@Diablo tweeted a thanks to finger-picking guitar sensation Andy Mckee for visiting their Irvine offices.

    We’d like to thank Andy McKee for stopping by Blizzard campus and sharing a good time with us! @TheRealMcKee http://on.fb.me/hwHiZ7—Diablo

    Diablo’s Facebook page added more info and a photo of the man at work:

    To give Andy McKee a break from plucking, slapping, and strumming his guitar with the best of them, we figured we’d invite him to Blizzard campus for a little Diablo III play session. Thanks for stopping by, Andy! (He chose the monk for those wondering.)

    I’d just taken that in when I saw a forum post by Mizantrop, which quoted Andy’s enthusiastic Diablo III review.

    So, to all of you Diablo fans, let me assure you that D3 kicks ass! I played the DiabloWikiMonk character and he was killer. They dropped me in at around level 9 and I had some cool skills and was able to level up twice. The skill set looked cool and offered a good chance for customization. Plus, there are DiabloWikiarmor dyes in D3 allowing for further customization. The gameplay was there and I was hooked! Can’t wait for the release!!!

    He got to play the Blizzcon 2010 demo, about which we’ve written extensively. If you want a reminder, visit my huge Monk PvM report, which discusses tactics and all of the skills Andy would have used while playing the character at Blizzard’s HQ. Lucky him. And you thought playing guitar was only useful for getting girls?

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