A mechanically-inclined fan upgraded his DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Collector’s Edition souvenir Diablo skull and USB soulstone to make it always glow, and thus greatly improved the looks of the item. Better yet, he shared his method with pictures and even made a video of the soulstone in action, flickering and glowing as he uploads files directly into Diablo’s skull, like something out of a new and hellish version of the Matrix. And now Diablo knows kung fu.

    Click to his blog post on TechKnight.com for more pics and step by step details, if you’d like to emulate his lobotomizing brilliance.

    When Diablo 3 came out, there was one thing that bugged me about the skull and soulstone-shaped USB key that shipped as part of the Collector’s Edition…

    Although the USB key glows when plugged into a computer, it normally just sits dead when plugged into the skull.

    That seemed like a pretty big oversight. So I fixed my soulstone USB key to glow when plugged into the skull by turning the skull into a one-port USB hub!

    Pics below; click through to view the video of the soulstone in action.

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