One of the many interesting notes in the new patch was this tidbit about Ancient quality Legendary Weapons.

    The minimum range that an affix can roll on an Ancient Item has been increased.

    Wat means dat? Best I can tell, it means that Ancient Weapons now have a higher roll for their minimum damage range, which makes it even more likely they’ll be big upgrades over all current non-legendary weapons. The odd thing is that change went retroactively, and re-rolled the damage value of every existing ancient weapon. And since players tended to save Ancient weapons that rolled very well on damage, most players found their weapons with considerably lower damage rolls, post-patch.

    My DH got on to find her xbow showing 2750 instead of 3050 for damage, which was puzzling. Happily, I’d previously enchanted the damage on that weapon (since the original roll was really poor) which meant I just had to enchant it back to a good value. It took about 20 tries, but I actually wound up with a slightly higher damage than it had pre-patch. Other players found the patch change a greater hardship, especially those with ancient weapons upon which they had enchanted something other than damage.

    I’ve just noticed that the dmg rolls of all ancient weapons that I found is not the same as it was but worst it is way lower than it was before the new PTR patch got live!

    …OK so what happened, to these weapons??

    My top roll Blade of Prophecy with 4432 dmg now is 4203 dmg, same thing happened to all other ancient weapons that I found, well my apologies but that doesn’t feel very “increased” to me…

    Chances are, they simply re-rolled the damage values on all Ancient weapons because of the stated increase to the minimum damage range. And because RNG is RNG, your weapons rolled lower values than before (except the Furnace)
    Tsarnis: This is correct.

    Due to this change you might have noticed that the damage range values on your Ancient Weapons were re-rolled. It wasn’t a “nerf” per se, but a necessary consequence of the changes we made to this attribute.

    Do keep in mind that this is the PTR, and that changes like this are perfectly normal, and should be expected as we are tuning certain values.

    Sucks to be them, but as the Blue says, it is the “PTR” and sudden and unexpected changes are what the T stands for.

    BTW, no blue replies yet regarding the nerf to the Conduit Pylon. I’m sure they’ll make some comment and hopefully buff the shrine a bit, since I think the nerf is way too powerful. I’ve talked to a few other testers and the general consensus is that this patch has ruined what was once the most fun shrine in the game.

    Click through for a bit more on the Conduit Pylon nerf issue:

    My initial Conduit Pylon comment from the patch notes post:

    I did a quick game and ran 5 Rifts on T6, and Conduit Shrines are way nerfed.

    They aren’t even good for clearing trash mobs, and while I didn’t get a Conduit near a Guardian, it won’t even kill a normal Elite now. It won’t even kill strong non-elites, and running through the dungeon with Conduit on I kept coming to a stop when I literally ran into monsters who I expected to fall over but who were not dead yet. It felt like a slightly buffed version of the Wreath of Lightning LGem, and I think it’s way too nerfed.

    The "good" old days, on GR41.

    The “good” old days, on GR41.

    The notes say Conduit scales from weapon damage, which I think is the problem. I’d guess it’s just raw weapon damage, not including +elemental and +skill damage, so a well-geared char will find Conduit really lacking. My DH has 2.1 APS with 1.2m dps, +70% fire damage, and +40% MS damage. Her Multishot crits with Bane of the Powerful proc on are 50-60m and much higher when I buff Familiar. She one-shots almost all trash mobs and kills Elites in 3-4 shots with a couple of sentries up.

    Compared to that focused damage, the Conduit just doing 400% base weapon damage (or whatever it is, but my crits were in the 12-15m range from Conduit, which was something like a third of my usual damage output and insufficient to feel fun or let me run through, leaving death behind.

    Possibly it’s not so lame in a Grift it if scales up with the level? If not, and it stays with the same weapon damage scaling in GRifts, people are going to be raging in the forums over this nerf, since Conduit seems be useless past GR30. Or even less. It was nearly useless just in T6, last night.

    I wasn’t opposed to the general idea of the Conduit Pylon nerf when it was announced last week, since insta-killing Guardians was clearly OP, especially at the highest levels. When players refer to the GR45+ Leaderboard as “the conduit board” it’s a sign that something is having an out-sized impact on the game. But this (first pass, I hope) change makes the shrine feel almost irrelevant. Playing in T6 last night, I started to basically ignore the Conduit, since even when it was active I had to keep shooting to kill at my accustomed pace.

    Admittedly, my PTR DH is vastly overgeared for T6, and a character not super-geared from the recent PTR Community Buff will still find the Conduit Shrine a nice buff. But it’s just so much less than it was, and not even good enough to vanish enemies in T6, that I think it needs improvement. Especially with the Conduit duration already nerfed to 15 seconds in Grifts. I vote for the damage to still be high enough to insta-kill non-Elites, to kill Elites after maybe 5-10s, and to do at least decent damage to a Guardian.

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