Amazon Diablo III Pre-Order Woes

If you are one of the many that pre-ordered the game well in advance, this problem may be affecting you! We’ve recently received a tip regarding pre-orders on Amazon for the Diablo III CE. If you are wanting the release-day shipping, you will be required to cancel your order and re-order with the “release day shipping” checked.

I had my Diablo 3 CE preordered since it was announced last year on Amazon, back then I could not choose Release-date shipping (for obvious reasons); I had to chat with a rep of Amazon today about that, which told me that the only way was to “Cancel” and “Reorder” the CE to choose Release-Date delivery.

I did get $5 promotional credit for the trouble, but I am sure I am not the only one that preordered the CE from Amazon (I am not sure if it affects standard edition as well), and I would hate to somebody else having to wait the 2-day shipping just because of Amazon; I am sure a little “UPDATE” note in the release date announcement will help many.

UPDATE: Other posters are saying that you can change your order status and shipping methods via your account management. If you follow My account->Open orders->View Order Details (for Diablo 3 CE) you will be able to change the details so you get your order properly.

UPDATE 2: It is possible that this problem is only for US residents. If there are others from foreign countries that are having this problem, please post if you’re having a similar issue.

UPDATE 3: The original problem, it seems, occurred when the pre-order was in conjunction with a second item. If you did not buy the pre-order with another item, you can follow the other steps to ensure you have the correct shipping option.

So make sure that you have checked your pre-order and you may even get a 5 dollar credit for your troubles!

Thanks cyberblood for the tip.

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41 thoughts on “Amazon Diablo III Pre-Order Woes

  1. I just changed the shipping method very easily from My account->Open orders->View Order Details(for Diablo 3 CE). 1 day shipping was selected. I made it release date, without canceling my order. 

    • I don’t get it. all I see is “shipping address”, “shipping speed (expedited international)”, and “shipping preference (Group my items into as few shipments as possible)”. that last one can’t be changed by me.

      I don’t see 1-day or release-day anywhere 

  2. Any one know where you can get Collectors Edition in the UK?
    All news points to Game & Game Station going under soon, unless someone throws them a life line and buys them out.

    • Just preordered mine on Amazon. 

      Almost triple the price of the regular one so way to expensive ofc. :'(

    • Well amazon has a get it on release date which is standard so i’d go there, gamestop has ran out of copies of the CE so not an option anymore.

  3. I’m confused.  I’m on Amazon right now and there’s nothing that says Release Date for Shipping Speed. I’ve actually ordered two CE’s (18-FEB-2012, 22-OCT-2011) and neither have a Release Date listed..

    Okay I wound up cancelling my orders and had to create a new one.

    • I ordered at and its the same Problem there. Had to change shipping method to “Standard” and now it shows 15.05.2012. You dont have to cancel your order, but you should change / check your shipping method.

  4. Does this only apply to US residents? I’ve ordered through from Canada (didn’t see it available on and I also only have options for expedited shipping. Makes me think international orders aren’t affected by this.

    • If you click the Release Date Delivery details you will see this:

      “Release-Date Delivery is available for selected pre-order items we know we can deliver on the date the item releases for ZIP codes within the continental United States.  “

  5. <– US Resident. All I had to do was goto my Amazon account, Your Orders, Change Shipping speed.

    Very easy. 

  6. It sucks for those of you who really jumped the gun but i’m not surprised. Just as long as they dont pull this shit with the people who got their copy via the WOW annual pass. THAT would really piss people off! 

    side note, does anyone know if you can upgrade the free copy via WOW annual pass to a physical copy of the CE? totally willing to pay the difference.

  7. Yeah as the update says you can update it IF it’s the only thing in the order.  I got screwed on some games next week because some of them have release date shipping but others dont yet.  And the CE of Res Evil Operation Raccoon City doesnt have it because they sold out so I’m going to have to wait on that.  This is the one part that Amazon falls through on sadly :(.  As much as I love them getting games day 1 if you reserved it can be weird.  Some games I’ve seen them just update it but any kind of offshoot games or games w/o solid release dates don’t upgrade.

  8. Hi I have a question if that’s alright. I live in Sweden and thought about buying d3 CE from The price from Amazon is alot cheaper then the swedish one £85,31 vs Amazon £69,99. The question is, will there be any additional costs like taxers or such if you buy from Sweden? I guess I should know stuff like that but I don’t 🙁

    • I have ordered from numerous times now and I live in Germany. They often ship from Europe mainland (Amazon EU S.a.r.l.) and I only have to pay the price plus shipping. (If it applies, there might also be some small percentage fee for the conversion from GBP to EUR, but they do that automatically also.)

  9. <– US Resident as well.  I just changed my shipping to release date shipping.  My friend also changed his.  We of course are both ordering the CE.  You just need to go to your open orders and click the Change Shipping button and it should be an option.  I managed to save $5 since I was getting charged $6 for shipping and changing it brought it down to $.99.  Unless that is the $5 credit mentioned earlier.  Either way, woo!

  10. Yeah, I had issues changing mine because it was bundled with stuff I ordered at the same time months ago. I talked to a rep and he said to reorder and he’d cancel the old one for me (which he did).

    I didn’t get $5 out of it though. 🙁 

  11. I also had no problems changing the shipping speed – free standard (since the annual pass would have been fine for a couple days) to release date. I never would have even thought to change the shipping speed now that a release date is announced.

  12. I’m glad I’m reading this now after the panic has died down, so I don’t have to get nervous. I’m in the US and had pre-ordered the CE through Amazon (with nothing else in the order). This morning I went onto Amazon and upgraded my shipping speed from Standard to 1-day. The “release day” option hadn’t appeared yet, nor had a release date appeared on the product page. A few hours later I saw people posting about the release day option, went back to Amazon and selected it with no issues. I honestly hadn’t even known they did release day shipping on games, that’s just awesome…

  13. Amazon Germany automatically changed it in my case and even notified me by e-mail! But I will probably buy it from Amazon UK since they started listing it today. I haven’t seen any such option there.

  14. If you have a prime trial or ordered it WHEN you had a prime trial activated, you can upgrade to free release day shipping. Just fyi (not that .99c means anything 🙂 )

  15. Yes, I don’t think this applies for international orders, I received an email that the estimated delivery date was between May 18 and May 24. I preordered with the priority international courier option.

  16. The CE in New Zealand is $198… how is it double the US price lol.

    I think ill just resell the stuff i dont want from it. / And just buy a 2nd copy online so i can play it straight away.  

  17. sorry to sound like such a newb, but when it says release day delivery, does that mean I will not receive it until the day of release, thus missing out on roughly 12+ hours of gaming and no sleep???  Or will I receive the game a day early and load it up ready for midnight launch when the servers go live????

    • Good question. I ordered something from Newegg pre-release and received it the day before stores released it. Wonder if Amazon does this as well with R-day delivery… anyone order /w R-day often?

  18. Just fixed this problem in 20 seconds. Thank you OP!!! You’re a champ! Good looking out!

  19. Um… I pre-oredered the CE from Amazon (and I’m in the US) at the same time as another item and was able to switch it to Release Day shipping just fine.

  20. Looks like international orders won’t be able to get it on release day according to the Release-date Delivery Fine Print.

    “Applies only to orders shipped to addresses within the lower 48 United States. Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations will be delivered after the release date.”

    I’m in Singapore and just pre-ordered CE from Amazon US yesterday. The release-day option wasn’t there on checkout and it’s not an option to change to in my account orders page neither. Will have to look for a digital download elsewhere for release day.

  21. I bursted out laughing when I received Amazon’s confirmation e-mail :
      “Diablo III: Collector’s Edition”
       Estimated arrival date: May 29, 2012 – June 08, 2012
    I live in Quebec so there’s no pick-up from store option, and I’d be very surprised to find any midnight release sale. I also hate paying for shipping, but that’s my only option to get my hands on a CE edition.
    So I’ll just buy the digital version as well.
    … And then switch to CE when I already got all my characters to level 60.

  22. I order two copies for me and my wife (one standard, one CE) with one-day shipping.  Now I’m being told that I will receive the items on the 17th.  I cannot change the shipping speed to release date because there are two items, so I was told I would have to cancel and re-order.  Unfortunately, the CE is no longer available for preorder through Amazon, so that’s not an option.  I’m working with support, but no useful progress thus far.  If they cannot get their act together, I may have to go with someone else.

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