Another Diablo 3 Console Job Opening

Blizzard has posted another job opening on their Diablo console team, this one for a Senior Software Engineer who can specialize in console networking. Here’s the full listing:

Senior Software Engineer Console Network

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an enthusiastic software engineer to be a key contributor on the Diablo team. This position is responsible for ensuring the best implementation of sophisticated networking systems on consoles.

– Design, implement, and maintain networking related game systems for the console game.
– Identify previously unknown issues and offer solutions.

– A minimum of 3 years game coding experience
– A minimum of 1 shipped multi-platform AAA title (Xbox 360 and PS3) as a network engineer
– Familiar with implementing client / server architecture
– In-depth knowledge of PSN and Xbox Live
– Networking experience in TCP and UDP protocols
– Fluent in C / C++
– Able to work in a collaborative team environment
– Passion for playing console games

– Experience with bandwidth optimization
– Computer science, EE, Mathematics, Physics, or a related degree
– Familiar with Diablo and other Blizzard Entertainment products
– Prior development work on client / server game systems

I wasn’t even going to post this, as I didn’t think it was newsworthy. However, while searching for Diablo 3 google news today, I saw at least a dozen general gaming sites covering this job posting as though it was some kind of secret revelation. If, like those other sites, you’re new to the party, here’s a very quick summary.

Blizzard has repeatedly confirmed that they have a small (but growing) team that’s hard at work on a Diablo console project. They refuse to call it a Diablo 3 console “port” since they say they want the console game to feel totally authentic to the home system, and not like a PC game that’s been watered down to be playable with much less RAM and non-mouse/keyboard controls. They have not yet given any details about changes for the console, their ETA for the project, etc.

If you want more of the very limited, non-specific details they’ve thus far released, check out some of the numerous Blizzcon 2011 interviews with Josh Mosqueira, the head of the Diablo console dev team. He repeats the same answers every time, but as the interviews took place on both days of Blizzcon, sometimes he’s wearing a different shirt.

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14 thoughts on “Another Diablo 3 Console Job Opening

    • I think it was the other way around, they only wanted to do it on the X360 because the PS3 is a totally foreign architecture to them.

      • I think he was right.  They initially were going PS3 only because of the conditions Microsoft places on XBL would have been to restrictive for them to successfully integrate the console version with  Sony didn’t have those types of restrictions for their PSN.  It seems now they came to some agreement or found a solution to be able to bring it to 360 owners now too.
        I think it’s also a very strange timing at this point since rumors of the next generation of consoles are building and at this rate Blizzard will be left with a half developed game for the PS3 and Xbox360 when the PS4 and Xbox720 are debuting.  Sounds very similar to the development of SC:Ghost.

        • As far as I know, there allways been something like … how do you call it … “possibility to play games from previous consols, on newer ones”. I mean, on PS3 you could play games from PS2. And as we know, blizzards allways goes for accessibility so release game on actual consols when new ones are on the way – is good plan.

        • Which would be ironic, because a big part of why the original “Diablo” was a smash hit was because they had the computer gaming space on windows-95 almost totally to themselves.  It was one of the first big games that came on a single disc, and didn’t need DOS prompts to start.
          Maybe that isn’t an accident – the kind of management capable of getting a game done start-to-finish in a couple of years and actually hitting a release window left there a long time ago, along with the kind of devs that can do something besides iterate on IP over a decade old.

          • Most games are iterations on old IPs.  I think there is a gaping hole in the ARPGs genre that is not nearly as saturated as FPS and RTS.

          • ‘the kind of management capable of getting a game done start-to-finish in a couple of years and actually hitting a release window left there a long time ago’
            Some times before SC1 actually… Operation CWAL and all that.

  1. I don’t care about the console version, unfortunately I think D3 being multi-platform has had a big impact on the PC version of the game.

    • Could you possibly provide an objective and debatable argument as to why, in your opinion, that is the case. Aside from the usual half baked conspiracy theories and wild accusations. (corporation wants to make money? Say whaaat? Impossible. We all know game development runs on elf labor so it doesn?t require money).

      • No he can’t, that’s pretty much the whole point of a conspiracy theory. If you had reasonable evidence, you could make a coherent argument and thus your point would, by definition, not be a conspiracy theory anymore.
        You know, ever since someone who I thought I knew told me about chem trails and hidden clues in hollywood movies, I’ve taken a very relaxed stance on that part of the internet community. It’s not actually their fault, it’s a psychological condition that can have severe social consequences and the best thing you can do is being kind and understanding… and carefully leaving the conversation.

      • Simple: They are devoting resources to the console portion of the game, which takes away from the resources dedicated to the PC version of the game. This causes the PC version of the game to be developed not as quickly as it could have been.

        Have you ever worked in a software company before?

    • PS3 > PC Gaming. And I’m not even a console fanboy (had both consoles and PCs since Windows 95 and Famicon [NES]).
      totally looking forward to PSDiablo3

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