Amazing Fanmade Horadric Cube with Runes

An amazing and detailed clay Horadric cube and detailed small runes were made by TinfoilHalo.

The ultimate birthday gift for her husband; an avid diablo 2 gamer. Check out more from her forum post.

Click through to see more images and some more info on this really cool piece.

Thanks to fmulder for the find.



How the cube was made

TinfoilHalo: Well… I did the decorative side slabs first (which, I actually created a mold so I only had to mess with the design once – this was SUCH a learning process itself I can tell you!). When I saw how hard it was to get the sides square just on the decorative bits, I decided I wouldn’t be able to pull off 100% slab construction. My original idea was going to be to bake the sides and then fashion them together into the cube.

Instead, I covered a balsa wooden pencil box I had laying around – this box was 10 years old and covered with dust and leaked ink and everything else you might imagine. I got the clay to stick by using liquid clay all over it, and then laying out rolled sheets of copper with black and red swirls, and then baking it. The lid (and the lip underneath that I didn’t got a shot of) is just clay.

The next step was gold leafing (blah!) and antiquing that. I E6000’d the decorative slabs on. and then did a final clear coat.


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  1. Woah, women can make more than sammiches in the kitchen!

    (JK, It looks fantastic and the runes were an awesome touch.)

  2. Great work!!!
    *throws some runes inside and transmutes* 😆

  3. I like it. But I’ve got some doubts about getting my 6 socket collossus blade in there 🙁

  4. Screw you ZOD, screw you…

  5. Lucky man. I’m hella jealous.

  6. Does it come with recipes?

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