A fan artist by the name of Darkcrusader took one of Blizzard’s official pieces of Diablo 3 concept art and used the Unreal Development Kit and a few other tools to create a fully-functional 3D version of the level. The new level (presumably playable in Unreal) is virtually-identical to the original concept art, and looks fantastic.

    Here’s the original concept art by DiabloWikiVictor Lee, with a still from the 3D level below it. The designer released numerous images of the level, as well as a short video showing the camera swooping around the area, just to prove that it’s actually something in a game, and not just some very cool still images.

    And the movie:

    Environment Game Art – Tristram Tunnel Test from Travis Castillo on Vimeo.

    Click through to see 9 more shots from this level, all housed in our new Fan Levels & Mods gallery. The images are huge and very high quality; any could happily be used as a desktop wallpaper.

    More images from the level. Full gallery here:









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