A reader on the B.net EU forums made a nice suggestion that a CM forwarded to HQ, where it was met with enough approval that it may actually be implemented into the game. Here’s the evidence:

    Hey, I wanted to suggest the following:

    Problem I encounter: While I’m playing a ranged class I sometimes want to run into the middle of a pack of mobs so I can AOE once I’m at the center of the mob pack for the massacre exp bonus. However I find it sometimes difficult to actually get into the middle of the mob pack because its very hard to not click any monsters while you try to move into a dense pack.

    My suggestion is basically the same as the shift key: when you press shift, you attack no matter what/where you click. I think it would be a very nice addition to add a similar button for movement, while you keep this key pressed (ctrl for example) you can click anywhere you want (including if you click on a monster) you will not attack but only move.

    (holding down the left mouse button is not good eonugf.)
    Hey everyone. While I cannot promise that anything such as this will be implemented, I do agree that this is some very constructive feedback 🙂

    Keep up the helpful comments as they all contribute to making the game better! ^^

    …We just wanted to let you all know that this feedback that you have given on a dedicated click to move button is excellent, and we may implement this, the option for this would be unbound by default.

    Sadly, this option would not be ready for when the game is shipped. While it would not be ready for ship if we do end up implementing it, I hope that you are all glad to hear this news ^^

    This post was made in the EU Beta Feedback forum, so this guy has experience with D3; he’s not just hypothetical with the suggestion.

    I like the suggestion, and thought of something like it in D2 a few times. The problem is for ranged chars who had a casting/shooting skill on the left click, (Which could be just plain Attack with a bow equipped.) and then wanted to run. If you clicked a monster, instead of open space, you would stand still and shoot at the target, instead of running. This could be a deadly mistake on a really crowded screen, especially with fast-moving enemies, as you literally could not run away, since you’d just click an enemy no matter where you aimed.

    Like the OP says, this “always move” button would work much like the shift key does now. If you held it down your character would run to the clicked point, rather than standing still and shooting at a target there. This is an issue for Wizards in D3 also, since the default left click when you have a wand equipped is a ranged attack; the Throw Wand single shot projectile. (You can remap that key to plain attack, or some other skill, and I recommend doing so, since the single shot Throw Wand is weak sauce.)

    On a related targeting issue, let me describe an improvement in D3’s controls; something you can’t notice from watching videos.

    I’ve been playing D2C lately, largely for the sake of comparison to D3, and with a Bowazon I’ve noticed how much more awkward the targeting is in D2. In that game, you have to constantly reacquire a target, by right clicking. You can target an empty area and fire a ranged attack indefinitely in D2, but if you right click on an enemy, you will fire at them until they’re dead, and then you will stop firing. This is almost always annoying, as you’re pointing at just one monster out of a pack, and you want to keep shooting without pause. You might also want to stop firing at that monster in particular (such as when you’re using multishot against a mob) and to do so you’ve got to move the mouse way off to the edge of the screen to avoid clicking anything directly, so you can fire just in a specific direction.

    This problem is fixed in D3, and when you’re targeting with the right click and your target dies, you keep shooting. Plus, you aren’t locked into shooting at one particular monster — you can move the cursor around while the right click is depressed, and it will acquire new targets, or just shoot into space where you are aiming. As a result you can just do a single click and never slow your firing during an entire battle, while still being able to point specifically (or not) at individual targets.

    They’ve also relaxed the pin point accuracy required to point at some dungeon objects, seemingly after you’ve first pointed at them. So a dungeon entrance occupies the normal targeting space when you first see it, but once you move the cursor over it it seems like the click becomes a lot more forgiving and I never seem to miss the click even as I’m moving my cursor towards the object.

    For comparison, in D2 I often run towards a doorway or dungeon entrance, think I’ve clicked it, and expect to go down the stairs. It’s only after my character reaches the spot and stands there for a second that I realize it’s not loading lag, but that I missed the click by a pixel or two, and now I have to click it again. This is obviously a very small change, but it’s convenient and helps keep the flow of movement unbroken. Playing the D3 Beta I have once or twice clicked near a doorway and gone through it by accident, but it’s a useful change the vast majority of the time.

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