If you are one of the many that pre-ordered the game well in advance, this problem may be affecting you! We’ve recently received a tip regarding pre-orders on Amazon for the Diablo III CE. If you are wanting the release-day shipping, you will be required to cancel your order and re-order with the “release day shipping” checked.

    I had my Diablo 3 CE preordered since it was announced last year on Amazon, back then I could not choose Release-date shipping (for obvious reasons); I had to chat with a rep of Amazon today about that, which told me that the only way was to “Cancel” and “Reorder” the CE to choose Release-Date delivery.

    I did get $5 promotional credit for the trouble, but I am sure I am not the only one that preordered the CE from Amazon (I am not sure if it affects standard edition as well), and I would hate to somebody else having to wait the 2-day shipping just because of Amazon; I am sure a little “UPDATE” note in the release date announcement will help many.

    UPDATE: Other posters are saying that you can change your order status and shipping methods via your account management. If you follow My account->Open orders->View Order Details (for Diablo 3 CE) you will be able to change the details so you get your order properly.

    UPDATE 2: It is possible that this problem is only for US residents. If there are others from foreign countries that are having this problem, please post if you’re having a similar issue.

    UPDATE 3: The original problem, it seems, occurred when the pre-order was in conjunction with a second item. If you did not buy the pre-order with another item, you can follow the other steps to ensure you have the correct shipping option.

    So make sure that you have checked your pre-order and you may even get a 5 dollar credit for your troubles!

    Thanks cyberblood for the tip.

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