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  1. That was a damn impressive run. No Conduit or Stonesinger and he even got some nasty Elites to boot and still finished in time, without deaths no less.

  2. Heh, Infernal Maiden. She was most common Guardian, first weeks of Rifting, for me. Ahh, memories…

  3. How come he was able to spam Phalanx without running out of resource? He didn’t seem to have that much cost reduction, though he did have an absolute ****ton of cooldown reduction allowing for lots of Akarat’s Champion, even when it wasn’t up he didn’t seem to be spending that much wrath per cast.

    • AK gives cost reduction and wrath regen. He also has provoke to refill wrath and I assume Valor/Unstoppable Force.

      In short, he’s running the stampede build, which is the strongest Crusader build on live (and maybe strongest period, some people on seasons thing Condemn is stronger). Before about GR 30 you can swap Iron Skin for Shield Glare.

      • Ahh yes, I’d forgotten about Provoke. Though I still would have thought that each cast of Stampede would have reduced his resource pool by ~1/3 or so (when not in AK).

  4. they should remove all conduits from greater rifts.. to me thats cheating saving up that for the boss.. not impressive at all.

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