Amusing Diablo III Videos

Not gameplay, but real people in videos about Diablo III. Which you may or may not find amusing. There’s really no telling with that sort of thing.

The first is from Pro Game Video Strats and it needs just 86 seconds to present the typical fan behavior during the course of leveling through Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. Thanks to SwizzerSweet for the tip.

The second is a bit more abstract, and it uses a small child and a lot of smaller chickens to dramatically recreate the sensation of reaching Inferno with your first character. You might want to mute it or at least turn down the volume, depending on your tolerance for childish shrieking. Thanks to celebrei for the tip.

Added two more below the fold, so click through for that.

Suggested from comments. Another re-enactment of your first battle in Inferno. This time with zombies rather than chickens.

And a rerun of that, “If Diablo III Was a Girl” video we posted right after the launch day, since most of you guys were too busy playing to view the news then, since the girl is hawt, and since keeps bringing the joke back.

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14 thoughts on “Amusing Diablo III Videos

  1. Both brilliant i have to say. Especially the chicken one with the added music 🙂

  2. I’ve seen the chicken video so many times and it never gets old. That really IS exactly what it’s like until you outgear the content. xD

  3. Nice. I haven’t gotten to Inferno, but the chicken video also effectively captured my experience of the Worldstone Keep in Hell difficulty D2X.

  4. LMAO at the second video when the guy hit inferno. Died died died died died. I’m still lmao as I ‘attempt’ to correctly write this whilst wiping this laughing tears from my eyes. hahahahahahaha….

    its sooo hard its stupid!!!! mind you, I beat my first champ pak solo today with a 3.5k monk 😀 Much thanks to the health gamer 😉 My god I hate/love this game. I hate it, I love it, I hate it, I love it.

    My god its freakn ard!!!! Ok I’m a guy that can beat a champ pak in inferno with a 3.5k monk and I’maa tell’n ya its freeeeeeeakn ard. Ok! The only way you can hardcore inferno is by contacting blizzard everytime you die and tell them your account just got hacked so plz reset to last save. Oh, don’t forget to pass your gear off to your buddy before you call them. Thanks fuck heads for all your cheats =D

  5. the thing is, that the pack won’t stop chasing you when you drop something lol
    it should be the other way around
    but i’ll also probably won’t stop chasing the pack if they would… and the more I chase if it’s a goblin ^_^
    the vid with the kid literally shows how it is in inferno lol

  6. Especially at the moment she rips open her shirt with the error 37 shirt, which I suddenly am looking at again on the European realm, I had to laugh. Great vid, hot guy.

  7. I dislike the first guy’s video based purely on his opinion of the Star Wars movies. 😀 

    The chicken video is awesome.  

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