Another Blizzcon Dev Interview

GamerZines has posted part one (of three) of the transcript of their Blizzcon interview with Art Director DiabloWikiChristian Lichtner and Lead Technical Artist DiabloWikiJulian Love. They promise part 2 tomorrow, part 3 Wednesday, and then audio of the whole 15 minute session on Thursday. Here’s a quote from today’s installment.

GZ: Did you start out looking at Diablo II again and use that as a starting point for the look of III, or did you feel that you were creating a new game from scratch, perhaps what Diablo II might have been like had it been designed today?

CL: I think we definitely looked at Diablo 1 and 2, we looked at all the things we liked about it and what brought fans back to the franchise and all the Diablo games, to us that’s a huge thing. It becomes a give and take between a lot of different things to make sure we get the feel and the look, but at the same time support the gameplay we want to have.

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1 thought on “Another Blizzcon Dev Interview

  1. well if you follow up on the dnd references and they have already stated they where making the wizard based off of dnd a lot more.  arcane spellcaster’s delve into the energy of the universe and not just the world. like take he gate spells from dnd and the wish spell as well. so the resouce they take from arent just fromt he mind and body what happens is that they cahnnel the universes energy through their own minds and bodies.

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