A couple  days ago it was highlighted that there could be an exploit/bug in the Beta regarding skill animation cancelling which enabled chaining of skills by cancelling the first skill midway through. Blizzard has now confirmed that this is not a bug and is in fact intentional, but by no means final and we can expect to see changes as the beta progresses.

    It’s an intentional mechanic, not an exploit or bug. Our intent is simply to make combat feel good and responsive, but the implementation to hit that goal in the closed beta build is actually quite old. It’s likely you’ll see changes within some future beta push that reflect more what we’re testing now internally, but of course it’s possible that won’t be the final implementation either.

    bashiok is saying that they want people to be casting 2+ spells in the same timespan as 1.

    No, that’s not what I’m saying. That’s not the intent.

    I’m saying we’re looking for ways to make combat feel responsive and “good”. Those are both rather subjective things, and the early prototype to try to achieve those goals (which is what you can see in the beta) has already been replaced by something else.

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