We have seen this all too often, gamers and die hard fans have a hard time accepting changes to their favourite games. Not all changes are bad, right?

    Posted by D3BETA
    blizzard doesnt owe you anything, blizzard does things according to what THEY think is ok and imporovement to the game so drop your entitlement attitude.

    We absolutely don’t want that to be anyone’s perception. We realize we’ll make changes that not everyone will agree with right away, but our hope is that we can at least talk about them with you and over time potentially at least get you to accept it as a valid reason for it, if not make such a compelling case that you’re actually happy and excited about the direction we’re going.

    We’re also willing to be wrong. In some cases people think that means that we’re caving to pressure, or whatever, but we’re able to recognize when we’re wrong and hopefully use community feedback to make the game better.

    There’s also the cases where we straight up make decisions and design things from the start with community requests in mind. Transmogrification is probably the biggest thing recently that went that way, but really everything we do is to make sure everyone is going to absolutely love the game.

    To the topic, I think the OP is referring to a tweet I made saying the gem system is essentially the same as it was in Diablo II, and why fix what ain’t broke. Which of course implies everything we’re changing between the two games is in our minds broken. I don’t think that’s necessarily too far off, but plenty of things ain’t broke. Randomized dungeons, the camera angle, the fast action gameplay, tons of enemies to slaughter, powerful heroes, character customization, random items, the item hunt itself, etc. etc. This is absolutely an awesome Diablo game, and changing systems for the better is not something we’ll apologize for. Of course “for the better” is potentially subjective, and so hopefully we can have those discussions and at least inform, make our thoughts and intents understandable, if not downright logical and encouraging.

    That said I’m sure specific concerns will crop up here now, and I’ll just end by stating we’d prefer to discuss those topics in relevant threads to keep the conversation intact, and will look to being doing so.

    Those who are less than enamored with the recent changes to the skills and rune interface will certainly agree that changes “for the better” are definitely subjective. But as Bashiok says above they are “willing to be wrong” so perhaps in the fullness of time we will see changes to that system or its detractors will admit to being wrong.

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