Interesting tidbit from a Bliz CM today, when a fan asked about sharing gold via the stash. Thanks to Josh for the tip:

    Kaivax: Your gold is not a pile of items saved in your stash. It is a value that you can access from all of your characters.

    This seems very convenient but… I don’t think I like it. It seems weird that a brand new Clvl 1 char would have access to whatever vast fortune my other characters have accumulated, and would thus be able to buy every single item (from DiabloWikiNPC merchants) she wanted, be able to afford instant Artisan upgrades (materials permitting), put no value on her own gold finds and item sales, etc. Why scratch for gold with a Clvl 10 when you can play 5 minutes with a Clvl 60 and make 500x more?

    On the other hand, there’s a shared DiabloWikistash and that enables us to DiabloWikitwink everything we want, and that would surely have included DiabloWikigold. So why not just automate it? If you don’t want to “cheat” with a new char and buy things you can’t afford, don’t. (It’ll be hard not to do so though; I guess you’d have to try to keep track of how much gold you’d actually found?)

    Would you guys like a way to turn off gold sharing? So new chars could actually earn their own way? Or is full gold sharing and twinking the way to go and objections are silly?

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