Already Wanting More from Nephalem Rifts?

A fan complaining about DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts made a post worthy of discussion:

I think Blizzard should really add something new and refreshing. It’s a slightly updated version of Hell mode in D2lod Act 5 (random mob spawn from all Acts), I think more new fun stuff could be added into it.

1) How about making special treasure goblins or monsters spawn only in Rifts?
2) Special crafting components, items, treasures and the likes only drops in Rifts.
3) Treasure vaults that hold plenty of loot but spawn rarely.

Gobbyland appears at 0:29.

Also, what happened to Demon’s Hand? I remember they made a pretty UI for it from datamine info.
Grimiku: Hm, I’m interested in your feedback, but I’d like to dig in a bit more if possible. Let’s take a look at the design goals for Nephalem Rifts, the rifts themselves, and then talk about what you would do to spice them up from there.

The intent is for Nephalem Rifts to provide players with a short burst of endlessly replayable content with a ton of exciting moments, but in a way that feels genuinely optional. Currently, this is done with a varying number of randomized levels and layouts that are populated with random monsters, bosses, lighting, weather effects, and density (like this room full of Treasure Goblins!). And, of course, provides randomized rewards.

With that in mind, what would you do to add more exciting replayability to them without making them feel mandatory?

The OP’s ideas are fine, but I don’t think they are exactly *necessary* at launch.

Going into Blizzcon already knowing a lot about Nephalem Rifts from datamining and past Blue comments, I was expecting them to be just random levels and monsters, like an upgraded version of D2’s Guest Monsters. They are much more than that. I explored at least 8 or 10 of them in games on the show floor and came away much more impressed than I’d expected. Rifts aren’t just a little randomized, they are crazy random in layout, variety of monsters, size and arrangement of levels, and even in rewards found on them.

I saw Rift levels with high monster density and few bosses, others with many more bosses than usual, some huge levels with very new layouts, levels with half a dozen Golden chests, and all that with totally different monster varieties and combinations. And the devs have said that there are others with non-randomized features and things like certain themes of monsters, or ones with special layouts, or the Treasure Goblin bonus rooms, etc.

That said, I still think the plan is to launch Nephalem Rifts as a fairly straight-forward randomized dungeon feature, with more stuff added in later in patches. Like the Blackhand Key and/or Demon’s Hand, which datamining suggested was a sort of DiabloWikiInfernal Machine over-quest that could only be pursued via materials obtained from Nephalem Rifts and Adventure Mode.

But is a basic Nephalem Rift at launch, with more complexity and depth later on enough for you guys? What do you think of the Rifts and Adventure Mode? Vote and stuff, so we can see some crowd consensus.

What do you think of Nephalem Rifts?

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11 thoughts on “Already Wanting More from Nephalem Rifts?

  1. “I saw Rift levels with high monster density and few bosses, others with many more bosses than usual”

    Flux, by bosses you mean Elites or actual bosses like the Butcher? If the latter, does that mean we could encounter multiple bosses in a single Rift run if there are enough monsters to spawn them?

    • Randoms. The only “bosses” you get in Rifts are the Rift boss(es) who appear when you’ve achieved 100% of the kills required. You get lots of random Elites. Or not lots, depending.

      My first Rift I got to 100% on 4 dungeon levels and saw multiple Elites per level. So I figured they all had a lot of boss fights, but then later games I saw some with hardly any random bosses at all. So like Bliz says, it’s very randomized.

  2. There should be one additional option:
    ‘Why was this feature not available already in vanilla (like Torchlight 2 or PoE)?’

    • Perhaps we should have a vote on what to have a vote on?

      We’ve run votes on lots of item and trading and AH issues in the past, and no doubt will in the future. And next time there’s a news about item binding I can put a vote into it. I’m actually curious about how the approval or not of BoA runs.

  3. My personal wish for the Nephalem Rifts is multiple tilesets per rift.
    Dunno how easy/hard that might be for them to program, but just imagine how amazing it’d be if you were to, for example, be in the Leoric torture dungeons tileset and you suddenly step into the oasis tileset.

    • Right now every level is made from different tilesets.
      One level with multiple tilesets? That could be tricky, mostly because of the way they made zones. It could be non compatible but it could also be possible. Though likely not yet needed.

      • As Mortalo says, every level is different and varied (or not, because random). I got a Fields of Misery for level one, the stairs down were through the Decaying Crypt entrance, and then level 2 was an Act 3 dungeon. They can vary entirely between the levels, and you get some static surface areas, some random surface areas, and random dungeons. In any sequence or order. Totally unpredictable.

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