Like many of the other Blizzard artists, DiabloWikiOliver Chipping maintains a blog on which he posts some of his finished work, but mostly sketches, WiP pieces, personal art, and more. Though he works with the Diablo III team, Oliver hadn’t previously posted any Diablo III art, other than mentioning that he’d contributed level art to the Skeleton King’s Throne Room, as seen in the WWI 2008 gameplay demo/movie.

    That streak ended yesterday, when he posted a sketch of the Skeleton… Queen? It’s unclear if this is an actual monster in the game, or just something the artist thought up, but I think Oliver might have inadvertently revealed a new monster/plot development? Queen Alyssa was the ghostly, beheaded queen seen in the Blizzcon 2010 demo. She gave a quest, and her guillotine death scene was shown in ghost form in the gameplay movie. I don’t think that’s the same queen as this skeletal one, though. She’s still got her head on, after all.

    I guess Leoric’s free to remarry as a skeleton; he’s single after all?

    This is a sketch of mad King Leoric’s wife from Diablo III.  It’s unofficial and just fan art, but I wanted to make her rad and scary.  I’m hoping to get around to painting it soon, but I’m kinda busy working on the game

    Credit to Varquynne for unearthing this gem.

    Incidentally, if you’re an aspiring video game artist and you needed even more motivation to get a job with Blizzard… Oliver’s past blog entries make clear that they provide girls in bikinis (or less) for weekly live model drawing sessions. (Bonus meteorological lulz; Oliver worked at Avalanche Software before joining… Blizzard Entertainment.)

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