All Changes Coming in Patch 10

In case you were in any doubt as to whether some or all of the changes will be coming in Beta Patch 10, Bashiok has stated:

Yes, all of these changes are complete and will be present in beta Patch 10.

We are still not 100% sure when patch 10 will arrive (other than before the weekend as we reported yesterday) but Blizzard has posted another warning today that all characters will be wiped in Patch 10.

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    20 thoughts on “All Changes Coming in Patch 10

        • People were saying this would take a year to produce, when this has been what they have been working on since they took affixes off legendary items.

          • What this says to me is what they haven‘t been working on while they were iterating.
            Bug fixes and finishing the content as well balancing and fixing the AH…
            But as you said, they are good changes, so I’m OK with it.

      • sure, the changes have been implemented, but they are likely not balanced. and it will take some time to tweak everything to their liking.

        not to mention the fact that they are still working on major changes to the skill and rune systems.

    1. I just hope that once this patch comes, it won’t turn out that there are so many bugs, exploits and failed design to these changes that they’ll need a freaking month to get it working. 

      I can see a lot of QQ-ing going on in the internet right now, I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if their new systems were bugged as hell and they’d be forced to admit that they need some time to work on them.

    2. In my opinion, all items must be know as soon as they are drop by monsters. Identified them become ridiculous with the new patch. Right clic on it ?! Come on guys. Or let’s Deckard Cain do the job for us again. He know better than everyone the world of sanctuary.

      • I agree
        its kinda weird that the barbarian has magical power to ID items  
        it just seems out of character 
        I like that getting items to reveal their properties took a special kind of magic and you had to buy scrolls to do it

        • I also agree – if they’ve conceded that going back to town is not a value-less exercise and is in fact a good break in the game (combined with being able to carry more items at a time so it’s not as frequent as D2 on the higher difficulties where you’ve got 10 charms and an extra bunch of Full Resto pots filling your bags before anything actually drops) then why not just have Cain do the IDs again?  It makes lore-sense, doesn’t break immersion, and is a great “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” example from D2.

          EDIT: just thought of the answer to my question, maybe b/c Cain isn’t actually with us the whole game? In that case, make one of the artisans do it. Preferably the blacksmith since you’ll be sitting there interacting with him anyway to salvage junky stuff.

      • well, it is still a moment of suprise and interest to identify the item, still stats can be random on uniques… and I like it more so see just an “axe” in some orange or green writings and go wild… just urging to identify! Thats what its about ;), small detail but important (to me ~).

        • Beta Patch 13: 

          * The witch doctor has been renamed the necromancer.  All skills and armor sets have been rolled back to Diablo 2.
          * The demon hunter is now the amazon or the assassin, press tab to switch.
          * The wizard is now the sorcerer from Diablo 1.  He may only use firebolt and holy bolt and must learn them from books.

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