Amazing Fanmade Diablo III LED Sign

A German Diablo obsessive by the online name of HerbieK was inspired to build his own Diablo III logo sign, by a photo of guitarist Andy McKee posing in front of just such a piece of art in Blizzard’s offices. You can see the source photo to the right, which Blizzard released last year around the time of Andy’s visit.

The sign is awesome, but how would you go about trying to build it? Check out HerbieK’s forum thread from German and you’ll see how he did it. Printed templates, carpentry cut to order, lots of hardware and power tools, and he even improved upon the original by adding red LED lights, to give it a demon-eyes-in-the-dark sort of effect. The final result is amazingly-awesome, as you can see in the sample images below.

Check the English translation of the original German forum post for some more details on his construction methods, tips on the wiring for the lighting, plus numerous WiP photos.

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  1. Wow cool, all he needs to do now though is make some directional backlighting for the III and it’d be awesome!

  2. Need!! make me one 😀

  3. i think thats really cool, but who would want that big of a diablo3 sign hanging in there house?
    well let me backtrack.. whose wife would let them put that thing up!

  4. No way this gets past my wife’s firewall. Damn shame though.

  5. I want one for my blank and boring walls bad!

  6. Very nice work!!  Would look great on my wall!

  7. If he ever start selling them, I’d totally buy one.

  8. I wonder how much it cost him to make that?

    • A number of people asked him that in the German forum thread, but he never replied with any numbers that I saw. Probably a few hundred bucks, though the hours spent designing and building it would be the real cost for most of us. I’m sure an electrician could do the wiring in a couple of hours, while an amateur would require days to get that working.

      Other than that, the whole thing is mostly just a big piece of wood with a huge custom printed poster, plus the mounting hardware.

      •  Actually he states at the end of his first post that it was somthing around 100 euro. The printet poster goes for  39.99. Also he states that he’s a professional electrician

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