Ancient Items in Patch 2.1.2 = Pointless to Play Now?

A player expressed a common view and got a Blue reply. Will Ancient Items will replace all current gear? Ancient Items in Patch 2.1.2 = Pointless to Play Now?

Worth playing till 2.1.2?! Seems pointless for now…

Looking at those ancient items…it seems everything has to be re-farmed…why does blizzard want to take the easy way out?

Took months to get the gear and with a single patch…much of the effort seems pointless. =(
Nevalistis: The primary intent behind DiabloWikiAncient Items is to give the folks that have everything on their wish list more to search for in the item game. They’re not mandatory for playing the game, and while they’ll help you push a bit further in Greater Rifts as you acquire more of them, they shouldn’t feel like a necessity in other endgame activities.

New players and those returning at the start of Season 2 will also benefit from the new item tier. Finding an Ancient Item early on will feel great, even more so as a rare experience. You shouldn’t expect to fill out all your gear slots with gold borders right away, either. It’s a time investment that becomes easier as you attain higher difficulty levels and better gear, and further incentive to continue pushing your limits.

This might be an irrelevant complaint, since Patch 2.1.2 is imminent. The patch was content-complete before Xmas, was delayed for technical support reasons, and this week’s datamining shows that the patch files are on the servers now. When they’ll go live is unknown, but I’m actually surprised it didn’t go up during last night’s weekly maintenance. DiabloWikiSoon?

As for Ancient Items replacing everything… not so much. Potentially, sure, but realistically? No. Patch 2.1.2 is (as far as we can tell) identical to the patch currently on the PTR, and we’ve done a lot of play testing on it, and posted extensive info about Ancient Legendary Items. Check out our last big article for more than 100 screens of Ancient Items, and slot-by-slot analysis.

The take away? Ancient weapons are a huge upgrade and will feel almost mandatory, but ancient armor is only sometimes an upgrade, and ancient jewelry is mostly irrelevant.

Armor seems like it would be a big boost, with up to 250 more to vit/mainstat (the amount varies by item slot, but it’s always at least +100 potential), but the better your current gear, the less likely you’ll replace it with an ancient item of the same type. You’ll find Ancients fairly regularly if you’re able to do T6, but it’s really hard to get just the right combination of affixes on any armor piece, much less the occasional Ancient version. Even after playing up to Paragon 500+ a softcore Demon Hunter in Season Two on the PTR, I was only wearing 6 ancient legendaries, and that was with the +2000% legendary drop rate buff making them extremely easy to find.

Ancient Legendaries

Weapon upgrade!

Yes, Ancient armor and jewelry rolls with around 100-250 more to mainstat or vitality and +30 All Res, compared to current legs… but the bonuses to +skill damage and +elemental damage (and CC/CD/IAS/CDR) are no different than non-Ancient gear, and it’s really hard to get a piece of armor with the exact 4 (or 5) primary affixes you need. And a smart player is never going to give up say, +13% damage to their char’s main skill just to add +200 mainstat, or +23 All Res.

So no, in my semi-expert PTR-tester opinion, the prospect of upgrading to Ancient Items is no reason to put off playing now. In fact, playing now could be a good preparation, if you build up a bunch of crafting materials. Crafting and gambling can pop Ancients same as monster drops, and while you can’t save up 10,000 shards for massive gambling, you can do that with crafting. A crafted Ancient Weapon with a good roll will jump your damage up hugely (Normal to Ancient is around 2300 to 2800 for 1H, and 3000 to 4000 for 2H), so unless your build *requires* some specific legendary weapon, crafting an Ancient weapon will give you a huge DPS boost, making for faster farming as you try to find an Ancient weapon you really want.

Click through for some ancient items galleries, to whet your appetite.

My PTR DH’s gear, excerpted from the Ancient mega-article.

Collection of Ancient Weapons, all found on the PTR. Mostly bows/xbows, since most of the testing was with my DH. My PTR Monk has played a fair amount and is pretty strong; able to steamroll T6, but he’s still not found 2 Ancient Weapons, or one great Ancient Daibo to switch to. He’s still dual-wielding a 2750 1H ancient and a non-ancient 2450 DiabloWikiShard of Hate. Like I said, finding Ancient items to upgrade to, even in weapon slots, is pretty hard if you’ve got good rolls on your current gear.


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  1. I just hope they do not tweak Ancient Legendaries a bunch of times and make the changes non retroactive, requireing every good ancient to be found over again……

    That would just be cruel………..

  2. Are ancient items going to be seasonal only?

  3. Quote: "Ancient Items is to give the folks that have everything on their wish list…"

    I wanted some marauders to try out the companion build and had four pieces in three days. I wanted to try a whirlwind barb and had the full IK set in two days. After watching some youtube videos on WD builds, I had all the leg helms and four zunis after four days. Same with the wizard. I even salvaged a Focus and Restraint set because I've had them before and couldn't think of what to use them for.

    Everything I've ever wanted has been found within a week, if not days of looking for it. If I wanted a furnace, I'm sure I would have it soon.

    I assume it's like this for everyone, so who are they catering to here?

    • OK, show us your Furnace next week then

    • It's not like that for everyone. It's really not like that for everyone. Lucky.

    • Umm..

      It’s not like that for everyone, in fact I would guess it’s not like that for -most- people.

      I’ve been wanting a Ramaldani’s Gift since they came out, never seen one. I’ve wanted a legendary potion since ROS came out, never seen one. I’ve never gotten a thunderfury, there are some pieces of IK set that I’ve not seen, I’ve never gotten a furnace, I’ve never gotten Vile Ward, I’ve never gotten a level 70 SoJ, I’ve never gotten most things I would want. The builds I play tend to revolve around working with what I can find, not what I would like, because what I would like is irrelevant.

  4. I can only speak for DH, however…

    Attack speed will no longer be such a huge stat. This means perfect 10-7 weapons (10% dmg, 7% atk speed, prime stat, re-rollable dmg) are no longer required. Therefore building up a pile of crafting materials is a really good move as rolling good weapons will be easier.

    This is especially true because the age of heavy crossbows is about to return for the DH (as least as far as M6 goes), and the crafted cross is just as useful as any drop you can find.

    Hopefully Inc Clans will get some activity again (because they are so dead now I am considering leaving)…

    • Lots of people are waiting for S2 to begin so they can leap back in. Including me. I think Bliz really dropped the ball letting S1 linger on for so long. S2 should have begun in December, so people could have had some meaningful play time over the holiday break.

      Maybe they didn't want to start the next season until the content changes from v2.1.2 were live, and they couldn't get that done as quickly as needed? Dunno. Meh.

      • This…
        Laid down D3 a few months back since it wasn't doing anything for me anymore. The season should've been way shorter. Usually I'm not that much a critic of Blizzard, with them taking their time and all, to get it right. But it really seemed to me a little bit like slacking off with so little activity and status updates for quite a while before the PTR.

        Wasn't there also word before the season that they approximated a runtime of about 3 months? With the +3 weeks news of today it's gonna be almost 6 now.
        "Imminent" also seems a little bit off to me, Flux. Still 1 1/2 months to go! :/ Not really gonna enjoy the patch without the new season going off…

        TL;DR: I am disappoint.

        • Oh, wait… did I get it back around? So if Season 2 is gonna start the beginning of february, the patch is coming next week? Okay, that really is imminent. Kind of.
          As usual there's a lack of information on definitive launch dates and crypticness, if that's even a word. If not, it should be, for Blizzard's sake.

        • Post made the next day explains the timeline, with patch coming 3 weeks before S2. And how they don't want to put out a patch during a season. Which seems to explain the timing a bit, though we all wish the dates could have been moved up 6 weeks or so.

  5. I rerolled my stalgard lastnight 10% got so my dam rolled to 4047 damage, thats not too bad for being a regular legendary only 😀

  6. "they'll help you push a bit further in Greater Rifts"

    "shouldn’t feel like a necessity in other endgame activities"

    Such as? T6 is no longer the endgame, it's the farming difficulty. Greater Rifts are the endgame and as a result Ancient items will be a necessity eventually, since Greater Rifts scale infinitely. Essentially Ancient Items will be the Legendaries of 1.0, items that you absolutely need to progress in the endgame (Inferno in 1.0, GRs right now). I think it's a mistake to think that people won't realize this sooner or later. Introducing new item tiers won't help with the longevity of the game.

    • The irony is that almost everyone will see an immediate +3-5 in their best GR, due to the patch changes to density and rift layout. Boosts from Ancient items will come much more gradually, and be hard to separate from the general changes to Grifts.

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