Anniversary Buff: D2’s Secret Cow Level Returns!

Anniversary Buff: D2’s Secret Cow Level Returns!

A cool Third Anniversary buff is now live on the realms, where players can find a special golden cow who runs around just like a Treasure Goblin. Kill him and he may open a red portal which grants access to a Diablo 2-style DiabloWikiSecret Cow Level, just packed with halberd-wielding Infernal Bovines. There’s even a Unique level boss, appropriately named the Cow Queen. (Diablo 2’s was the Cow King.)

It’s udderly amazing, and live in the game right now until May 21st, in celebration of Diablo 3’s third anniversary. Here’s a video showing the area posted by streamer Natsuma Z. Anniversary Buff: D2’s Secret Cow Level Returns!

Some screens from the spectacular.

Update: Blizzard’s has posted a very tongue in cheek article denying the existence of the cow level, plus a secret hidden video. Click through for those.

Debunking the Cowspiracy

Citizens of Sanctuary,

We’ve recently herd rumors of an invasion. Not one of a demonic nature, mind you, for those we are quite accustomed to. No, these rumors allege that townships throughout Khanduras are being overrun by bipedal, bardiche-bearing bovine who are luring weary adventurers to the proverbial slaughter through moosterious orange portals.

Many of you have expressed fear. Some have asked if you should moov your families. To this we say: Hold fast. There is no cause for alarm. We’ve seen the so-called “evidence” being pastured around local inns and, after thoroughly investigating all reported sightings, can cowfindently state that this is nothing more than a clever hoax.

The "imaginative" artist rendition of the threat.
The “imaginative” artist rendition of the threat.
The truth of the matter and what we actually found after proper inspection.
The truth of the matter and what we actually found after proper inspection.

There are no homicidal heifers. There is no invasion. And, more specifically, there is no cow level. Anyone who claims otherwise is full of bull and simply milking this terrible prank for all that it’s worth.

That said, while the idea of some sort of “cowpocalypse” (as one terrified farmer has taken to calling this) is udderly ridiculous, it is worth noting that one can never be too careful. And so, after consulting with our local Horadrim chapter, we have elected to issue an advisory.

Effective immediately, we encourage all residents of Sanctuary to steer clear of the wilds. From dawn on May 15 to dusk on May 21, it is also recommended that you avoid entering any strange portals that may or may not lead to alternate planes of existence. This activity cud be potentially hazardous to your health and, in the opinion of this humble civil servant, is a veally bad idea in general.

In the meantime, we urge you all to stay calm and remember that cows don’t kill people. Everything ELSE in Sanctuary kills people.

Thank you, – Management

Secret cow bounty?
Secret cow bounty?
It’s a better anniversary buff than just some +Gold Find, eh?

Note that a cow will rarely emerge from one of the spider cocoons in the Act One Queen’s Dessert bounty. This is just a visual Easter Egg and not connected to this Cow Level event.

Update #2: Easter Egg video about the Cow Level can be seen on the official Diablo 3 site by clicking the helm with the blue eyes on the top middle of the page. Here’s the video via our You Tube channel.

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22 thoughts on “Anniversary Buff: D2’s Secret Cow Level Returns!

  1. The (not) cow level has nice amount of chests (a reason to wear Harrington once again!) and thus is a decent place to loot legendaries and blue items. Then again… it doesn’t beat greater rifts.

  2. Nice. Does it only spawn in bounties/normal levels or also in rifts?

    A note about the video: that’s a godawful amount of dashing around. How is one supposed to play like that without projectile vomiting all over the place?

    • Apparently it’s just like The Vault, opened by a goblin impersonator cow, and thus only spawns in Adventure Mode, but never in Rifts.

      • but vault is only in Bounty mode …. so no more rift ??? this would sux tho because i love rift , well more then Bounty lol

        • ok just woke up didnt even read the end of your post flux nevermind mine …except that it sux 😛

      • Thanks, found one doing bounties in the Northern Highlands. There sure are a lot of shrines and chests in the cow level.

      • It can open in story mode if you’re going back through the story again as well. It can open anywhere except rifts pretty much.

  3. For hidden official video click blue helm on top

    direct link

    • Apparently it was only live on EU yesterday, and wasn’t findable on the US realm until after the maintenance early Friday morning.

  4. Great, another layer of random on top of random. This is probably same crap as getting Goblin Vault. The XP and Drop buff would be lot cooler.

  5. Blizzard just announced a 4-hour maintenance for today (Friday). Is there more coming for Diablo 3’s 3rd birthday? I’m looking forward to the weekend!


  6. I herewith proudly confirm that there is no cow level!

    All that i found were ruminating, cloven hooved, milk squirting, methane farting quadrupeds.

    Thanks Blizzard!

  7. 2 hours of searching for blue items….

    Far too rare for just the fun of killing cows. Would gladly take the bonus exp over this.

  8. I slaughtered all cows like lambs to the slaughter but I got no set or legendary items 🙁

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