Anniversary Legendary Item Drop Buff to be Permanent

Anniversary Legendary Item Drop Buff to be Permanent

Limited time only!
Limited time only!
Recently you’ve been voting on what you would like to happen to the Anniversary Buff that increases legendary drop rate by 100%. 71% of you said you wanted it to remain permanently, well Travis Day has this response.

I come bearing exciting news. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Anniversary buff we have decided to keep the increased Legendary drop rate once the Anniversary celebration ends. Once the buff is disabled tomorrow morning, you will find that the new base line drop rates for Legendary items will be the same as those you have all enjoyed for the last week.

Make it so.

Update: Lylirra clarifies which bonuses are going permanent:

What about rift keystones?
Lylirra: The double Rift Fragments buff will end at 5:00 a.m. PT tomorrow in the Americas. Perhaps it’s a buff we’ll bring back later, though! #ItCouldHappen

I would like to know though if Kadala is being affected by this.
Lylirra: It will not. It also won’t affect Act-specific Legendary items from Horadric Caches.

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    40 thoughts on “Anniversary Legendary Item Drop Buff to be Permanent

      • I hear if you have an entire stash of Ivory Towers, you warp to the secret cow level! Get farming people! … just having some fun…

    1. I must say, it’s a pleasant, even if most of it is brimstone, to sometimes get 4-5 legendary drops in a single rift.

      Let’s hope that they will add plenty of items in the 2.1 updates to stave off “I FINISHED DIABLO 3 BLIZZARD THIS IS BULLSHIT” complaints.

    2. Diablo is a game you should be able to finish. It should not take 300 hours to complete a good character. A good build could be done quickly with an efficient character and a bit of lucky drops.

    3. Now if they could only invest time to add unique affixes to the glorified rare legendaries, balance elemental types on items and buff/replace poor skills/passives and fix dex as an attribute, I’ll be most happy!

      Game is already good but with above it would be golden to me

      Maybe they start listening!

    4. Amazing news. I probably just saved a bunch of money on the upcoming Steam summer sale because of this. And back to farming, after I make a thank you post on the blizz forums.


    5. Question though. If the buff is disabled but remains… what? What is getting disabled if the double legs remain?

    6. Call me a party pooper but I seriously don’t think this is a good idea.
      The reason I don’t think so is that D3 is a loot game, you are motivated to play to find good gear and eventually end up with BiS items. If it will now only take 2 or 3 weeks to get a toon up to t6 then what ?.
      I can see people playing like hell for the next month or so then saying ok now what ? I’m bored.

      • 2-3 weeks? You must be playing all day long or something? I’ve clocked about ~150h on my Crusader since RoS and I cannot really effectively do T3 and only found my first 2 Akkhan pieces this last weekend. I am faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from T6 even with this buf. And then there are 5 more chars. The beauty of it is I’m still not bored with my Crus and have like 5 other builds I could explore. Dudes at plvl ~350 in my clan also have a while to go before T6-ready.

        I say there’s plenty of gameplay left in D3.

        • i mained a monk ever since the game was released and after ros hit the class became so shit compared to others that i ended up waiting for this buff in order to level a witch doctor and switch to it, in exactly 4 days i could farm Torment 5 really fucking easy (thanks to two unitys dropping) and would have been able to do T6 if i had an SoJ or the Tasker and teo gloves the difference is so much that i just wonder why i wasted so much time playing with the monk ( about 200 hours in RoS, ended up progressing more in those 4 days with the WD than with the monk in all those hours)

          • WD could kill Diablo with 30K dps and 50K health on Inferno when they put a cap on damage pets receive (and followers?), the class is not a good measure of what can typically be done with your gear.

            Also, the game is balance for damage AND survivability, SC player tend to overevalute their ability to handle higher difficulties (compared to Blizzard target numbers).

        • not everyone play this day and night and before the grinding to finding better loot was awful…so i think this is a goodidea i dont see how getting more items is bad.. those that u dont need i salvaged so i can have more brimstones when i want change legendaries.. u cant go wrong with this.

    7. I’ve really gotta say: props to Travis Day. No matter what you think of him, it’s undeniable that unlike Jay Wilson, he gets things done. I’m definitely really happy that this happened, since I didn’t get to play for the anniversary week, and I was disappointed that I was missing out. This will definitely help a lot. Fantastic job TD!

      • Me Too!

        I worked a sixteen hour day yesterday, and was bummed that the anniversary buff was ending. I always check Diablo.Incgamers before I head into a game, so this is a wonderful surprise tonight.

        I stated in the voting thread that I don’t think this will allow characters to max out in two weeks. I guess time will tell… but then there’s still ladders!

    8. Color me stunned.

      Kind of disappointed though, I guess. I don’t like to think the whiners won.

      Oh well, double of something small is still small.

      To the Rifts !

      • PS: all the angry posters filling 25 pages on the official forums BETTER go and thank them…

    9. Okay, D3 whiners got what they wanted, now they want best items to drop in 2-3 weeks. Then you have BEST items in game, what do you do next? endless rifts looting for WHAT? Crap, that’s what it is, then you demand even better items, loot them and demand MOAAAAR better items…

      D2 worked like a charm, u could never loot everything and thats the best part what created trading etc. Now you have bunch of Bind on Account items, that destroyed D3 totally.

      Blaming D2 system for duping and scamming, thats what D3 had when they had auction house and non BoA items. If you need any duped/hacked items, you should think about doing something else. And scammers has been around centuries and will be… Haters gonna hate – D2 for life

      • Oh please. In 2-3 weeks of even relatively extensive play time you won’t come close to a complete set of legs for a single class. And once you do you need to find them all about a dozen times to get ideal rolls on them. And then there are multiple builds you want to try because you got special legs that enable those builds. And then you have to swap out a bunch of your gear for each new build.

        And then there’s five other classes.

        Oh and try it in hardcore where if you die you have to go find all these legs all over again.

        I loved D2 but trading in it sucked and endlessly teleporting past all content and killing Mephisto thousands of times was horrible.

    10. MOAAAAR!

      Got to say, the game felt about right with the anniversary buff. You got at least one leg per rift, which felt about right. No complains from me.

    11. Great news! I’m with the people who say that you should be able to “finish” D3 in some way. Playing for 500 hours without being able to clear the highest difficulty isn’t fun to me. For long time motivation, there’s hardcore and especially the ladder.

    12. Oh wow! D3 must be really carefully tuned if flat out doubling the central reward factor across all levels, acts, modes, classes and monsters is a matter of ‘give or take’. -_-

    13. Worst idea ever … I had so high hopes for RoS but the recent patches made the game easier and easier instead of challenging. And now this?

      RIP RoS

      • Challenging? You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

    14. There’s good and then there’s perfect. I think this change will make it a lot easier for people to have good items and get to ~T4, but it will still be difficult to get perfect items and do T6.

    15. QUOTE

      Oh please. In 2-3 weeks of even relatively extensive play time you won't come close to a complete set of legs for a single class. And once you do you need to find them all about a dozen times to get ideal rolls on them. And then there are multiple builds you want to try because you got special legs that enable those builds. And then you have to swap out a bunch of your gear for each new build.

      During the anniversary buff I collected all the pieces for a full t6 capable wd in 3 days, passed on another 5 of the 6 jade pieces in the next two days to my buddy and regeared my arcane mage from zero to a fire build that can handle t5 conveniently without unity exploit.

      That is considerably less than “2-3 weeks of even relatively extensive play” and there are far better players than me using far more efficient methods. At this point I wish they would add a separate “turbo” mode for people that want to “finish” the game in a week (whatever that means) or have very limited play time instead of ****ing the entire game up for everybody.

      • You’re like basically the only person i’ve ever heard to say Diablo has too much loot. You’re so lucky its nasty and what’s more you have the balls to argue about it. Shut the hell up and enjoy your loot. Some of us have been playing for months and not getting anything. Prick.

      • “….instead of ****ing the entire game up for everybody”

        By “everybody” I assume you mean the 0.1% of players who have gear good enough for T5/6?

      • And how much were you playing over those three days? Did you pause to eat and take a sh**? Normal people, with normal lives do not play like that – I work an average work day and come home, play a couple of hours max with my wife and then go do other stuff, like hang with friends, watch TV or play sports in the local league. Contrary to popular belief by the hardcore players, the game is meant to be accessible to everyone, not just T6 l33t farming machines.

        • The set items are extremely easy to acquire now. Just play in a group with 3 other of the same class on some semblance of a decent difficulty and you’ll have your full sets in far less than 2-3 weeks (especially with Kadala to fill in the gaps.)

          The 1% items like StarMetal or Wand of Woh. Those will still be hard to come by.

    16. Is someone here also stacking mf a bit? I ask, because the rate of legendary drops increased noticeably for me, compared to the anniversary buff week. Thus I’m wondering, if the buff was just adding to the mf accumulated, whereas now mf works atop of the enhanced base chance. As it’s just one afternoon playing and I could just have gotten into a streak, it’s not enough to be conclusive, though. Thus I’m asking you for your experiences there to complement mine.

      • mf only adds a small amount to actually finding legendary or set items, its pointless to me stacking mf…. with theincreased drop u find tons still like me i have like only 11%mf and i play mostly torment 4 o5 and the loot has been great on the weekend before i thought the buff would end so i played alot and got tons of item upgrades for my barb…

        • That mf has lower effectivity on legdrops is known to me. Nonetheless I like the stat, having 117% accumulated at the moment. The point is that, compared to the last week, nearly double the ammount of legs are dropping during roughly the same timespan today. (Playing T2 at the moment, although I could probably go higher.)

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