Not gameplay, but real people in videos about Diablo III. Which you may or may not find amusing. There’s really no telling with that sort of thing.

    The first is from Pro Game Video Strats and it needs just 86 seconds to present the typical fan behavior during the course of leveling through Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. Thanks to SwizzerSweet for the tip.

    The second is a bit more abstract, and it uses a small child and a lot of smaller chickens to dramatically recreate the sensation of reaching Inferno with your first character. You might want to mute it or at least turn down the volume, depending on your tolerance for childish shrieking. Thanks to celebrei for the tip.

    Added two more below the fold, so click through for that.

    Suggested from comments. Another re-enactment of your first battle in Inferno. This time with zombies rather than chickens.

    And a rerun of that, “If Diablo III Was a Girl” video we posted right after the launch day, since most of you guys were too busy playing to view the news then, since the girl is hawt, and since Battle.net keeps bringing the joke back.

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