Limited time only!

    Limited time only!

    Recently you’ve been voting on what you would like to happen to the Anniversary Buff that increases legendary drop rate by 100%. 71% of you said you wanted it to remain permanently, well Travis Day has this response.

    I come bearing exciting news. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Anniversary buff we have decided to keep the increased Legendary drop rate once the Anniversary celebration ends. Once the buff is disabled tomorrow morning, you will find that the new base line drop rates for Legendary items will be the same as those you have all enjoyed for the last week.

    Make it so.

    Update: Lylirra clarifies which bonuses are going permanent:

    What about rift keystones?
    Lylirra: The double Rift Fragments buff will end at 5:00 a.m. PT tomorrow in the Americas. Perhaps it’s a buff we’ll bring back later, though! #ItCouldHappen

    I would like to know though if Kadala is being affected by this.
    Lylirra: It will not. It also won’t affect Act-specific Legendary items from Horadric Caches.

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