The popular Blizzard tag team of Wyatt Cheng and Andrew Chambers generated another interview, this one reported by MMORPG.com. For a change, this one one isn’t a transcript; it’s an article created from the interview, and thus it provides the same familiar replies in a slightly different format. A quote:

    Wyatt and Andrew talked about the Rune system and said this is really where the customization of the characters truly comes into the game. Runes allow players to tweak all kinds of abilities with different animations and customization. We laughed about the Witch Doctor rune that worked with chickens. This may seem like a comical answer to the rune system but the team is very serious about how players can use runes to really give their characters identity as well as some amazing boosts to abilities.

    When we talked about balancing Runes for PvP Wyatt again stated that PvE in Diablo 3 really is on the front burner. The game is designed as an action RPG at its core and that want to keep that focus. Even though Diablo PvP is important they do not design the game with PvP balance at the forefront, they leave that kind of thinking to the Starcraft team because of the game’s eSport presence. PvP is always considered for the game, make no mistake, but PvE dungeon romping is the heart of Diablo 3.

    Every Blizzcon 2011 attendee I’ve talked with said they absolutely loved the PvP demo, and that includes a number of people who had no interest in PvP in D3 prior to playing it. The exact same phenomena occurred at last year’s Blizzcon, in regards to the PvP demo, and thus I feel fairly confident in saying that the Arena in Diablo III is going to be much bigger and more popular than the devs seem to realize, and that all their protestations of “no esport” and “no tournaments” and “not designed for competitive dueling” are going to get tossed aside by sheer weight of player demands.

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