All Item Modifiers, Sets, and Legendaries Revealed

In addition to the (blurry) photos of all Diablo III’s Achievements that we posted yesterday, a fan took (blurry) pics of all the items pages in the official Bradyguide to Diablo III. You can see all of them in our Datamined Images gallery.

That gallery and this post is completely spoiler free, at least on a thumbnail level. As for the Bradyguide pages of item stats… they’re generally spoiler-free as well, or at least most fans don’t seem to consider item names and stats as spoilers. We’ll get all this info on proper, readable web pages come Monday, but if you can’t wait, click through the gallery and prepare to do some squinting. With any luck we’ll get better-focused shots before Monday, as dozens of fans have reported already receiving their official strategy guides in the mail.

Since the thumbs aren’t recognizable, so here are some useful text links and a summary of what I learned by looking over the info.

Legendary Items

There are from 4-10 legendary items for every type of weapon and armor in the game. The guide doesn’t list exact values, probably since they weren’t finalized when this thing went to press, but it lists every legendary item by name, item type, level requirement, total modifiers, and pre-set modifiers.

For instance, The Windforce legendary bow. Level 60 found item (not crafted). It has 6 total affixes, with five preset. They are 1) Increased damage, 2) Min/max damage, 3) knockback on hit, 4) Increased attack speed, 5) Hatred regeneration. You get one random affix tacked on at the end, which might make or break the item.

All legendaries work like this, with some preset bonuses and some random bonuses. The guide doesn’t list the range of the preset bonuses, probably since they weren’t finalized when the guide went to press, but you can be sure most of them will have varying ranges, making for a nearly infinite variety of possible versions of every unique and set item in the game.

  • Legendary items are shown on one, two, three, four big pages full of tables.

Set Items

Sets are quite high level; all of the found sets and most of the crafted ones are level 60, and the items in them are very much like legendaries. All of them have 5 or 6 modifiers, of which 4 or 5 are pre-set and 1 or 2 are random. None list DPS or other specifics, and while the guide lists partial and full set bonuses, they don’t have any stats either, and are very hard to read in the blurry photos. We’ll have to wait for more specific info about set scarcity and unified appearance to make any concrete judgments.

Lots of the sets take their names and affix inspiration from sets we saw in Diablo II, so there’s a nice nostalgia factor, at least.

  • There are 13 found and 9 Crafted item sets, displayed in one, two photos that show the top and bottom of the same page.


Every affix in the game is listed, with the item type it appears on, its range of values, and the “tier” it’s found on. The guide doesn’t explain how tiers work, but presumably they are mapped onto item types and gear sets. Most affixes have a spread of values from Tier 1 up to Tier 14. Presumably these tiers are equated to armor and weapon types, so for example, you’d find tier 1 affixes on tier 1-3 boots, tier 2 affixes on tier 2-5 boots, tier 3 affixes on tier 3-6 boots, etc, up to the tier 14 affix that can only be found on tier 17-18 items.

The precise numbers aren’t known, and will likely vary between item types and affix families, but generally speaking you’ll need to find higher quality item types to see higher level affixes on them. (And vice versa.)

Another interesting tidbit is the very limited scope of +skill modifiers. These are almost exclusively +damage, and found in fairly small bonus amounts. (Skills that don’t deal damage don’t seem to get +skill bonuses.) I didn’t crawl over all of them, but the Demon Hunter’s come in +3-4%, +3-5%, +4-5%, and +5%, and they are ALL found on either shield/quiver, or some other skills come on cloaks/chest armor. In other words, you can only have one item on that adds to the bonus of a given skill, you’ll never get more than +5% from the bonus, and you’ll probably only have such bonuses to two of your skills. (Assuming you can’t get multiple +skill bonuses on a single item, and that they don’t pop up on sets and uniques with different spawning rules.)

It’s hard to say without playing, but +5% damage on skills that are generally doing +100-150% already doesn’t seem like a real impactful bonus. Affixes add up to +100 to given stats, and that seems likely to be provide as much if not more of a bonus to your damage than the +5%. Will those +5% bonuses do anything to promote build loyalty? Unknown.

Update: The guide does hold the full list of legendaries, despite many fans thinking/hoping there would be thousands of them. Confirmed by Jay Wilson via twitter.

226 Legendary in total, includ in all armor and all weapon. Does that number sounds right or off by a huge margin? –ehananto
Over 200 legendaries sounds right. This is more than D2 had at ship, and not much lower than D2 has after 10 years. —Jay Wilson

As Jay says, this is a ton more than D2C had. Also note that there are 44 item sets in D3, all of which contain 2 or more items, and those are all basically equivalent to legendaries.

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66 thoughts on “All Item Modifiers, Sets, and Legendaries Revealed

  1. i cant believe all are in the guide. Items are missing and bashiok said there wil be special monster affixes for inferno which arent seen before that. So this guide will give a good look into most part of the game but i dont believe it is all there is….  my 2 cents..

    • I doubt it too that this is the final Legendary list… All of these are basically what’s in the official website right now plus the craft from Blacksmith plans… Bashiok already said that there are far more items than that…

      I guess we will find out the truth really soon… 

    • The one question I had wasn’t answered in this 🙁

      If there is an affix that is set for a legendary, does that preclude it from also rolling in the random affix? i.e. if the item already comes with +% damage, can that same affix also appear from the random roll and therefore add further % dmg to the item?

      Might as well ask another question too: Is there a lot of prefix and suffix redundancy in items and does this apply to sets/legendaries?… For example in D2 some mods existed as both prefix and suffix. Rares could roll the prefix as well as the redundant suffix, giving them a very rare chance of being insanely good.

      • Not yet known. Obviously, stacking would be great in some instances. IAS or damage, etc.

  2. I thought Bashiok said not all items are currently on the D3 website. I don’t see any new items.

  3. *POTENTIAL SPOILER* – although I don’t think it is, if you are here it is assumed you want to know what the items are…. orz.

    Oh Tal Rasha, it’s good to see you again (sorry if it is old news — which I know it is). Hahaha, in the early days guardianship was the death of me to obtain, I think I payed 6 SOJS once for it and felt “ripped off” but I wanted it so badly.

  4. Can’t be the full list. 

    I remember there being MUCH more legendary item names listed in the game guide before many of them were taken down.

    One that I recall vividly was my beloved Gull Dagger. Was on the game-guide, then taken down … not in the list shown in these pictures.

    Also, I recall there being upwards of 12+ legendary bows. 

    • As far as I can tell: find magic, increase random attributes + 2 more fixed affixes + 2 random. Alternatively, 3 fixed and 3 random.

  5. 1. I probably missed this somewhere, but in DIII does Legendary ~= Unique, a-la DII? What I mean is that are there only Legendary items, or are there Legendary and Unique items?

    2. Random affixes on Legendary/Set items?! That’s going to send replay-ability, as far as loot hunting, through the roof! Assuming any affix is available for the random slot, you could have the same item “customized” for tons of characters/builds.

    3. Related to #2: I wonder if the random affix on Legendary/Set items can be of the same type as what’s preset on the item. In other words, if a Legendary weapon has %ED as one of its set stats, could it still get %ED as its random affix as well? I could see that making some weapons ungodly powerful…which I’m totally OK with. 🙂

    • Legendary = Uniques

      They were renamed to legendary because… well, when lots of people have it, it wasn’t unique at all isn’t it?  

  6. Really disappointing affixes. Especially the +skills (which can hardly be called that).

    Try again Blizzard.

    • I will smash your face into a car windsheild. Then take you mother out to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again.

    • I think the strength of +skill modifiers is that they will generally show up in item slots that don’t otherwise receive a direct damage bonus. For instance, the Witch Doctor, Wizard, and Monk skill boosts will only appear on helm-slot items, and those items can’t otherwise receive a damage bonus. (You can get +attributes on these items, but I’m pretty sure that’s the only one that directly gives damage, and so you could have +attribute and +skill to stack damage.) Furthermore, the %damage added to a skill is multiplied with any bonuses you have on your weapon, so the better your weapon gets the better the +skill affix gets.

      • Even if they are useful they are still kinda boring.
        Just simple damage upgrades, and where are the skill affixes for non-damage skills.

        Should have taken parts of the old rune levels and incorporated it into +skill affixes tbh.

        • Given the large amount of variety there is already with five runes per skill, I’m not sure what else we should expect for +skill items. There are already affixes that increase damage, increase crit chance, reduce resource cost, and increase duration.

          What’s interesting isn’t so much what they do, but rather how they might affect your build choices. 

  7. Why didn’t he just redeem the Digital copy with the voucher code that he took a picture of, and then post those pictures? 🙄

  8. I hope this isn’t all of them. I dunno why. It’s not a bad number of items, I just want MOAR.

  9. Amazing… most of the high level items have 6 affixes, half of which are set, the other half of which are random.  It will make the hunt for the ultimate legendary that much more intense (especially with most of the +skill increasing damage output by ~5%).

    Dammit Tuesday, get here already! 

    I also doubt that this is the full list – we will find out on Monday. 

    • you probly wont find out by monday…… most legendary will be very high level, and higest level items are all in inferno……. according to bliz it wont be weeks before we can conquet that part of the game. 🙂

  10. The tier system was actually explained in a recent Jay Wilson interview.

    He said each act of each difficulty gave a different tier of item rewards. 

  11. Disappointing Stormshield look, STILL they didn’t change it to the original art T_T

  12. Well, the original D2 had no runewords, no exceptional or elite items, no charms or jewels.

    The slow releases of better items over several years was one of the best parts of D2. 

    • I agree with your second statement that the slow release of increasingly powerful items helped to make D2 unforgettable.  But I remember exceptional items being highly sought after during D2 Classic; Lances, Gothic Bows and Executioner Swords were all the top end items to hunt for before the expansion.

  13. He must have taken these pictures with a potato.

    Seriously, if you’re going to submit stuff like this, at least preview your images on a computer before sending them along. It’s like he took them with his phone, didn’t view them afterward, then just attached them to an email (still probably on his phone) and clicked Send.

    Or, you know, he took them with a potato.

    I love saying that. 😀

    • Yeah, I was about to say something similar. As a photographer and Diablo fan, those photos were rather painful to look at.

  14. This guide doesn’t include +% skills for all tiers, (they have basically confirmed there are about 16/18 tiers(don’t remember ^^)) 

    Which makes it even harder to believe that all legendary’s and sets are shown 🙂 

    (Ps, if this guide had included everything, why isn’t the cow level leaked!!! ;)) 

  15. Hope not the full list, there are too few…I’m not whinning or trolling but I didn’t like the visuals of armor sets… Anyway I cant wait for 15th may

  16. Maybe i missed it here but some time ago I read that some +skill modifiers will for example increase the number of magic missiles, was that just a rumor or did they remove it ?

    I really hope its in the game because being able to fire 8 of them is much cooler than just three.

    Can someone shed more light in that direction?

    • They did say that somewhere, I remember what you mean. They said something along those lines when they removed the skill runes… so we were all excited because we thought the top legendary items would improve any skill we wanted (provided that +skill was an affix on an item) and now it doesn’t seem to be the case. It appears to be just +dmg now.
      So, hopefully this list is not comprehensive. Otherwise: fooey. 

  17. Interesting tidbits on affixes for + damage on certain skills. Yes 5% does not seem like much and I think most of us hope that changes. At least in hope that it would make the skill much more alluring then it already is

    A barb that has a damage value of 1549 (From class trailer) and cleave does 120% of that, that’s roughly 1859 for each enemy it hits. with the 5% added it may not seem like much but that would be roughly 1952 per hit per enemy hit. And depending on rune choice.

    rupture also does 85% (1383) including the 5% to all enemies within 8 yards)
    Broad sweep does 156% (2416) +5% (120.8) will be around 2637

    It seems minimal but it does add up. I’m sure we all would like more potent + skill bonuses. That may happen if they add more things to keep endgame interesting. Then again, more could be added in the expansion where they could add more potent + skill affixes.

    • I started out my reply thinking those affixes are probably more potent than we realize since they are probably AFTER everything else. That’s still true in that the bonus is increasingly potent versus say adding more strength to a barbarian but the numbers didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.
      For example if I have an axe that does 100 base dps and I have 400 strength, my cleave would do (100+(100*400/100))*1.2= 600 dps. If I could add 5% to that then I’d be doing 30 dps more which would have required 25 more strength (which is not that hard to do I guess).
      However, a basic lvl 60 arch axe does something like 280 dps and I would consider something like 800 str to be more likely by then. Then the cleave dps would be 3024dps. 5% bonus on that would be 151.2 dps more which would have required 45 more strength. Even at this point, it’s starting to get to where the 5% skill bonus is starting to beat out the str you can get on your affixes but we have to take into account that this bonus damage is just for that one skill so your overall damage doesn’t rise as much as if you had gotten more strength.
      I would guess that by the time you are in inferno, the 5% is really going to make a difference versus more primary stats or some other factor…

      • Sure, but there are some many affix that have str, str+dex, str+vit, str+int that I’d probaby pick the highest of these ~80 str over the 5% bonus
        5% is only for a particular skill, while the str enhances all skills
        I’m not sure you can stack it like this but it’s not impossible to roll an armor/weapon will all the +str affixes on it.

  18. will this guide be included in the standart edition or in the CE or u have to buy it separately ?! ❓

  19. Mostly off topic, but …
    I have not really looked at the official Blizzard pages much because I knew they were not  updating them much until the game was almost done.  I wandered over there today to check out their most current skill descriptions and graphics, such as for the demon hunter.
    All I can say is “Holy Crap is this game going to be good.”  Amazing number and variety of skills + all the rune variants.
    I honestly have no idea which class I’ll pick.  Will be a game-time decision.

    • How dare you praise the skill selection and not condemn Blizz for not locking us into our skill selections!

      Just kidding. Yes, it should be pretty epic. I’m kinda having the same class identity crisis as you; everything looks cool to me so I don’t know which class to pick first.

    • all I can say is play them all. I know I will starting with the Witch doctor first then Monk, Demon hunter, Barb then Wizard.
      Yes I think the someone mentioned at level 13 with 10 skills, 4 skill slots,there is roughly 200+ variations of builds not including runes and passives which I believe comes to 600+. Pretty impressive! I’m not sure of the math but that’s insane! That’s I’m going to love about this game.

  20. I’m just wondering how you counted 9 found sets and 35 crafted ones. I see 9 crafted ones, and 13 found.

  21. Without seeing the magnitude of the affixes, doesn’t it seem like the set gear should be the most powerful?  You get the same number of affixes, the same random chance of spawning extra great ones, plus the extra set bonuses which no other gear can offer.

  22. Another thought…  This is going to make trading really interesting.  All items will be different enough from each other to prevent any “standard” pricing.  Cool. 

    • I like a bunch of the new stuff in D3, especially the rune system, but I’ve got to say that these affixes aren’t very exciting. I liked the way uniques in D2 offered more “unique” benefits. I guess that’s why they’re called legendaries now. Sure the average item will be more useful in d3, and some variants will still be better than others, but overall the distribution is a lot narrower.

  23. Yeah I don`t know why he`s been lying again and again I don`t even read his posts anymore I can`t take him seriously that guy is a joke… Anyway…

    D3 has even less items than what Titan Quest (without the expansion) had in 2006…

    Developers call the game “item game” but they make little items…. So disappointed again.    

  24. A downside of this  system – It seems like whenever you find a set/unique item, you’ll immediately want to trade it for one with random mods better suited to your build/class rather than wearing it.

  25. Two concerns:
    35 crafted vs 9 found sets?  Feel like this should be swapped.  This isn’t supposed to be WoW, let the item hunt continue Blizzard >.>

    The legendary lists linked in these comments show more legendaries but mostly for low level characters.  I don’t mind only having 4-5 legendaries prior to level 60, but I feel like the amount of level 60 legendaries needs to be higher.

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