Amazon Selling Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition Again

Get it while you can!

You may remember that back in December we reported that had stopped selling the Collector’s Edition, and it was thought that they would not restock the CE and that was the end of the line.

MaStA ViC mailed in to say that is now stocking the Collector’s Edition again, so if you want to get your hands on one it would be a good idea to  pre-order now before it runs out .

According to site visitor steveman0,  they restocked about a week ago so they must have quite a few for sale.

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    15 thoughts on “Amazon Selling Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition Again

    1. Actually no, this isn’t anything that recent.  They started taking pre-orders again a week or two ago.  I moved my pre-order to them when they began accepting them again.

    2. Yeah, I can corroborate that – I saw that it was available again about a week and a half ago.  I imagine they cut off preorders at a certain threshold until they had a better idea of EXACTLY how many they could expect from Blizzard.  They may have gotten x number of SCII CEs or Cata CEs and cut DIII CE preorders before they approached those same numbers.

    3. Got mine now – whew! I stupidly didn’t realize they were available to order when the CE was announced; I assumed they needed a release date before they could sell them.
      Glad this was posted here too, since I had an email alert set on the game for when it came back in stock but did not receive anything!

    4. Is this the CE that gives all of your toons wings?  Not so keen on that graphic.  First my Monk doesn’t even show his weapons while meleeing, now he has wings and cannot fly.  Hmm.  Truth be told, it is late, so if I am wrong/confused blame it on Jack.  Jack Daniels…

    5. Collectors Edition is available at amazon US since 2012-02-17 (“Availability Alert”). So grab one !!! 😆 It is still NOT available at amazon UK.

    6. I just took the time to preorder my REGULAR edition D3 at because I just want to play the game so badly I’ll not have time to play around with toys and books and stuff. Also, as soon as release date is announced, I’ll be booking my holidays with my boss 😀

    7. When you “Pre-Order” from an online retailer like Amazon, when do you actually receive the game/serial code? I’m afraid that by pre-ordering from here I can’t play at Midnight of release day and have to wait until UPS arrives the next day

      • Good question… I’ve been wondering the same thing. That’s the only reason I hadn’t preordered the CE yet….anyone know how this works?

        • I’ve heard mixed reports about how well Amazon handles these things… in this case, you cannot possibly do anything with your game even if it got there a week early – the servers have to be online first in order for you to play.  In cases like this (such as people who ordered WoW:Cataclysm from Amazon), I’ve heard many reports that it actually arrives a day or two before release instead of shipping on the day of release.  I can’t speak for other game releases however.

          I’m not terribly concerned about it myself, I have the WoW Annual Pass, so if I don’t get my CE the day of, all I’ll be missing out on initially are my wings basically… and I’m sure I’ll survive a day without those.

    8. Same question.  I will pre-order if I can play the moment it comes out.  Otherwise, no.  

    9. “notify me when this item becomes available” my ass. barely got one in time. They ran out this morning.

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