Alex Mayberry

    Cloud Imperium’s epic space sim Star Citizen has raised a whopping $43 million from crowd funding and they are also just about to release their first gameplay module. With development progressing on Star Citizen, Cloud Imperiun today revealed that Alex Mayberry who was lead game producer on Diablo 3 has left blizzard and joined their ranks as executive producer on Star Citizen.

    Mayberry started out in the industry at at Xatrix Entertainment  as a level designer then moved on to EA, Kalisto and was even executive producer on America’s Army.

    Alex not only worked on Diablo 3 but also on the WoW expansion packs. Alex commented on his new position at Cloud Imperium:

    “After 10 years at Blizzard, I didn’t think that there was anything that could ever get me to leave.  But then Chris invited me to come check out Star Citizen, and after seeing the game and listening to Chris talk about his vision, I knew that I had to be a part of it.  Star Citizen is bold and ambitious, with a unique and innovative approach to game development.  I am extremely excited to be joining the talented people at Cloud Imperium Games, and I strongly believe that together, with Chris Robert’s direction and the support of the player community, we will set a new standard for AAA games.”

    CEO of Cloud Imperium, Chris Roberts added:

    “Star Citizen has grown from my crazy dream to one that is shared by more than 400-thousand other crazy dreamers, with new ones joining every day, all united in attempting to build the most ambitious space sim and sandbox game ever. What makes this quest even tougher is that we are committed to do this in a fully open environment, with the ongoing involvement of the community, and sharing portions of the game as it’s developed for feedback while working on the bigger feature set. That means even though we’re a ways out from the full game being finished, we are still in a live environment with an enormous number of users. That brings a whole new set of challenges.”

    “Alex brings invaluable experience in managing a live game while developing new content, something he did with WoW for Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. After working on those games, he ran the development efforts as lead producer of Diablo III and helped manage a game, already several years in development, across the finish line with rave reviews and acclaim. From there he followed up with the Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls.

    We wish Alex the best of luck in his new position and a big thanks from all us here for his work on Diablo 3.

    Thanks IncGamers.

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