Alex Mayberry Interviews Galore

Thanks to fmulder for pointing us to several new interviews with Senior Producer DiabloWikiAlex Mayberry from his Press Tour in South America. First is from Punto Gaming. Some of the topics include The classes, Randomizations and Development.

More interviews after the break

And the second is from Atomix and is about the Beta, PvP, Release Schedules.

GG posted yet another interview discussing The Story, Enemies, PvP and Console plans.

One more not on YouTube can be seen here.

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15 thoughts on “Alex Mayberry Interviews Galore

  1. First interview:

    “i’ve been a big fan ever since diablo 1 and I wasn’t even in the game industry then”
    “having been in the game industry for 20 years I have…..”

    What do you mean rehearsed answers? 
    hmm a little contradiction, oops.  

  2. In the first vid the best class class question got me interested in seeing what other gamers outside of this site thought.  Here is a few links to some polls about the “your favorite class” question.



    A survey results  (here is the survey if you want to take it) 
    By looking at these it shows that no one class is running away with the title of “Favorite” class.
    PS: that first girl says Yes to much.

  3. “I’m very fond of the barbarian, I used to love playing the barbarian in Diablo 1 <—–(WTF) and Diablo 2.”

    WTB Blizzard north. 🙁 

    • He is noob I agree, bored noob who wants to back home especially when this woman was speaking in her mother tongue first 10 seconds… his facial expressions…

      • *cough* It was in Hellfire mod (I believe it was a non-finished class, but D1 was before my time)

        • *cough* thanks, I mean when they are refer something from LoD they don’t say Diablo II, here he said like a noob (on a date – expressions) “I played Barb in Diablo 1”, why the hell the PR company don’t shot him for this? I don’t like him… I agree with George:
          “He’s clearly just an awkward nerd who’s uncomfortable to be in the company of such an attractive woman.”,
          that’s my point more clear. Sorry for mess.

    • I guess you never played D1 with the Hellfire expansion.  If you did you would know that you could play as a Barb.  ready up boy’o

  4. He’s clearly just an awkward nerd who’s uncomfortable to be in the company of such an attractive woman.

    • It was weird, in the first video. Really cute chick, cleavage, and every time she looks down, he’s taking a peek. It was super awkward to watch.

  5. wow, only one brief comment about how sexy that girl is?? Jesus, I wouldnt care if that chick was my own mother, id still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her and have a little baby brother and be a father at the same time!! Now thats love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket 🙂

  6. Those chicks look like they are horses or something. Durr Hurr, mi meke an interveiw.

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