Alex Mayberry Leaves Blizzard for Star Citizen

Alex Mayberry Leaves Blizzard for Star Citizen

Alex Mayberry

Cloud Imperium’s epic space sim Star Citizen has raised a whopping $43 million from crowd funding and they are also just about to release their first gameplay module. With development progressing on Star Citizen, Cloud Imperiun today revealed that Alex Mayberry who was lead game producer on Diablo 3 has left blizzard and joined their ranks as executive producer on Star Citizen.

Mayberry started out in the industry at at Xatrix Entertainment  as a level designer then moved on to EA, Kalisto and was even executive producer on America’s Army.

Alex not only worked on Diablo 3 but also on the WoW expansion packs. Alex commented on his new position at Cloud Imperium:

“After 10 years at Blizzard, I didn’t think that there was anything that could ever get me to leave.  But then Chris invited me to come check out Star Citizen, and after seeing the game and listening to Chris talk about his vision, I knew that I had to be a part of it.  Star Citizen is bold and ambitious, with a unique and innovative approach to game development.  I am extremely excited to be joining the talented people at Cloud Imperium Games, and I strongly believe that together, with Chris Robert’s direction and the support of the player community, we will set a new standard for AAA games.”

CEO of Cloud Imperium, Chris Roberts added:

“Star Citizen has grown from my crazy dream to one that is shared by more than 400-thousand other crazy dreamers, with new ones joining every day, all united in attempting to build the most ambitious space sim and sandbox game ever. What makes this quest even tougher is that we are committed to do this in a fully open environment, with the ongoing involvement of the community, and sharing portions of the game as it’s developed for feedback while working on the bigger feature set. That means even though we’re a ways out from the full game being finished, we are still in a live environment with an enormous number of users. That brings a whole new set of challenges.”

“Alex brings invaluable experience in managing a live game while developing new content, something he did with WoW for Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. After working on those games, he ran the development efforts as lead producer of Diablo III and helped manage a game, already several years in development, across the finish line with rave reviews and acclaim. From there he followed up with the Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls.

We wish Alex the best of luck in his new position and a big thanks from all us here for his work on Diablo 3.

Thanks IncGamers.

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26 thoughts on “Alex Mayberry Leaves Blizzard for Star Citizen

  1. I wonder if this announcement foreshadows Blizzard’s intent to produce a 2nd Diablo 3 expansion.

  2. Well, it was him who stated “that Blizzard will launch no new content [for D3] unless the community demands for it.”
    On the other hand, production of additional RoS quality content shouldn’t require that much of a “seasoned” or “visionary” administration any more, does it? Over the last few years, Blizzard made it pretty clear that they have no intend to get to the root of all the trouble.

    • Mind sharing where he stated that? Additional content relatively quickly produced and cheap, so i would be very surprised if that statement would be true.

      Fixing the roots of the trouble is neither cheap nor easy and this is the reason it is not happening. Blizzard would love to do it, but is working on a limited budget, especially after a 7 year development. All you can hope for is Blizzard adressing the issues one-by-one with every expansion, given the lead devs are still motivated enough to fix this mess. They did a good job on RoS, to be fair though.

  3. So it looks like I’m going to play another game Alex Mayberry has been working on in the future 😉

  4. Well, Star Citizen certainly looks very ambitious. I put some money in the funding of it, me an half the internet it seems.

    • I pledged a modest amount as well. It was quite early in the campaign and the list of “free” stuff they give to backers is just amazing. Sure, everything will be attainable in the final game anyway, but it’s still very much appreciated by everyone. Especially if you also consider that the devs answer questions constantly (including Chris Roberts himself) on the forums and even in community financed video updates like Wingman’s Hangar and 10 for the Chairman (look for them on YouTube).

      They also post constant progress updates on the website and amazing in-universe short stories, transcripts of radio shows and congressional hearings, detailing what’s happened in the universe before the game’s launch. These posts will continue after the launch as well, but then they will be influence by the players actions in the persistent universe.

      I could go on and on and on, but suffice to say that no other developer does as much for their community as the guys at Cloud Imperium.

  5. Another uber hyped space MMORPG that will have tens of millions spent on it and won’t even register on a Google search 2 years after release.

    Move along. Nothing to see here except the same void-filled hype that gave us Age of Conan and other disasters.

    Moral of the story. Get back to basics and expand on them. Don’t try to make a new Diablo. Make a great continuation of what works. Blizzard has lost its way as has the greater PC development world because they have forgotten what made them great and why they were loved. Star Citizens failure will be but another testament and reality check to this sad fact.

  6. He was an amazing guy to talk with and always portrayed an incredible level of passion for Diablo. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

  7. No wonder… the game still feels different, is a whole diferent game from the previous ones… Still is a far lesser quality product and lets be honest, the sales figures from the expansion reflects a total failiure within the franchise if you compare the D3 sales, the truth is that at least 12 million persons that didnt buy the expansion are right, the game sucks…

    I would have done the same: Jump from a ship that is sinking since Blizzard North was disbaned…

    Not to mention that the number of active players at 2 months from expansion launch came back to the previous ones…

    R.I.P. Blizzard and the upcoming titles if they keep working in their current philosophy

  8. Oh!

    And a newsflash… Heroes of the Storm is doomed to fail in the same maner…

    Can you imagine a MOBA without items and same leveling in the whole team? Me neither…

    Seems that in Blizzard is happening something like:
    1. They genuinely think the will sell millions of copys of all the crap they put in the market (not anymore with the quality of recent products)
    2. They just run out of EPICNESS…

    • “Can you imagine a MOBA without items and same leveling in the whole team? Me neither…”

      Ah, the argument from personal incredulity…

      I seem to remember that after they announced Hearthstone many CCG fans noted how simplified the game was compared to past card game of its genre. I can’t comment on this, since I don’t play CCGs (I did try HS though). Anyway, did it fail because of this? Looking at the many Twitch and YouTube videos of it I really don’t think so. Is there another online CCG that’s played by 10m+ players worldwide?

      Thing is, the guys at Blizzard are experts at looking at games in a genre and then making their own while keeping the best features and throwing out what isn’t really needed to make it fun. Fun is of course subjective, so feel free to disagree with their philosophy, but so far it worked for them and their players really well. It’s not like after the release of Heroes of the Storm there won’t be many more more MOBAs to choose from.

      • Let me ask you something real quick son…

        Have you read/seen reviews from professional and hobbie gamers of the game?

        Well, let me save some research for you… They all conclude the same thing: the game is oversimplified losing the fun aspect of it and loses the magic real quick because of all that new features that makes the game “innovate” the genre…

        Truth is that “greed” is what is driving Blizzard in the last years. With that in mind they try to ocuppy so much market by “making games fun” that they just burn the genre getting an opposite result.

        Hey, not that I care, is their money and they can do whatever they like with it, just cant say that every time I see news drom Blizzard it pops in my head: What a waste.

        What a waste of: magic from their franchises (wich at this point I dare to ask to everybody if still exist), human resources (they have everything to make things right and seems like they just dont want to) and money (the one that seems that is going to be lacking in a few years with Diablo dead, WoW bleeding, SC is forgotten and most of the pro leaving and ALL of their projects with that PRIDE/BULLY philosophy they have been using from some time now)

        • Oh, and answer this as well please:

          Why do you think this guy is leaving for a RANDOM PROJECT (leaving the fact aside that it rised a lot of money) when he was working for the project if his dreams and you are still working in the company where everybody wanna work?

          Things must be pretty screwed inside Blizzard right now… This fact speaks for itself…

          • “Why do you think this guy is leaving for a RANDOM PROJECT (leaving the fact aside that it rised a lot of money)”

            Argument from ignorance for the win.

            The whole point is that isn’t just a random project. Star Citizen is made by many of the developers who worked at Origin Systems. The reason people pledged 43 million dollars (and counting) for it is that they know the developers and know what they did in the past. Origin was one of the greatest development studios of the 80s and 90s. Look at their wikipedia page, at their games and also note who worked there and where they are now:

            Before someone mentions the seemingly obvious parallels between Cloud Imperium Games and Flagship Studios please remember that the main problem at Flagship was the lack of resources coupled with publisher pressure, none of which plagues CIG.

          • Truth is that as a developer/producer, if you are leaving a company (specially a drem company like Blizzard) to work in a “X” project something must be VERY WRONG going on…

          • “Truth is….you have no idea if that’s true or not.”

            Touche to that my friend…

            Well, let me rephrase then; Im my best guess…


          • My best guess is he left cuz this project looks really, really cool and Chris Roberts made him a great offer. 🙂

          • “Truth is that as a developer/producer, if you are leaving a company (specially a drem company like Blizzard) to work in a “X” project something must be VERY WRONG going on…”

            Why is it unthinkable to you that he left to work on a game that he really likes and that Blizzard would probably never make due to their different philosophy?

  9. For those interested here’s a short interview (more of an introduction really) the people at CIG did with Alex on Wingman’s Hangar:

    Wingman’s Hangar is a weekly show that CIG puts together. On it they show the community how the development of the game is progressing, answer fan questions, shine the spotlight on forum threads and Star Citizen related fan creations. If you want an inside look into Star Citizen, enjoy space sims and bad puns (the best kind) then Wingman’s Hangar is for you.

    As for the interview, I think what Alex said about low probability bugs in WoW also holds very true for D3 drop patterns.

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