s PC only. Lots of gamers came up in the last 10 years only playing console, and now maybe they’re in their 20s and have a decent computer but still do most of their gaming with a couch and a TV. Who amongst that group is going to go play a 10 year old PC game?

      • It’s not as if we’re talking about a hard to find obscure game of the 80s. Can’t he find the time to play a few hours of the biggest game in the genre-that also happens to be the prequel to the game he’s reviewing- before he writes up a review?
        It’s like he wants to do a class assignment without reading the textbook. Saying you didn’t read the textbook doesn’t mean you get a better grade. What happened to doing some actual work?

  6. Quick! Hurry!
    Someone tell him Torchlight l ain’t got shit on the diablo series… 🙄

  7. o.o how does a noob like this who doesn’t appreciate the lore of diablo get  a key and i don’t >< RAWR. o well back to diablo 2 😛 ahhh its opening cutscene still tingles my spine 😉

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