Another amazing and detailed clay Horadric Cube. This time with runes carved into semi-precious stones all made by a german fan named; das ZnY.

    Seems this person does LARPing as well so this piece would fit well for a larp of Deckard Cain. The page is in german, but here is the google translation of it.

    Click through to see more images and some more info on this really cool piece.

    Thanks to fmulder again for this amazing find.



    How the cube was made

    (Google translation); das ZnY: Horadric Cube with this…

    …you’ve found a real treasure. And now to the touch in real, the runes have been modified with NEM diamond engraver. In the semi-precious stones engraved gold lacquer then came in the form to see better.

    Some of the precious stones were very hard and really hard to work, therefore, differs from the form of runes very often far from original. But nevertheless I have a lot of fun playing dice when introduced and will probably run on ahead Ferihegy.

    In this sense, “Come, let us act!”


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