It’s the end of the working week so I thought I would fill everyone in on some of the cool stuff that’s appeared on the IncGamers.com site this week. There have been numerous reviews including Prison Break, Supreme Commander 2 and Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Episode 1 . 

    Also on the site this week there is exclusive interview with Windforce Studios’ Dusty Monk who talks about the canned Halo MMO that was in the works at Ensemble before it was shut down, it was also apparently looking very decent and may well have taken on WoW. Dusty spills the beans on the Halo project and also talks about MMO development and his new studio which is now up and running.

    Finally, show 48 of the IncGamers Podcast (almost at 50 folks!). This week topics include more Infinity Ward departures, Gears of War 3, the new XCOM title, the MMO news with Maticus, an interview with Windstorm’s Dusty Monk and a new quiz format that Andy assures us he has not stolen. Well worth listening to and you can also subscribe to the weekly podcast on iTunes.

    Keep checking the IncGamers.com site daily for all the videogame news as it happens.

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