In addition to the (blurry) photos of all Diablo III’s Achievements that we posted yesterday, a fan took (blurry) pics of all the items pages in the official Bradyguide to Diablo III. You can see all of them in our Datamined Images gallery.

    That gallery and this post is completely spoiler free, at least on a thumbnail level. As for the Bradyguide pages of item stats… they’re generally spoiler-free as well, or at least most fans don’t seem to consider item names and stats as spoilers. We’ll get all this info on proper, readable web pages come Monday, but if you can’t wait, click through the gallery and prepare to do some squinting. With any luck we’ll get better-focused shots before Monday, as dozens of fans have reported already receiving their official strategy guides in the mail.

    Since the thumbs aren’t recognizable, so here are some useful text links and a summary of what I learned by looking over the info.

    Legendary Items

    There are from 4-10 legendary items for every type of weapon and armor in the game. The guide doesn’t list exact values, probably since they weren’t finalized when this thing went to press, but it lists every legendary item by name, item type, level requirement, total modifiers, and pre-set modifiers.

    For instance, The Windforce legendary bow. Level 60 found item (not crafted). It has 6 total affixes, with five preset. They are 1) Increased damage, 2) Min/max damage, 3) knockback on hit, 4) Increased attack speed, 5) Hatred regeneration. You get one random affix tacked on at the end, which might make or break the item.

    All legendaries work like this, with some preset bonuses and some random bonuses. The guide doesn’t list the range of the preset bonuses, probably since they weren’t finalized when the guide went to press, but you can be sure most of them will have varying ranges, making for a nearly infinite variety of possible versions of every unique and set item in the game.

    • Legendary items are shown on one, two, three, four big pages full of tables.

    Set Items

    Sets are quite high level; all of the found sets and most of the crafted ones are level 60, and the items in them are very much like legendaries. All of them have 5 or 6 modifiers, of which 4 or 5 are pre-set and 1 or 2 are random. None list DPS or other specifics, and while the guide lists partial and full set bonuses, they don’t have any stats either, and are very hard to read in the blurry photos. We’ll have to wait for more specific info about set scarcity and unified appearance to make any concrete judgments.

    Lots of the sets take their names and affix inspiration from sets we saw in Diablo II, so there’s a nice nostalgia factor, at least.

    • There are 13 found and 9 Crafted item sets, displayed in one, two photos that show the top and bottom of the same page.


    Every affix in the game is listed, with the item type it appears on, its range of values, and the “tier” it’s found on. The guide doesn’t explain how tiers work, but presumably they are mapped onto item types and gear sets. Most affixes have a spread of values from Tier 1 up to Tier 14. Presumably these tiers are equated to armor and weapon types, so for example, you’d find tier 1 affixes on tier 1-3 boots, tier 2 affixes on tier 2-5 boots, tier 3 affixes on tier 3-6 boots, etc, up to the tier 14 affix that can only be found on tier 17-18 items.

    The precise numbers aren’t known, and will likely vary between item types and affix families, but generally speaking you’ll need to find higher quality item types to see higher level affixes on them. (And vice versa.)

    Another interesting tidbit is the very limited scope of +skill modifiers. These are almost exclusively +damage, and found in fairly small bonus amounts. (Skills that don’t deal damage don’t seem to get +skill bonuses.) I didn’t crawl over all of them, but the Demon Hunter’s come in +3-4%, +3-5%, +4-5%, and +5%, and they are ALL found on either shield/quiver, or some other skills come on cloaks/chest armor. In other words, you can only have one item on that adds to the bonus of a given skill, you’ll never get more than +5% from the bonus, and you’ll probably only have such bonuses to two of your skills. (Assuming you can’t get multiple +skill bonuses on a single item, and that they don’t pop up on sets and uniques with different spawning rules.)

    It’s hard to say without playing, but +5% damage on skills that are generally doing +100-150% already doesn’t seem like a real impactful bonus. Affixes add up to +100 to given stats, and that seems likely to be provide as much if not more of a bonus to your damage than the +5%. Will those +5% bonuses do anything to promote build loyalty? Unknown.

    Update: The guide does hold the full list of legendaries, despite many fans thinking/hoping there would be thousands of them. Confirmed by Jay Wilson via twitter.

    226 Legendary in total, includ in all armor and all weapon. Does that number sounds right or off by a huge margin? –ehananto
    Over 200 legendaries sounds right. This is more than D2 had at ship, and not much lower than D2 has after 10 years. —Jay Wilson

    As Jay says, this is a ton more than D2C had. Also note that there are 44 item sets in D3, all of which contain 2 or more items, and those are all basically equivalent to legendaries.

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