Alex Mayberry & Michael Chu @ Blizzcon 2011

The Blizzcon 2011 Diablo 3 developer video interviews keep coming. This one features Alex Mayberry and Michael Chu speaking to Gametrailers, about all sorts of Diablo 3 stuff. The edited presentation shows only the developers talking, much of it over original footage taken from the beta, so it’s a quick view.

There’s no new info, but Issues covered include: lessons learned from the Beta, how the skill system lets everyone express their own idea of what the characters should be, customization via random items, the ease of game creation and joining and communication over, improved story-telling tools in Diablo III, and end game freedom allowing players to replay their favorite content/quests. Watch the 5 minute interview below, and thanks to fmulder for the tip.


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  1. Nothing really to say, looks great and I am dying (not dyeing) to play the game. Also, that 4 player battle against King Leoric is AWESOME.

  2. Almost done.. feels so strange hearing that. It’s been so many years.. This approach will fuel my preparation of proper chemicals and workouts.

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