All Gold is Shared Gold in Diablo III

Interesting tidbit from a Bliz CM today, when a fan asked about sharing gold via the stash. Thanks to Josh for the tip:

Kaivax: Your gold is not a pile of items saved in your stash. It is a value that you can access from all of your characters.

This seems very convenient but… I don’t think I like it. It seems weird that a brand new Clvl 1 char would have access to whatever vast fortune my other characters have accumulated, and would thus be able to buy every single item (from DiabloWikiNPC merchants) she wanted, be able to afford instant Artisan upgrades (materials permitting), put no value on her own gold finds and item sales, etc. Why scratch for gold with a Clvl 10 when you can play 5 minutes with a Clvl 60 and make 500x more?

On the other hand, there’s a shared DiabloWikistash and that enables us to DiabloWikitwink everything we want, and that would surely have included DiabloWikigold. So why not just automate it? If you don’t want to “cheat” with a new char and buy things you can’t afford, don’t. (It’ll be hard not to do so though; I guess you’d have to try to keep track of how much gold you’d actually found?)

Would you guys like a way to turn off gold sharing? So new chars could actually earn their own way? Or is full gold sharing and twinking the way to go and objections are silly?

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59 thoughts on “All Gold is Shared Gold in Diablo III

    • Exactly. Why would giving yourself your own earned gold be cheating? What exactly are you cheating? I’m sure vendor items won’t be that attractive.
      It was also mentioned in the latest podcast that crafting “alts or mules” were something to consider with the character limit. You would need to give yourself gold to upgrade artisans anyways.

    • Exactly x2.  This feature is more a function of not having an in-game mail system and to avoid having to xfer money to characters using other people’s chars a la D2 (*throws mass piles of gold on the ground in town* *msgs friend* “don’t leave the game brb”)

      I get that it takes a little something away from starting new characters, but in any multi-player game with an economy, my friends or higher lvl chars I had always sent my noob some seed money to get me rolling.  This way you can more easily keep track of all the money you have and all you have spent. 

  1. For me it’s fine. Every time I started a new character in D2 I found myself dropping 50k+ in gold from another char to give this new one a head start. Guess that was/is my preferred play style. Sucked that a level 1 char could only pick up 10k at a time and only hold onto so much gold at its beginning. This will, for me, save time and effort. As for it sorta being a “cheat”, well normal difficulty is supposed to be VERY easy right? They’d said it 100x, so what does it matter if it’s VERY VERY easy vs just VERY Easy when starting a new char because you have a bit more money?

    Edit: But, they should add a feature to disable that. I can understand the desire to start from scratch with nothing, without the temptation of using money that’s staring right at you.

  2. This doesn’t disturb me as there is a shared stash if we want t? upgrade our other chars we’ll do it anyway. so if I can share gear,weapons etc why wouldnt I share gold?

    If you don’t want the help of your main, then do not take gold from shared stash.

    • That’s sort of the little issue here. The shared stash is the only stash. If you want to play every character “cleanly” with zero twinking, you are forced to constantly distract yourself by paying attention to the gold collected.

      This also ties into a larger overall issue related to rerolling characters – the ten character slot limit. While nothing is actively *preventing* you from rerolling new chars if you like to do so, some of Blizzard’s decisions are introducing an unfair amount of annoyance to the act.

      While the existence of “freespecs” doesn’t dissuade me from making new characters, some of the other little things impede it with obnoxious lack of caring from Blizzard.

      • This is basically my objection. What if you want to play honestly with a new char, making them do things solo? You can choose not to twink, but you can not (apparently) choose not to have access to a million gold from your other chars. I don’t think shared gold needs to be removed from teh game, but it would be nice if you had some way to not share if you so desired.

        Not everyone wants a new char to be twinked/rushed to Clvl 60 effortlessly. Some of us (maybe mostly HC players?) enjoy building from scratch and living off the land and doing it with skill and determination, etc.

        • What if the shared gold stayed in place, but there was a separate command (/gold) or stat kept somewhere where you could see how much gold that particular char accumulated and spent.  Not as convenient as just a gold total in your inventory, but at least it would keep track for you.

          • Realms are not going to work that way in D3. Realms are only divided by region You can only play in the region that you bought the game version for. Except for aussies who can chose to play on US instead of SEA servers.

  3. Silly indeed.

    This feature reeks abit of catering to casuals, making the game noob friendly, getting rid of inconveniences that are however necessary for some to feel superior in their way of playing.
    And thus the appropriate reaction for the tr00 fan is DO NOT WANT.


  4. AutoTwink eh?

    I would definitely prefer a way to avoid this. Twinking should be a choice, not a fully automated game feature. 

    Can’t we leave just a tiny bit of RP in this ARPG? (Oops, I mean “Circle Trading Game” :p )

  5. Somewhere in an alternate dimension, Diablo 3 is being developed with the opposite mindset of not having shared gold.  In this parallel reality, a different Flux is writing up an article about “How dare blizzard not allow us to access our own gold that we earned ourselves”.  There are, however, no alternate realities in which Flux is not a contrarian.

    • Haha… Yes, I’ve never seen anyone complain as much as Flux.. Sometimes I wonder if he is even a Diablo fan, or he just runs a fan site. It’s really irritating that every new bit of info we get there is a negative comments, a lot of which has been “pay to win” comment, or something along the lines of “If you don’t like it you can always play single player, right?” I guess some people are never happy  =(
      Anyways, I really like this feature….. And even though Flux likes to speak for the whole diablo community, I am actually a hardcore Diablo player myself, and not some filthy casual.  👿

      • I dont know if you realise the amount of work that goes into running a fansite especially one that is constantly full of new content, day after day, after day, mostly for our viewing pleasure. If you look at other english sites there is nowhere near the amount of news and site content that appears on

        I’ve read this site since before diablo 2 came out, and trust me it would take someone truly dedicated to put in only a fraction of the time that flux has.

        I dont really want to add to the whole ‘fawn site’ debate but with flux not hand fed content straight from blizzard with a guideline on how to write about it, I would say to you that he has taken it upon himself to be that opposing voice.

        A consequence of being excluded from content of which he was once most priveleged could be a factor in his purported negativity however I dont hold with that. I think that flux writes quite objectively and many of the supposed negative comments are actually extensions of his own brand of humour.

        Also as flux has been with the game and this community for such a large time his views reflect on what large sections of the readership might feel about changes to the series. As a writer, and thats what he is, his job is to analyse, question and create discussion on a news subject.

        Anyways thats my two cents from a longtime reader as you can see, feel free to disagree. 😀

      • Thanks to MrMan for the vote of confidence, but I think people GREATLY overestimate the amount of game features I dislike or disapprove of. Many posts are basically just straight reporting/presentation of information, but no one notices when I don’t have an opinion; only when I do.

        Also, my aim with most posts is to put in some commentary to spur debate, and that almost always entails listing pros and cons. If I thought this gold sharing feature was a great idea, this post would be almost identical, except that I’d say I liked it, before offering potential arguments against it.

        The thing I most often take umbrage at is PR BS, and since that (sadly) comes up quite often in official pronouncements from Blizzard, I often comment on it. For instance, I’m not a fan of the always-only DRM or the no-modding allowed, but I’m not unsympathetic to Blizzard anti-piracy efforts. It’s when they lie about the reasons and offer transparently false excuses for doing it that I can’t help but object, especially b/c I know other diablo fansites won’t, and that people who do on the forums will get banned.

        After all, the whole point in running this site in independent fashion, in giving up the perks and prizes and pats on the head that Bliz uses to bribe other sites into compliance, is so we can speak our minds and try to make a difference on important issues. Right?

        • It may be different on the new forums, but there are at least two threads full of pure hatorade about their decision to screw us over on the old ones. The ones that’ll be deleted next year.

          I didn’t get banned for calling Blizzard “hate filled ogres”, so that’s a sign they’re not like the gestapo… or they’re simply not reading anything.

          That second possibility seems more likely.

        • Flux I can appreciate your desire to spur debate, but on the other hand I feel like a certain percentage of the information Blizzard feeds the public is directly in response to what internet communities are talking about.  So if we over react to something like the RMAH, then that means for a couple months the only thing Blizzard is going to talk about is justifying why they did it.  If you present the news, and refrain from writing article after article after article about the exaggerated dangers of the RMAH, then maybe Blizz wouldn’t feel the need to be so defensive about their choices, and instead reveal some new information to us.

          • I agree, you’re theory is well thought out. This site gives the impression there is lots going on. If you stopped reporting news then Blizzard would be forced to release more information.  But when they do, don’t report on that or they may stop releasing more information.

  6. This sounds like part of the overall “noob friendly” streamlining of the game. At first it seems kinda like cheating, but I think that’s mainly because (just about?) every other game starts all your new characters out with nothing. It’s probably not a big issue and level requirements on items will probably help balance it out. If merchants refresh their wares each time you exit/enter town, it might be handy to have a little extra ca$h.

  7. As items are going to have clvl requirements instead of stat requirements, it is likely that twinking will be more limited.

    I think gold shouldn’t be shared while the character is in Normal difficulty. But once normal is completed, the gold should be shared. Preventing stash items from being shared would be more of a nuisance.

    With such a scheme, you might say “well whats stopping you from using a high level character to buy items in the shops and transfer them via the stash to twink the new character”.
    1. Nothing. If you want to do this, go right ahead. Those of us who want to have new characters ‘struggle’ and feel some sort of progression, can, without having to use a spreadsheet to keep track of whose gold is whose.
    2. Higher level characters may not be able to buy low-level items in shops, if the shop contents scale with your clvl and particularly difficulty. In D2 you could go to Charsi and buy top-end Act 1 items after you beat it, but a brand new clvl 1 character couldn’t use any of them. D3 may not even do that – maybe when you go back to Charsi-equivalent after having beaten Act 3, she’ll be selling Act 3 style weapons?

  8. I honestly don’t think its an issue.  I love the untwinked play through as much as any SPFer.  You can stay untwinked if you just record how much you have in the stash before killing some beasties, then record again when you get back to town.

  9. This is basically just Blizzard’s philosophy of “If players are going to do it anyway, we’ll just put it in.”
    Players buy gold/items, we get RMAH.
    Players twink out their new characters, we get shared stash.
    Good change in my opinion. Makes it much easier to trade between characters I own.

  10. It would be cool if shared gold could be toggled on/off on a per character basis, so those of us who enjoy untwinked characters can play the game without having a ton of gold at all times.

    • Agreed completelly…

      It does sound like we’ll always have all our gold regardless if its a different char, and that’s quite boring imo… So a toggle would be good.

  11. I like the idea of being able to flip a switch, so you can easily track a character that is “pure.”

  12. Oh,do you realy need to whine on anything? Stop looking for a reason to hate this game. It’s almost perfect,admit it.
    And yes, i think we all are mad now, cause we want this game so bad and it’s so close.

  13. artisian upgrade is locked to progression in the difficulties… thus no (or only 1) upgrade possible at once…
    since there is a shared stash, does it really suprise you that gold is shared between characters? In d2 it was the same due to muling… and that gold was pretty worthless except the first few gaming minutes (TPs and IDs).

  14. I can see the heart of the objection, if it can be called that. Personally I don’t care as all of these things are probably going to meld together after a month of playing into something I don’t even notice.

    However, if you want to do Ironman-type stuff, and if this involves earned gold, there may be a stat or achievement page that shows how much gold you’ve picked up/looted. They have it in WoW. You could at least have a kind of running tally although that would involve you (manually) keeping a sort of checking account-style balance somewhere to keep track of it.

  15. I see an achievement here:
    “Made a Lvl 60 character without picking any shared gold or/and items in your shared stash” 

    Excellent no?
    Even more excellent if there is a reward if you complete it. Like a cosmetics as a reward for your character for exemple.

    • Wouldn’t this achievement be completed on your first character run through? So… In other words, wouldn’t this achievement be pointless? lol.

      • Sure not your first character! But minimum another one.
        See multiple achievment here and multiple reward here too!

        Top of achievment: “Make 9 characters without touching your shared stash”. And if you made so, the “unique” dye is for you…

        edit: not 10 characters because the first character doesn’t count.

  16. Noobs will like it and they don’t want any criticism as you can see in a lot of comments.

    An option would be cool but noobs, who are not smart enough according Blizzard, wouldn’t understand. They didn’t understand the difference between offline and online in D2 and when they switched their weapons accidentally they were lost. Blizzard won’t upset noobs, so they won’t implement this option.

    Unintelligent noobs are now the kings of the world in Blizzard’s opinion, that’s sad but true.

    • Thanks for the lols! Although I cried just as much, so maybe not.

      Let’s get some things straight. You’re calling the people commenting here noobs because they approve of this feature? People registered on a Diablo fansite. Noobs? Lawl nr 1 -.-
      Noobs are ofcourse people new to a game, that simply aren’t aware of many intricacies yet and/or see it for what it is, namely a game. You know, to have some fun with, perhaps with some likeminded friends. Not treating it very SRS is by definition unintelligent? Your drivel is akin to the pot talking to the kettle. With the difference that the kettle isn’t even always black in this case.

      But feel free to keep playing D2 and/or Torchlight and voluntarily handicap yourself to feel all intelligent about it.

  17. Shared gold is a good idea because if they didnt add it all you would have to do is have a friend help you xfer your gold from char to char just like in d2…….

  18. I still think HC and SC stashes/gold stashes better be separated. As far as I can remember they still haven’t cleared up if this will be the case..

    • See #3 here for a partial answer (emphasis added):
      If my character dies in Hardcore mode, will I lose the items that I purchased in the “Hardcore-only” gold-based auction house for that character?

      Yes. Again, Hardcore-mode characters will only have access to a “Hardcore-only” gold-based auction house, not the currency-based auction house, and will not be able to trade with non-Hardcore characters.

  19. This actually has HC implications as well.  They want gold to have value.  In D2 if you died in HC (solo), you lost all the gold on the character.  Now, your valuable gold never disappears as long as you still have a living character (maybe even if you have 0 living characters!)

  20. This is definitely a delicate subject. It’s difficult to know what I would want. Thing is, I would prefer to start off each character and have them make their own way into fortune. For me, that’s part of the fun. I very much enjoy starting from scratch. However, on the other hand, I can’t deny that I would get the urges to send my other characters a gift or too, financially. just to help them out.
    So I’m definitely at a crossroads here. Regardless of how I think though, it seems as though they have made up their minds to cater to those dubbed as “noobs”. Like so many other things. I’ll have to just bite the bullet and work around it. What else can you do?

  21. Good lord. Why don’t they just get it over with and make all your characters start at level 60. Sheesh.

  22. At 1st glance this sounds lame but when I think about it… every wow and d2 alt I ever started ended up receiving a welfare package of gold from my other chars to afford w.e. This is really just saving the mailing/low gold limit at clvl1 hassle.

    edit: to address the no-twinking concerns. Characters should be able to hold their own gold outside of the stash. That way you can either use the gold you found or make hefty stash withdrawals if you would rather do that.

  23. My wife will play on my account… a little… gold sharing is doable, but imagine siblings… CHILD siblings… seems like one more incentive for parents to buy multiple copies…

    • Blizzard have already said account sharing will be against thier terms of service for auction house security reasons) so I think that ship already sailed as far as they’re concerned.

  24. I guess a simple solution would be to decide whether a new character is allowed access to the shared stash and gold at the begining of its creation or not. The decision you make would be permanent.0

    I personally dont mind it though. In WoW, even though I could send thousands of gold to my new toons, I rarely did because I liked starting from scratch and figuring out how to make ends meet.

    You might also want to keep in mind that low level characters with access to a lot of gold (and who are capable of getting lots of gold easily with their mains) are more likely to buy gear at a higher price on the AH, thus making selling decent gear that isnt top level gear worthwhile.

  25. It might also add to replayability in some way too… especialy if there are quality pieces of gear through the levels that eventually accumulates in the AH. People could then deck their characters out with the best gear while leveling, essentially getting access to stuff they wouldn’t be able to afford initially.

    (sorry for double posting. I couldn’t edit my previous post anymore)

  26. If you start a new character and use your gold to twink him out anyway, why not just BUY a level 60 character in the first place!?     

  27. Imagine that a another system mechanic the almighty Flux doesn’t like.  Thanks for the news post though you always get shit quicker than the other dudes.

  28. I don’t like this, I want to be able to share stuff between my characters, but at my choice.
    Because I am a father with children, and I will most likely let them each have a character slot. I will even give them some items, but I do not want them spending MY gold auto-magically.
    Now the EULA for WoW states I’m only allowed to let _one_ minor to play on my account, and they must be of direct relation, AND as soon as they hit legal age to have their own account, they are to cease playing on mine.
    I’m certain their rules for D3 are similar, and this may be there in part to discourage sharing your account. Who knows, but I have my suspicions.

      • I’m hoping for a secondary password to make purchases, but I’m sure Blizzard will want to make it as easy as possible.

        After having the experience of my WoW account getting hacked way back when, I’m not sure I want to have my real money linked to D3 in any way. I do have an Authenticator now, but how much harder will people be trying to break into our accounts now that they have direct access to our money?

  29. I was always a live-off-the-land player in D2… never did any twinking at all, and that is my preferred playstyle. I do not think that means I’m not a noob, btw 😉 I like my game to make sense… where every character is actually a fresh hero starting at the bottom and working her way up. Twinking makes no sense at all from that perspective. Are we supposed to imagine that the shared stash and unlimited gold is… an inheritance from a wealthy but eccentric aunt? 😉 Or what?

    Not that I’m opposed to it at all for players that want to do it. I think everybody should play the way they prefer.

    But I see no reason at all that twinking and gold sharing shouldn’t be optional. Two stashes, a shared one and a local one, with the ability to put gold in either one. Something like this is already implemented in plenty of games (Titan Quest and Torchlight, to name a couple).

  30. I think the feature is an excellent idea and only hope the WoW team picks it up as well. It’s a major pain to remember how much gold I have on each character. It’s great to have all the cash in a central location and have complete information on how a purchase will impact my overall financial standing in the game. And it reduces the need to log off and mail gold, or remember to transfer to the shared stash every time I need to make a purchase with a character that doesn’t have enough gold on. That completely offsets any “I need to be pure” concerns for me.

    Plus, I think there is a very easy fix for the latter: in WoW the gold you find is tracked (for achievement purposes). You could have a “gold spent” accounting as well and all the purists need to do is make sure their debits exceed their credits. Options to turn the feature on and off are pointless and just make the game more complicated (programming and resources wise as well).

  31. simple mechanic on having gold stashed in your stash would work beautifully for both sides, you start with money on your char and you can deposit to stash so when your new char is created you can but don’t have to pick money from stash if u want… whats so hard about it

  32. Its ok to have opinions, its like buttholes, everyone has one. But IMHO gold sharing is amazing and if you dont like it just dont spend the gold.

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