Alex Mayberry Interview @ Gameplanet NZ

What better way to follow up that excellent Wyatt Cheng interview with GamePlanet NZ than with an Alex Mayberry Interview with the same media outlet? This interview isn’t as good as the other one, but it’s not bad. In it Diablo III’s Senior Producer talks about the pace of action, his favorite character and game design feature, and more. GamePlanet NZ didn’t type out a transcript and I’m not going to either, but here are some of the points I found interesting:

  • The pace and difficulty of the action increases greatly later in the game. Beta and Act One content is not at all representative of the whole game.
  • Getting the right balance of randomness has been one of the biggest challenges of development. It took a lot of work to get the right amount of randomization to everything, especially to world elements, while still making sure all the content felt like part of the same gaming experience.
  • Alex mentions their recent company wide full-game beta test, and the useful feedback they got from that, largely from employees who had not previously played much/any Diablo III. He says that’s not a step they take until they’re very close to finished with a product, and that the biggest change they made from that feedback was to do more of their “tell the DiabloWikistory during the gameplay” tactic. They do not want the player to have to stop to talk or listen to DiabloWikiNPCs or DiabloWikiquest stuff; they much prefer for the dialogue or story info to be related during the action.
  • He says that his favorite character is now the DiabloWikiWizard. He loves how she’s such a DiabloWikiglass cannon, with such a wide variety of spells. He loves it when there are just enemies of all types coming from all directions, and the well-played Wizard can decimate them all with a frantic burst of action, leaving corpses and loot strews around everywhere. I can’t argue with that!

The video interview should be embedded below. If it won’t show in your browser, enable all the scripts, or you can click through and view it on GPNZ if necessary.

Blizzard’s Alex Mayberry on Diablo III – Gameplanet Video

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    13 thoughts on “Alex Mayberry Interview @ Gameplanet NZ

    1. Wizard ftw!
      I’m glad that while story is still a major focus for them, the combat still comes first. I’m especially sure those who don’t particularly care about the story (whether at all or after the first few playthroughs) are happy about this.

    2. Well let’s hope the beta’s gonna be soon and short, cause then it’s straight to release as he said! :8

    3. Well to be honest, I’d rather pick a slow-starter but durable class like Barbarian than picking a glass-canon like the Wizard. Personally, the idea of massive aoe damage doesn’t excite me much if the trade-off is being defensively weak. For me, the game isn’t such a race that I will feel the need to see lots of corpses around me in such short time. I don’t want to just get in the first hit and watch enemies die, I’d like to go to the eye of the storm and get face to face with death. Slowly but surely is the way to go. But that’s just me.
      With that being said, I too agree that the beta and Act One doesn’t accurately represent the game’s entirety. I can almost see some players who will give up or complain as early as possible even without reaching the end-game first.

    4. i cant understand the interviewer, jesus christ! it sounds like he has marbles in his mouth.

    5. So in other words, we no longer get to stay awhile and listen?
      Times have changed, man. Times have changed. 🙂

    6. Nostalgia!! Giev it noaw!!
      sound on vid was pretty crap, had to tune it up way to much.

    7. quote
      “tell the story during the gameplay” tactic. They do not want the player to have to stop to talk or listen to NPCs or quest stuff; they much prefer for the dialogue or story info to be related during the action.
      end quote
      possibly the best news yet

      • It was already known some sort of audiotape lore items would drop that you could pick up and then it’ll tell the story in audio form so you can keep playing while you listen instead of reading lore.

        • yeah, but they just revealed that the first quest you receive will not be by going to an NPC and standing there talking to him, but by fighting along side him, helping drive off the attackers on tristram

    8. I am still hoping that the Witch Doctor will turn out to be well bulit and not just road kill for the “main” characters.

    9. So excited for the beta. I hope I am one of the lucky ones to play it first. Alex has done a great job answering all the questions he can in this interview. I am very impressed with the passion I see in Alex as the answers unfold.

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