Lately there have been quite a few latency issues on the US realms and beyond. If the spontaneous lag wasn’t enough, the latest drivers for AMD video cards were causing problems and game crashes. AMD is working on it though and has released a beta driver that is supposed to help with the issues:


    AMD Catalyst™ 15.9 Beta for Windows®

    This article provides information on the latest posting of the AMD Catalyst™ Software Suite, AMD Catalyst™ 15.9 Beta Driver.

    This particular software suite updates the AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver and the AMD Catalyst™ Control Center. This unified driver has been updated, and is designed to provide enhanced performance and reliability.

    Important Update

    We are aware that some users are experiencing an issue in AMD Catalyst™ 15.9 Beta that causes all available video memory to be used whilst resizing active browser windows.

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and being patient whilst we continue to investigate. We’re working on getting it resolved as soon as possible.

    For users looking for an alternative driver that does not experience this issue please find Catalyst 15.7.1 located here

    Package Contents

    The AMD Catalyst™ Software Suite, AMD Catalyst™ 15.9 Beta Driver contains the following:

      • AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver version 15.201.1151

    The AMD Catalyst™ 15.9 Beta Driver can be downloaded from the following links:

    Installing The AMD Catalyst Software Driver
     For detailed instructions on how to correctly uninstall or install the AMD Catalyst™ Software Suite, please refer to the following instructional resources:


    • This driver is not intended for use on AMD products running in Apple Boot Camp platforms. Users of these platforms should contact their manufacturer for driver support.
    • When installing the AMD Catalyst™ Driver for Windows®, the user must be logged on as Administrator, or have Administrator rights to complete the installation of the AMD Catalyst Driver.
    • The AMD Catalyst 15.9 Beta Software Suite requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to be installed.
    • The AMD Catalyst 15.9 Beta Software Suite requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 to be installed. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is included in all AMD Catalyst™ driver packages.
    • AMD Eyefinity technology is designed to give gamers access to high display resolutions. As pixel count grows, the graphics "horsepower" required to drive the displays at a reasonable frame rate can increase dramatically. Depending on the game and system configuration, users may notice texture corruption and reduced frame rates when running games in multi-monitor Eyefinity modes.

    If you are running an AMD card, I would read through the post and look at installing the drivers. You can see the full page as well as compatible cards below!


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